IELTS MASTER | Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child

Describe an indoor game that you liked to play when you were a child

1. I am a hyper active person.
2. I like to keep myself busy both physically as well as mentally.
3. For my physical fitness I prefer games such as badminton and football, and for my mental growth I resort to reading and activities which challenges my mental aptitude.
4. One such activity is playing the game of chess.
5. Chess is called the game of intellectuals.
6. Out of all the indoor and outdoor sports chess requires the highest use of the brain.
7. It is purely a strategic game and every move is crucial as one move can have a strong impact on the final outcome of the game.

8. I picked up the sport from my father.
9. He taught me the basics of the game and we used to play it daily in the evening in my childhood.
10. He even got me a book contained the famous strategies deployed in the chess such as different types of openings a player can start with and records of some historical games played in the past.
11. Gradually my predilection for the game grew and I became more involved in the game.
12. I can say that I started as a dilettante but now I have garnered considerable skills of the game.
13. My favorite player of all time is the US Grandmaster Bobby Fischer.
14. I have read his biography and seen his biopic as well which is titled ‘Pawn Sacrifice’.
15. The movie is primarily based on the epic chess encounter which happened between him and the Russian Grandmaster Borris Spassky who was the best chess player at that time.

16. The fifth game of this encounter is considered to be arguably the best game of chess ever played.
17. I particularly like chess because the things we learn from chess are not meant just for the game.
18. It teaches us how to plan in advance and make calculated moves in like just like in the game.
19. It also teaches us the patience and the will required to handle unpredictable circumstances of life when our opponent in the game makes a move which we are expecting the least.
20. I would say everybody should play this game once in a while because it helps immensely in the overall development of personality of an individual.