IELTS MASTER | Describe a situation you were not allowed to use your cell phone

Describe a situation you were not allowed to use your cell phone

1. I am a tech savvy person and like to use technology as much as possible.
2. I have a predilection for technology since it has made our lives so much convenient and we can do so many operations in the comfort of our homes without having to actually move out.
3. One such facility I use frequently is e banking.
4. It has been years since I have visited my bank’s branch because I can do basic operations like transferring money or do online shopping using the online banking facility.
5. But there are some basic operations which can be performed at the branches only and recently I had to visit the branch for one such requirement.

6. I got an email from my bank that my PAN is not linked with my bank account and I have to link it before the deadline failing which the bank would freeze my account.
7. The next day I went to the branch to link the PAN with my account.
8. It was a quite strange and honestly uncomfortable for me since I was not used to visiting bank branch and wait in lines.
9. I inquired about the process and the executive told me that I have to fill up an update form and provide the photocopy of my PAN and show the original to him.
10. When I opened my wallet to get my PAN I was disappointed to see that I was not carrying my PAN in my wallet.
11. I told the executive about the predicament.
12. He told me to call someone at home and send the photo of PAN on whatsapp.
13. As soon as I dialled my father’s number and started talking to him, the guard came to me and told me that customers are not allowed to use mobile phones within premises of the bank and if have to make any urgent call I have to move out of the branch and complete my call.
14. I looked at the executive and he showed me the board which clearly prohibited customers from using cell phones within the bank.
15. So I told my father and disconnected the call.
16. Then I moved out of the branch and dialled my father again and asked him to send the picture of my PAN card.

17. After few minutes he sent me the picture of the PAN card.
18. I went to nearby photocopy shop and got the photocopy of my PAN card.
19. Then I went back to the bank and showed the picture of my PAN card and submitted the photocopy along with the form to update.
20. While I about to leave I asked him that why are we not allowed to use mobile phones in the bank.
21. He told me that it is a guideline from the central bank of the country and everybody has to abide by it.
22. He further told me that this policy has been implemented for customers’ safety only.
23. I thanked him for the information and for his cooperation and left the bank.