IELTS MASTER | A subject you did not like when you were at school but now you find interesting

A subject you did not like when you were at school but now you find interesting

1. School days are easily the best days of anybody’s life.
2. We make friends and memories whom we enjoy for the rest of our lives.
3. My school time was no different.
4. Me and my school friends often meet on weekends and reminisce about our school adventures.
5. While it was fun to spend time with friends at school, there were some challenging times as well particularly when I used to study maths.
6. I was an above average student at school and performed considerably well in most of the subjects but in maths I have to confess I struggled a bit.
7. For most of the subjects I studied on my own but for maths I took extra classes because I knew I needed help with the subject.

8. During the exam time I always earmarked extra time for maths and studied for couple of extra days in comparison to other subjects.
9. I vividly remember my continuous struggle with maths during school days but now things have taken a strange turn.
10. Maths has become my favorite subject and I would attribute this rekindled love for maths to one topic which I learnt in school.
11. And topic is the concept of probability.
12. For many students probability is the toughest topic in maths and I too found it really challenging and to be honest was one of the reasons I dreaded maths in school.
13. But my tenacity helped me in surmounting this challenge and I painstakingly comprehended the fundamentals of probability.
14. Probability as the name suggests is the ability to calculate the likelihood of any event.
15. It is a highly complex skill to learn as it requires counterintuitive thinking to calculate probability of anything.
16. But once I learnt this skill I realized how important and useful it is.
17. If we think logically then every decision we make in our lives is driven by probability.
18. Our decisions always have choices to make and we should make the best choice for us.
19. Now how do we decide which choice is best for us.
20. This decision should be made on the basis of event that is most likely to happen and which is deciphered by using the concept of probability.
21. For example recently my father decided to buy a car for the family.
22. We had shortlisted two models from two different manufacturers but could not decide any further.
23. That is when I used my probability skills to make the final decision.

24. I gathered some data points about both the models such as service centres of each company, number of cars sold each year, number of accidents these two models were involved in.
25. Then I used these data points to figure out that which car is more likely to last long with low maintenance cost using the probability method I learnt in school.


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