IELTS MASTER | Describe an occasion when you got up extremely early

Describe an occasion when you got up extremely early

1. Last year I went to Andaman Islands in my summer vacation.
2. The islands are nearly 2000 miles away from my city.
3. Given the huge amount of distance, the most preferred way to travel to these islands from my city is either train or aircraft.
4. Since the aircraft tickets are really expensive in holiday season due to heightened demand, my parents decided to commute by train which terminates at Kochi from where the rest of the journey to the island is covered by a boat.
5. I was really excited for the trip apart from the one thing that the train leaves from my city at 5 am in the morning.
6. I am a night person and I generally go to bed at midnight and wake up around 8 in the morning.
7. My routine is pretty much regular and fixed so on that day I knew it was going to be bothersome for me because in order to catch a train that leaves at 5 am I had to wake up at around 3 am.

8. Normally I set my own alarm and I do not ask anybody to wake me up in the morning but the night before the day of our journey I specifically asked my mother to wake me up at 3 am because I knew that because of my routine I might not be able to get up on my own, even though I had set the alarm clock at 3 am.
9. And so it happened the alarm went off at 3 am and I had no clue whatsoever.
10. I was in a deep slumber and after hearing the sound of my alarm my mother came and woke me up.
11. My initial reaction was not to get up because I was feeling so dizzy and casually told my mother to go with my father and sister and leave me at home.
12. My mother knew that I needed something stronger than a casual nudge so she shook me as if an earthquake had come and told me to get up and get ready as soon as possible.
13. I clearly heard my father shouting from the other room that I better hurry up or we would miss our train.
14. The moment I heard my father’s words I immediately got up and started to get ready.
15. In the next half hour we were all ready to leave.
16. A day before my father had booked a cab to pick us up at 3.35 am.
17. The driver was right on time.

18. We sat in the cab and the station is an hour’s drive away from our place.
19. The moment I sat in the cab I went back to sleep.
20. Exactly an hour later we reached the station and my father woke me up and I behaved as if I had just gone to sleep a few minutes back in my own room.
21. It was really tough for me on that day to get up so early but I soon forgot everything because the rest of the trip to the Islands was just amazing and I savored every moment of that.