IELTS MASTER | How to write introduction of essays in PTE and IELTS Writing Task 2?

How to write introduction of essays in PTE and IELTS Writing Task 2?

Topic wise introduction for essays in PTE and IELTS Writing Task 2

Health – Health should be the first and foremost focus of any person because I strongly believe that only a healthy person can make a meaningful contribution to the society and help this world become a better place to live. Taking care of health should not be left to authorities, rather it should be an individuals’ endeavor to ensure that his or her efforts lead to a healthy society in general because a healthy society begets a happy society.

Culture – Culture is the thread that binds a community together. It is a reflection of human evolution and accumulation of all the humans’ experiences till date that helps in shaping a society. Culture provides the sense of identity to an individual. It brings a meaning to a person’s life and spurs him to strive for a common goal that is the betterment of human race. Without culture it would be impossible to differentiate between people belonging to different races and regions. Culture is what brings the diversity in this world, while common tenets of different culture make this world a universal family at the same time.

Media – Media is the primary source that quenches humans’ ever growing thirst for information and entertainment. It feeds our mental curiosity and keeps us abreast of the latest developments transpiring in every nook and cranny of the world. Media is primarily responsible for shaping the mindset of a society. It is a double-edged sword which can be used by both, good as well as bad elements of the society for their individual gains. The onus is on the people in this industry to ensure that the media remains unbiased and is used only for the betterment of the society.

Language – Language is the prime differentiator that distinguishes humans from other living species. It gives identity to a society and without it human evolution would have crawled as the exchange of ideas and information would not have been possible. Effective use of language for communication leads to healthy relations between individuals.

Music – Music is the food for soul. It transcends languages and borders, and bring people from different cultures together. It knows no caste or religion and is enjoyed by everyone alike. Although it has many genres, but each genre solves the basic purpose of entertainment and mental relaxation.

Crime – Every society has both good and bad elements prevailing in it. While the society in general is predominated by good souls, there are certain sections or individuals of society that cast aspersions on the presumption of goodness of human nature, and these bad apples are the root cause of crimes committed in that society. Lack of education and employment are the two main causes that lead to a high crime rate in a society.

Childhood – Childhood is the foundation on which a man’s rest of the life is predicated on. Experiences of childhood predominantly decide the course of man’s life and highly influence the actions undertaken by an individual in the later stages of life. A child’s demeanor can foretell his or her future level of success or lack of it with a high degree of accuracy, hence it is paramount that children are subjected to right kind of experiences and education.

Nature – Nobody can deny that nature is as close to God as we can get. All the living beings are creation of nature and this creation is an incessant process. No matter how advanced human race has become, it is still helpless against the forces of nature. Whenever humans’ actions approach extreme, nature strikes back the balance through its own way.

Communication – Communication is the bridge that binds the humans together. Effective and articulate communication is the key to healthy relations between individuals. A person with good communication skills can make great strides both in personal as well as professional spheres of his life. People and organisations have realized the importance of communication skills, that is why today communication skills have become as important as the technical skills.

Money – Money is the fuel on which this world runs. It is the prime motivator behind man’s most endeavors and has become the yardstick by which a man’s status in the society is determined. It is the most essential ingredient that vouchsafes an individual a decent standard of living and a certain degree of freedom which empowers him to make decisions on his own terms.

 Poverty – Poverty is one of the worst misfortunes which has befallen on the modern human civilization. It is the root cause of myriad hardships that a substantial chunk of human population has to go through. It stifles humans from achieving happiness and fulfilling their dreams. The threat of poverty is recognized globally that is why nations are making concerted efforts to eradicate this scourge.

Internet – Internet can be construed as the modern and technical incarnation of God because of its ubiquitous and omniscient nature. It’s because of Internet that today no piece of knowledge is out of bounds for any individual and the whole world has become an open book. It has opened unimaginable avenues for a person willing to learn and capitalize on the opportunities vouchsafed by the Internet.

Economy – Nobody can deny that economic health of an individual or a group of individuals is as important as the physical health. Sound economic conditions vouchsafe a great degree of liberty while making decisions, which further brings sense of control over one’s life which is paramount for one thing everybody is striving for – happiness.

Medicine – Medicine is the second most important gift from God to mankind after life itself. It enables each individual to exercise its right for a healthy and happy life. Advances in the field of medicine ensure that we are constantly moving closer to our goal of making this world a better place to live. Improved medical facilities have not only increased average lifespan of a person, it has also substantially bettered the quality of life of the society as a whole.

Science – Nobody has seen God but we can easily say that science has played God’s role in man’s life since time immemorial. Science is the cornerstone of everything that transpires in this world. It has enabled humans to comprehend the basic working principles behind myriad phenomenon that make the foundation of human life. It has also empowered humans to better the quality of their life in general and execute the important tasks in a more efficient manner.

Technology – For centuries humans evolved at a snail’s pace, until the advent of technology, after which we have progressed by leaps and bounds. Today technology is at the heart of everything transpiring in this world. It has made our lives more efficient and freed us of mundane tasks which has allowed humans to utilize their time and energy for the betterment of the mankind.

Movies – Movies are a reflection of society in general. What is shown in movies is very similar to what actually happens in our society, hence, movies can be an effective medium to sway the mindset of people. Movies can be used to start a positive trend or to put a halt to something that is stifling the progress of the society. Apart from this, movies are a great source of entertainment and the favorite pastime of general public.

Tourism – Tourism is the largest and the fastest growing industry in this world. Every country in this world has some spots which attract tourists there from all over the world. Tourism generates the highest employment every year, and employs people at different stages of the value chain. It probably has the most extensive and complex value chain for any business. Tourism is not only important from business point of view, it is also a great source of cultural exchanges hence promotes solidarity among different cultures and sections of society.

Government – Government is the highest form of authority in any nation. It is primarily responsible for setting the guidelines and formulating policies for general public which are intended to make public’s life more comfortable and organized. Since this institution is meant for public’s benefit, therefore, public has the biggest influence in forming government, especially in democratic nations.