IELTS MASTER | Describe a person who speaks foreign language well

Describe a person who speaks foreign language well

1. I have an inquisitive nature and I am always eager to learn new things.
2. Learning new things not only improves our knowledge it also helps us to grow mentally as scientific research has proven that learning new skills keeps our brain young by forming new connections in the brain.
3. I read an article which said that learning a new language or a musical instrument is extremely beneficial for our intellectual well-being.
4. I don’t have much interest in musical instruments but there is one particular foreign language that I had wanted to learn.
5. That language is Spanish.
6. Driven by my passion to learn this language I started my research on sources which could help me to achieve this dream of mine.

7. Luckily I found a language school near by my home which is renowned for its foreign language facilities.
8. This school is run by Mr. Fernandes who is the director over there.
9. Honestly I went to visit this institute with some apprehensions because there are not many tutors in our area who are renowned to have a good command over Spanish.
10. But all my apprehensions were laid to rest the moment I met Mr. Fernandes.
11. He comes across as a very genial person and immediately made me feel at home when I entered his office to discuss my aim of visit.
12. First of all he asked me the purpose behind learning Spanish and when I told him that I want to learn a foreign language for my intellectual development he was highly impressed.
13. Though reluctantly I shared my concern about the ability of tutors in his institute to teach Spanish.
14. He told me that he personally takes Spanish classes because it is an uncommon language among other foreign languages in demand.
15. I was further reassured when he told me that he had spent more than 10 years in Spain working as an English language trainer.
16. During those 10 years he had developed great command over Spanish and is considered a luminary in the field of Spanish language coaching in our city.
17. He asked me if I had any rudimentary knowledge of the language.
18. I told him to consider me a complete novice and teach me everything from the beginning.
19. Then he apprised me of his teaching methodology and I was highly impressed by the way the course was designed for a beginner.

20. The icing on the cake was his manner of speaking.
21. He is a very soft spoken person and I discerned him very approachable.
22. I have been taking Spanish classes under the tutelage of Mr. Fernandes for two weeks now and I can easily say that he is the best teacher I have met so far.
23. It is only because of his teaching methods and personal investment in me that I have made such rapid progress in this Spanish language course.