IELTS MASTER | Describe a country in which you would like to work for a short time

Describe a country in which you would like to work for a short time

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1. I consider myself an ambitious person.
2. I intend to become a doctor because it will not only give me a stable career but also vouchsafe me opportunity to serve the society.
3. Although the destination is lucrative but the journey to this destination is arduous.
4. I am aware of the efforts and time that would be required to become a competent doctor.
5. I am ready to embark on this painstaking journey but before I begin I would like to treat myself with a short working vacation of one to two years.
6. I have the perfect destination in my mind where I would love to spend my time while working on some part time jobs.
7. I intend to go to Andaman.

8. It is an island nation.
9. I have never seen an island before in my life and my desire to see one emboldened when my cousin told me about this place.
10. Two months back my cousin’s family went to Andaman.
11. I checked his photos on facebook and in those photos the place looked good.
12. But when he came back and detailed me about the place, it really got my curiosity awaken.
13. He told me that Andaman is like no other place he has ever seen.
14. It is an epitome of nature’s creativity, with hills on one side and vast expanse of sea beach on the other.
15. There is so much greenery and open spaces that he could not believe such a place could exist in this modern urbanized world.
16. The frenzy of urbanization has not yet touched this part of globe and there are still tribes present there which are living in their orthodox way.
17. He met a few guys from these tribes and was really fascinated with their way of living.
18. He also learnt about a few of their traditions which we would find absurd but are an integral part of their existence.
19. Their diet is also absolutely different from what we normally have in our daily lives.
20. Their diet primarily consists of sea creatures and my cousin showed me pictures of their meals which had sea creatures which I cannot even imagine to ingest.
21. He was really enthralled by this visit as he got to see a completely different facet of mankind and nature.
22. I am absolutely intrigued by the anecdotes he had shared with me about this place and would love to experience it firsthand.
23. I have already done some research on kind of part time jobs that a visitor can do there.

24. Among the several options available I have finalized to work for an NGO that is providing free health care facilities to the backward tribes of this nation.
25. This would allow me to explore different parts of the nation and at the same time would apprise me of medical difficulties faced by people and of methods of tackling them, hence helping in my long term goal as well.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions