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Talk about the happiest situation in your life

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1. For any individual life is a journey which is full of surprises.
2. Every individual’s life has some moments which he or she cherishes forever and some moments which are not so memorable.
3. My life has been no different but fortunately I have had more great moments than not so great moments.
4. First of all I have been blessed with a wonderful family which has supported me throughout and is the primary reason behind most of the splendid moments in my life.
5. Although it is difficult to pick one particular happy moment from my life because there have been so many, there is one particular experience which I will savor forever.
6. It was the year when I completed my higher secondary school.
7. In our education system higher secondary school is really crucial as its outcome decides the future course for any youngster.

8. It lays the foundation of a bright career.
9. Keeping this thing in mind I was determined to do well in that year, hence I started my preparation with utmost sincerity.
10. For the first half of the year everything was on track, as I did well in all the house tests and had covered bulk of the course, earmarking second half for revision.
11. However, it was around December when things started to go awry for me.
12. During a club cricket match I slipped and fractured my left ankle.
13. I was bedridden for a complete month because of which I could not attend my coaching classes where the revision batch had already started.
14. I started panicking because my final exams were only two months away.
15. And that is when my biggest pillar of strength, my family, helped me to go through that tough phase.
16. My parents settled my nerves and instilled the confidence in me that despite these setback I will live up to their expectations.
17. The fact that my family was beside me whatever the outcome really helped me to regain my focus.
18. Although I missed my coaching classes, but to make up for that I doubled my effort at home.
19. I kept abreast of everything happening in those classes through my friends.
20. After a month my plaster was removed and I regained my mobility but was still not able to travel on my own because of which I had to continue my self-study at home.
21. And then I finally appeared in my board exams.
22. Exams came and went, and time just flew by.
23. And then came the day of reckoning.

24. My result was out and I would confess that I was not so confident about my performance, but when I saw my result I was on cloud nine.
25. I had managed to score 95% the second highest in my batch.
26. My hard word had paid off and I will never forget that feeling of pride on the faces of my parents which easily makes it the greatest moment of my life so far.

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2 responses to “Talk about the happiest situation in your life”

  1. Mawadda says:

    I do remmeber when I recieved a certificate from my school and honoured to be one of the best teachers in that year, it was like a suprise and honoured for my hard work, in 2017 it was like the first jump in my career life the memorable moment when they call my name in front of large number of audience, my students and my students parents were attended the honouring party, I couldnt express my feeling towards my principle and I huged her and I was about to cry a lump in my throat, I was over the moon everybody is clapping and cheered my name, the adrelanine was levelled up

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      It is a good attempt but there are few grammatical errors which you must try to avoid like ‘my students parents were attended’ is grammatically wrong.

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