IELTS MASTER | Describe a person you know who is working on protecting the environment

Describe a person you know who is working on protecting the environment

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1. Human race is moving towards modernity at a frenzied pace.
2. Urbanization is one of the means to achieve this modernity.
3. People are swamping the cities which has led to rise in certain activities which are fatal for the posterity.
4. Such activities include deforestation, installation of more factories and higher number of vehicles on roads.
5. While the debilitating repercussions of these activities are not conspicuous, these activities are really hurting our environment at a deeper level and some of the effects might be irreversible.
6. It is the responsibility of entire mankind to rein in these activities and I think the public figures who are adulated by many should lead the way in this regard.
7. Fortunately there is one such prominent public figure in my country who is striving to preserve our environment.
8. That person is our honorable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

9. He has always been a great admirer of nature is often seen spending time in solitude, ruminating over matters that concern our nation.
10. He has expressed his concern over increasing level of pollution in our cities which is having a grave impact on the health of our citizens.
11. It was a part of his election manifesto and he promised that if comes to power he would do everything in his control to protect our environment.
12. So far he has delivered on his promise.
13. Immediately after coming to power he put in measures to check illegal cutting of trees and mining of sand.
14. He also ordered to impound diesel vehicles which are more than 15 years old.
15. This legislation was really important as these are the vehicles which damage our environment the most by producing harmful exhausts.
16. He has been vociferous on the issue of global warming and represented the consortium of developing nations on this matter in the UN.
17. He was unequivocal in stating that global warming is a real threat and is the direct outcome of human activities which have transpired in the last century.

18. He further stated that although developed countries have contributed majorly to this problem, it is the responsibility of both developed and developing nations to fight this problem with a concerted effort.
19. I truly appreciate his efforts to conserve our environment and sincerely hope that we as responsible citizens lend him full support in this endeavor.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions