IELTS MASTER | Describe a plant grown in your country that you think is important

Describe a plant grown in your country that you think is important

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1. In my country the population has been growing at a steady rate.
2. More number of individuals means more facilities required for their survival including housing spaces.
3. Due to increased demand for residential spaces there has been a significant decline in green areas.
4. While the cutting down of trees has been indiscriminate, there is one plant which has recently come into great demand and people are actually planting it in their backyard gardens.
5. The plant is of kiwi fruit.
6. Few years back not many people had heard of this fruit.
7. But it suddenly shot to popularity when its medicinal property to fight the disease of dengue was discovered.

8. Every year during the period of September-october dengue fever spreads to certain parts of my country.
9. During that period it becomes an epidemic.
10. This happens because weather in that period is opportune for breeding of mosquitoes.
11. No doubt government authorities and people take certain precautions as they are well aware of its danger even then the disease spreads to considerable levels.
12. The most fatal effect of dengue fever is that it leads to a decline in count of white blood cells in the patient’s body which weakens his immune system and makes him vulnerable to serious infections.
13. This is where kiwi has proved to be highly effective.
14. It has been scientifically proven that ingestion of kiwi helps the body to generate new white blood cells which strengthens his immune system.
15. Hence it is a life saver for the patients of dengue.
16. Whenever someone is diagnosed with dengue the doctor immediately prescribes him to start taking this fruit.
17. The fruit has other therapeutic effects as well.

18. It contains high amount of fibre, so it also helps to improve digestive system.
19. The fruit is very easy to plant and grow that is why it is becoming a household item.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions