IELTS MASTER | Describe a situation when you did not have enough time

Describe a situation when you did not have enough time

1. Last year I completed my senior secondary.
2. In our education system higher secondary school is really crucial as its outcome decides the future course for any youngster.
3. It lays the foundation of a bright career.
4. Keeping this thing in mind I was determined to do well in that year, hence I did my preparation with utmost sincerity.
5. But there was one exam in which due to some untoward situation I could not do well in the exam because of shortage of time.
6. I am a very punctual person and on the day of every exam I used to reach 15 minutes before the reporting time.
7. I vividly remember it was the day of maths exam.

8. Like all other days I reached examination centre 15 minutes early.
9. On the entrance gate every student is asked for their entry pass issued by the board and only the students with the valid entry pass were allowed to enter the premises.
10. When I reached the gate and guard asked for my pass, I put my hands in pocket to get it out.
11. For first couple of seconds I could not find it so I thought I might be in my bag.
12. I rummaged through my bag as I was getting jittery.
13. Then it hit me that I had left my pass at home.
14. I explained the situation to the guard and pleaded him to enter the examination centre as the exam was about to start in 20 minutes.
15. But the guard said that his hands were tied by the rules and regulations and could not allow me without the entry pass.
16. I broke down with tears and had lost it completely when father of one of other candidate gave me some water to drink.
17. He asked where my house was and then he drove me to my house in his car.
18. I picked up the entry pass and then we drove back to the examination centre.
19. The exam had already started and I was half hour late.

20. I showed my entry pass and then the guard let me in.
21. I nervously started writing my test.
22. But because of paucity of time could not attempt the whole exam.
23. And when the result came as expected I had scored the lowest in maths as compared to other subjects.


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