IELTS MASTER | Talk about a historical building

Talk about a historical building

1. I am a perpetual traveler.
2. I prefer to visit places that have some historical significance because I am intrigued by the folklores associated with such places.
3. I have seen nearly all the historically important places in the vicinity of my city but there was one monument which had been sitting on the top of my bucket list for quite some time.
4. That famous building was Taj Mahal.
5. Last month I checked off this place too when my uncle’s family planned to visit it.
6. He had come to our place on 4 days long vacation and I was excited to hear when he told me a visit to Taj Mahal was part of his itinerary.
7. We started our journey in the car at 6 in the morning and reached Agra, the city in which Taj Mahal is situated in 2 hours.

8. As expected there was a long queue of tourists outside the gates of Taj Mahal waiting to get inside and get a glimpse of this magnificent structure.
9. The security checks at the entrance were robust and everybody was getting frisked thoroughly.
10. Finally we went past security checks and entered an aisle where we were given shoe covers which prevent the floor of the building from getting dirty.
11. I had heard a lot about the beauty of this eighth wonder of the world and went there will a lot of expectations.
12. The moment I laid my eyes on it I was completely enchanted by the view in front of my eyes.
13. I had never seen anything so beautiful before.
14. The view was absolutely surreal.
15. The entire covering of white marvel gave it a heavenly look.
16. I had seen many historical monuments but the painstaking manner in which Taj Mahal is built is simply exceptional.
17. The whole construction of the building is symmetrical to the last detail.
18. Everything is just perfect.

19. The two pillars on either side of the main structure stand tall like royal guards.
20. There are two small rose gardens on either side of passageway that leads to the main building.
21. While crossing through that passageway it felt as if the royalties are still residing there.
22. The main building encompasses the tomb of the king who built this epitome of beauty.
23. I am still in awe of Taj Mahal and startled because I cannot fathom that how the workers of that era managed to build such near perfect structure without the help of any technology and mechanical gadgets.