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A comic actor who is popular in your country

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1. Modern man is leading a very mechanical life.
2. Every day is a struggle to strive and for some to survive.
3. Our daily routines have become intense and are full of concerns.
4. This precisely is the reason that every now and then we need some light hearted moments to relax our nerves and slow down.
5. Nothing beats humour in accomplishing this, but in these days humour is in short supply.
6. Few are lucky enough to have friends or family members with good sense of humour but there is one person who has brought the smiles on the faces of millions of people of my nation.
7. That person is actor Robert Green, a renowned comedian.

8. He is undoubtedly the most popular comic actor in my country.
9. His prime time show ‘Comedy Hour’ is one of the most watched TV programs and has topped the charts of TRP on several occasions.
10. He is particularly known for his political satire.
11. He brings the issues concerning our nation to the fore in his own unique style.
12. While doing this he often makes fun of politicians and other public figures but at the same time ensures that he does not cross the line.
13. He achieves his aim with utmost aplomb.
14. He epitomizes diligence and integrity.
15. Fame did not come easy to him as he spent nearly a decade in obscurity as a struggling actor.
16. He started his career as a stand-up comedian and for the first five years of his career barely scraped through by performing in night clubs.
17. After which he started gaining popularity and his name started doing rounds in the acting community.
18. He had to wait for another five years before his big break when he was spotted by a movie casting director.
19. He was impressed by his spontaneity and wittiness, and offered him a small role in an upcoming movie.

20. Although the role was short, Robert managed to leave his mark which led to more offers from other film makers.
21. He established himself as a great comedian in the film industry but the turning point in his career was when a leading TV channel offered him his own show.
22. That is how ‘Comedy Hour’ started and since then he has been winning the hearts of the people of this nation with his remarkable sense of humour.

Latest Makkar cue cards with new solutions