IELTS MASTER | Talk about a gift for which you spent long time to choose

Talk about a gift for which you spent long time to choose

1. I have been blessed with an amazing family.
2. My parents have always made sure that their children have received the best comforts they could afford.
3. I cannot remember an instance when I asked for something from my parents and they denied my request.
4. Last year it was my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary so I decided to gift them something which would not only make them happy but also show my love for them.
5. Deciding to give them gift was easy but what to gift was the hard part because I knew that no material commodity would give them the satisfaction which I wanted them to feel.
6. I was really hard pressed about selecting the gift and thought about it for days.
7. I was really confused and shared my conundrum with my friend Arun.
8. And I am glad that I did that because he suggested me something which immediately felt right to me and would solve both my purpose.

9. He said that I should prepared a collage of all the family photos which should include my parents’ marriage, their children’s childhood, all the family trips that we have made so far and enjoyed together.
10. I really liked this idea because I knew that this collection of photos would be reminiscent of all the great moments of my parents’ life and they would once again relive and enjoy these memories.
11. I had decided the gift but the next problem was how to prepared it because I did not know how to prepare a well crafted collage.
12. I could manage some photo editing but I wanted it to be perfect so I asked again my friend for help and he suggested me a website that prepares such collages online for their users.
13. He had used it himself and assured me that this website is the best in the field and their customer service is delightful.
14. So I opened that website and registered an account, immediately a chat window opened and one of their representative greeted me and asked what exactly I was looking for.
15. I told her everything about the collage and she immediately started helping me in preparing the collage.
16. First she understood all my requirements and asked me to upload all the photos which I wanted to be in the collage.
17. Then she showed me some their best templates which users generally use to prepared collages.
18. Although I liked those collages but I told her that I would like prepare my own template to give it a personal touch.

19. I was initially apprehensive while making this request because I knew that making a new template from scratch is a time consuming process and I was not sure that the executive would agree to this because of the time constraint which these people have.
20. But to my surprise she was more than happy to help me and both of us started preparing a new template for the collage.
21. The executive was extremely patient and accommodated all my requests while preparing the collage.
22. She implemented all the changes that I suggested, sometimes I requested multiple changes on a single photo but she was as calm as a monk and on top of that she recommended some changes from herself based on her experience which really enhanced the quality of the collage.
23. It took us around two hours to prepared the template and the final collage and during those two hours I never felt any kind of frustration in her voice or got the feeling that she was rushing to finish my request.
24. I regularly shop online and deal with all types of customer care executives but I can definitely say that this was the best experience I had in my life while shopping online.
25. After finishing the job she kindly asked if there was anything else I needed help with.
26. I thanked her from the bottom of my heart and shared my feeling of respect which I had developed towards her and their services and promised to recommend their website to as many people as possible.