IELTS MASTER | Describe an advertisement that you remember

Describe an advertisement that you remember

1. I like to keep myself busy.
2. My two favorite pastimes are reading and playing sports.
3. I am not a big fan of electronic media and generally stay away from media sources.
4. I seldom switch on TV and when I do I only watch sporting events or news.
5. And while watching these programs I generally turn off the volume when an advertisement is playing because I find advertisements annoying.
6. But recently when I was watching a cricket match between India and Australia, an advertisement caught my attention.
7. It was an advertisement of the latest phone launched by Samsung S10.

8. I was interested in this advertisement for two particular reasons.
9. First was that I was contemplating of buying a new phone since my old phone had started giving me a lot trouble.
10. And second was that my favorite cricketer Virat Kohli who is the brand ambassador of Samsung was in that commercial.
11. I was really impressed by the creativity of this commercial.
12. The commercial started with Virat leaving from hotel for his practice session.
13. He took a cab and left for the ground.
14. When he reached the ground he forgot his phone in the cab which he did not realize until he had entered the ground and thought of calling his coach.
15. Normally under such circumstances a person would be flustered since he had lost a precious belonging.
16. But in the advertisement Virat is portrayed to be very calm while telling his team mate about his phone and the reason behind this calmness are the amazing features of this phone.
17. Firstly Virat tells his team mate that the phone can only be unlocked with his face ID and secondly he can easily trace his phone by simply giving a call to Samsung customer care from any other phone which he actually does in the commercial.
18. And within seconds Samsung’s customer care executive tells Virat about the location of his phone and also place a call on his number which is picked by the cab driver.

19. Once the cab driver realizes that his passenger had forgotten his phone in his car he goes back to the ground and hands over the phone to Virat.
20. The commercial ends on a very happy note in which Virat and cab driver are seeing taking a selfie from the same phone which has a 32 mega pixel front camera the highest resolution in any phone in the market.
21. I absolutely loved this commercial and the amazing features of the phone.
22. Next week I bought this phone and I cannot deny that the commercial played a huge role in this decision of mine.