IELTS MASTER | A performance you recently watched

A performance you recently watched

1. It is said that music is food for soul and I could not agree more.
2. The reason music has a universal acceptance is that there is music for every kind of situation and mood.
3. It transcends borders and races.
4. For me music is the biggest stress buster and my favourite pastime.
5. I have created separate playlists which solve different purposes such as one playlist is full of songs which help me to relax while there is a playlist comprising of some peppy songs which I switch on whenever I am feeling a bit low.

6. Although I enjoy different genres of music and there are quite a few songs which I have listened to umpteen times, there is one song in particular which is really close to my heart.
7. The song’s title is ‘In the end’ and it is composed by band Linkin Park, suffice to say it is my favourite band as well.
8. No other band has been able to resonate with youngsters like Linkin Park has.
9. Recently this band visited India and I was lucky enough to get tickets for their concert.
10. The band started the concert with the song ‘In the end’.
11. Band’s lead singer Chester Bennington is a true youth icon.
12. The moment he played the song I knew I was listening to something unique.
13. The song began with strange sounding music which was created with the help of an instrument which is used exclusively by this band.

14. The music played for around 15 seconds after which the tempo of the song picked up by introducing guitar and drum the two instruments without which rock music is inconceivable.
15. But the main highlight of the concert was Chester’s husky voice and the lyrics of the song.
16. There is an aroma of enigma the way he sings.
17. The concert lasted for more than 3 hours and I thoroughly enjoyed every single second of it.
18. After the performance was over the band met with few lucky spectators behind the stage and I was one of them.
19. I even got a selfie with the band and it is one of the most cherished memories of my life.
20. I have made a poster of that selfie and it is pasted on the wall of my bedroom.