IELTS MASTER | Describe something you made with your hand for your friend

Describe something you made with your hand for your friend

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1. India is a country of traditions.
2. And one of the traditions which I like the most is of exchanging gifts on occasions such as marriages, birthday and festivals.
3. We exchange gifts with our family members, relatives and friends.
4. I particularly like the festival of Diwali because it is one occasion when I get the chance to meet my friends whom I have not met for long time.
5. And this year was no different.
6. Normally I gift something like sweets but this year I decided to do something different for one of my friends Arun.
7. Arun is a huge fan of Tom Cruise and has watched almost all of his movies, so I thought of gifting him something related to Tom Cruise.

8. First I thought of a t-shirt with Tom Cruise’s picture printed on it but I wanted to make it special and also I like drawing so I decided to make a custom drawing of Tom Cruise for him.
9. I drew this picture with my own hands and to make it memorable I drew his picture as well along with Tom Cruise.
10. I also wrote some lines about our friendship and how much I cherish our relationship.
11. To give it more personal touch I decorated the outer frame with small pictures of me and Arun.
12. At the back of the frame a wrote a small biography of Tom Cruise which my friend really liked since it had some anecdotes about Tom Cruise which even he did not know.
13. When I gifted this drawing to him his first reaction was of surprise because this is the last thing he was expecting.

14. But when he observed the whole piece and thought about the effort I had put in, he got a lump in his throat.
15. I also enjoyed this experience because this only brought us closer and strengthened our childhood bond.

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7 responses to “Describe something you made with your hand for your friend”

  1. Satinder says:

    Actually i am not very good in crafts bt sometimes i want to make something special with my hands for my dear ones. I remember that day when my friend gave us a party on her birthday. She is very close to me. We share our joys and sorrows. Her birthday is very special for me and i made a card for her. I expressed my feelings for her with the help of card. My friend was very surprised because she knew that i am not peefect in all these things but when she saw my card she was surprised and her eyes was full of tears. But that tears was showing her happiness. So that moment was very precious as my friend.

  2. Allen says:

    It was Christmas.A season of joy and sharing. A best friend of mine right back from high school,all throughout college who has been inviting me to spend the holidays with since it has been awhile we have seen each other.The last time we both saw ourselves was after our mandatory one service year before future aspirations took us to different spheres of live. I have been declining his invitation all these time since I am always of the notion that special holidays are meant to be share with immediate and extended families.So instead i would always send gifts and card with heart felt apologies.On this particular Christmas,i agreed to go spend the Christmas which was a delightful news to him. I thought of what to gift him that is unique apart from the usual bought gifts and card i occasionally send to him.Since I own a little start up that is into printing and production of stationery and on fabrics, so i decided to make a hard copy photo album when i remembered how he used to complain of misplacing our old pictures when he was robbed while returning home after completion of our service year. I made the back cover our favourite colours since we were both fans of blue and red. Scanned and arranged all the pictures i have in chronological form with little caption to title the particular event that took place in that photo as vividly as possible and i cant remember I just put up a little writing to appreciate our friendship.when i was done,i wrapped it with papers of our colours.After our Christmas meal and it was time to share and exchange gifts,i gave him mine and when he opened it, the astonished and amazing look he had on his face was priceless.He gave me a big and tight hug. After the gifts ceremony, we both sat outside and relived all the past memories from page to page.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Awhile we had seen not have seen because it is of past. Both say each other not ourselves because ourselves means to look at yourself. Meant to be shared not share. Try to use better vocabulary for example in the last line instead of relived you could have use reminisced because better vocabulary will get you higher bands than 6.5. Overall it is a decent attempt.

  3. Raman says:

    Please help in good speaking.. I request you sir

  4. Arsh says:

    well, i have many situation when i have made plenty of things for my bosom buddies but this is not my cup of tea to choose particularly one but today i would like to describe a one such situation when i cooked something special for my friend. couple of days ago, me and my friend went to farm house without any planning at that time when we reached over there you never believe there was no maid. in the mid of journey we was so excised we bought some chicken for dinner but all excised got vanished than we both were tired as well as hungry. we both went to kitchen at that time my friend said that i did not know about A B C of cooking so i thought why should i tried something than i made lemon chicken with add some of my tricks but when we try and that was delightful we both enjoyed our meal. my friend really appreciated for lovely meal so that night was awesome. so this is the time when i cooked something for someone.

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