IELTS MASTER | Job you would not like to do in the future

Job you would not like to do in the future

1. There are many respectable professions in our society like doctors, engineers, lawyers, government officers etc.
2. While these are respectable but considered to be a bit boring because of their nature and kind of fixed daily routines.
3. However there is one profession which is known for its adventurous nature and extravaganza associated with it.
4. That profession is of stock traders.
5. I had seen couple of movies and series and was fascinated by their lifestyle portrayed in those depictions and dreamt of becoming a trader one day.
6. But a recent interaction disillusioned me and gave me a reality check of this field, after which I decided against become a stock trader.
7. After that interaction I came to know why people say ‘grass is always greener on the other side’.

8. This interaction happened with one of my cousins who recently joined an investment bank and handled the portfolio of one of the most affluent clients of the bank.
9. His main responsibility is to invest his client’s money in stocks for short duration for handsome returns or in simple terms he is a stock trader.
10. When I told him that I envy him and I am desirous of become a trader one day, he immediately told me to drop this dream and aim for some other profession as this profession is not as great as it looks from the outside.
11. He told me that the job of a stock trader is one of the riskiest jobs in the world and there is no such thing as piece of mind in this profession.
12. Although the perks are great but those are only guaranteed as long as you are making money for the client and your company.

13. The day you loose money you will be given a warning and on the second instance you will be handed the pink slip so the job security is non-existent in this field.
14. He further told me that one can earn a lot of money in this profession but he cannot really enjoy it because at every moment his mind is preoccupied with his existing trades and the trades he is going to make next day.
15. He apprised me that in this field there is no personal space or time.
16. He frequently gets calls from his clients in the middle of the night if any news related to his trade breaks out.
17. And since the stock markets of the world are interconnected this is practically a 24×7 job.
18. A negative development in the US can hurt the stocks in India pretty badly, therefore, a stock trader has to be aware of such things at all times.
19. After hearing about all the mental trauma a stock trader has to go through on daily basis I swore never to think again about picking up this profession.