IELTS MASTER | Describe a time when you were cheated

Describe a time when you were cheated

1. Technology has made our lives as comfortable as ever.
2. We can achieve nearly anything while sitting in the comfort of our living room.
3. Everything is available online and can be delivered at our doorstep.
4. Ecommerce websites have the biggest role to play in this convenience.
5. I am also a patron of couple of ecommerce sites from where I frequently order things which I require.
6. I am amazed at the plethora of their catalogue.
7. Everything, from books to electronic gadgets are available on these sites and are delivered hassle free at our homes.

8. So far my experience with these sites have been very satisfactory.
9. But recently I underwent a harrowing incident by making a purchase from one of the biggest ecommerce sites in our country.
10. I had been planning to buy a new smartphone for quite a while so I searched it on the website and after reading plenty of positive reviews I ordered this phone.
11. While making the purchase I particularly checked the return policy for this product and the website mentioned that it was returnable within 10 days of the purchase.
12. As usual the delivery was fast and smooth, I received the phone two days after placing the order.
13. For first couple of days I was happy with the phone as it was performing better than my expectation.
14. But on the third day it started getting really hot after playing any video for just ten minutes.
15. I thought it might be a one off case so ignored it initially.
16. But the issue persisted and I checked for it online.
17. A blog had mentioned that this issue was common with this model.
18. So I called the customer care of the website from where I bought this phone and told them that I want to return this phone as it had a major flaw.
19. To my surprise the customer care executive told me that I cannot return the phone but they can replace it with new handset.
20. But that was not going solve my problem because the issue was with all handsets of that particular model so I asked the customer care executive that why I could not return it especially if there website mentioned that the model was returnable within 10 days.
21. In reply he told me that because of the heating issue they are inundated with return request hence they had changed their policy from return to replace for this model.
22. I was utterly gutted by his response and felt completely cheated because the policy on which my decision to buy this phone was predicated was altered without any intimation and it had grave consequences for me as I had been delivered a below par product.
23. I argued with the executive and expounded my situation that it was unfair on their part to change the policy without informing the customers who had bought that product but he said that his hands were tied and he was unable to help me in this regard.

24. Subsequently I send some emails to the company as well but did not get any helpful revert.
25. Consequently I was stuck with that faulty phone.
26. After this terrible experience I decided never to buy any product from that website and also wrote a scathing feedback on their social media platform.

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