IELTS MASTER | Describe a time when you found something that someone lost

Describe a time when you found something that someone lost

1. I am a hyper active person and like to keep myself busy.
2. I indulge in lot of physical activities because I am a health conscious person.
3. Every morning I go for a run in a park near by my house and I have a fixed regime to running for at least half an hour because I believe running is the best exercise since it involves every muscle of the body.
4. Last week also I went to the park and did my warm before beginning my running exercise.
5. While doing my warm up I spotted something on the ground.
6. At first glance it seemed like a piece of paper but when I approached it and picked it up I realized it was a driving license of some person.
7. The name written on the license was John and the address mentioned was two blocks away from my home.

8. I immediately started sympathizing with John because I knew that without driving license I impossible to drive through the city and do your daily activities.
9. And making a new one is even bigger trouble.
10. I still remember the pain and struggle I had to go through to get my license.
11. I first applied for a learning license and then the department gave me 500 page book to prepare for my written exam which I had to clear before taking the drive tests.
12. In the first attempt I failed in my written examination which was kind of embarrassing for me.
13. In the second attempt I somehow scraped through the written exam but when it came to the drive test, believe me it is easier to get a tiger to eat grass than satisfy those examiners who sit on the passenger seat in the driving seat.
14. In the first driving test I did not switch on the turn light while taking a turn, he failed me.
15. In the second driving test I honked at the turn he failed me.
16. In the third driving test he again failed me because I pressed the brakes too early according to him.
17. Finally in the fourth attempt I passed my driving test and got my license and you cannot believe the amount of relief which I felt on that day.
18. Because of this harrowing experience I was empathizing with John because if he did not get his license back then he too would had to go through this cumbersome process.
19. Luckily I knew the address and on the next day I went to his place.
20. I rang the bell and John himself opened the door, I recognized him from the photo on the license.
21. When I told him about the purpose of my visit he could not thank me enough.

22. He invited me inside and told that he had already the license stolen in the police station which he would now go and take back his statement.
23. He seemed like a really nice guy, we chatted for couple of hours and then I left.
24. Every now and then we see each other and exchange greetings.


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