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IELTS Writing Test 88

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The chart below shows the amount of leisure time enjoyed by men and women of different employment status.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

Task 2: Science tells us about the activities which are good for our health and others which are bad. Millions of people all over the world knows this and still do unhealthy activities. Why do you think this is and what can be done to change it?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

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  1. RINAL KANSARA says:

    The bar graph reveals the information regarding leisure time spent by two genders in one week at various employment stage.
    To sum up,women went through many fluctuation, while men had a linear pattern in the upward direction throughout all stages of work.
    With regards to leisure time enjoyed by women, full time employed females stood at nearly 38% and it slightly raised in part time women job and then the figure of unemployment women dramatically inclined,peaked at about 78% .In contrast,the percentage of unemployment and retired females remained relatively constant at approximately 78% before it declining at half for housewives.
    According to the graph,full time men personnel accounted for almost 42% of men’s leisure time,and experienced a two fold increase to round about 84% of unemployment.Moreover,unemployment and retired male remained plateau at 84%.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      For men pattern is not linear because after second bar there is slight decrease in third bar. Write female for plural as well do not write females. Not unemployment women but unemployed women. Before it declined not declining. Last line would be corrected again since numbers are not equal. Rest is fine.

  2. RINAL KANSARA says:

    It is irrefutable that good health is absolutely necessary to survive long and healthy life.Since nowdays in modern era people have become career oriented,they are unable to pay attention on health.However some activities are blessing for individuals,some hobbies are curse foe human beings.Furthermore,there are several causes which engender this problems and it can be mitigated with innovative solutions.
    Discussing the reasons,the most common one is,scarcity of money and unemployment because some activities paves the way for money and when people sell such as drugs they get more money which are certainly essential to fullfill all desire.Secondly,plethora of activities are time consuming such as eat junk food,watching movie,uses of internet in electronic gadgets which vouchsafe them to become de stress after working many hours and cope with enormous pressure of job.Also,urbanization is a great reason for paucity of space at home which prevent them to perform healthy activities.Another point worth noting is,according to BBC news,it has been found that,in the statement of psychologist of Bombay,in India, 70% youth have been suffer from migraine since five years who have opted to play video game daily rather than any other activity.
    In order to minimize negative influence,government should embark to raise tax on junk food and initiate to make playground,gymnastics.Consequently,it is arduous for plenty of people as well as prior to eating it they will think about money.Moreover,government should castigate individuals who supply drugs without liecense and initiate campaign to escalate horizon of people,especially who are deprive from the value of good health.Additionally,there is an adage,health is wealth.Another factor to consider is,Baba Ramdev is a well known person in all over the globe who have started free of cost Yoga centers in the different part of the region and it is physically,mentally,spiritually fruitful for people,every year all school celebrate Yoga day on 21th june to provide adequate knowledge regarding healthy activities.
    To recapitulate,people do not get time from hectic schedule but healthy life is treasure of everyone.Although science is a boon for the community,final onus is on people how to handle it by taking more gain of science.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your writing is fine, you should focus more on reading now. You have improved a lot and can easily score 6.5 bands in writing now so give more time to reading now.

  3. bhargav reddy says:

    Technology has increased exponentially and is allowing scientists to conduct a deep, sophisticated research on numerous things that we do in our day-to-day life, to find whether they are harmful for us and more often than not comes up with a solution. It is often argued that, though science provides us a solution for these problems, many often ignores these and tend to continue with what they are doing, well aware of the outcomes. This essay will discuss why they act like this and what can be done to change them.
    There are numerous reasons why people tend to continue doing a particular thing, knowing they will be affected by it. One of the reasons would be that they are addicted to doing that thing. For instance, everyone know that habits like smoking, alcohol consumption and drug abuse are fatal but cannot do much to quit, because these substances are addictive and are not easy to get rid of. One more example would be consuming fast food. They are high in fat and unhealthy and are the number one reason for the increase of obesity related problems. Being aware of this many take the warnings lite, because of the misconception that eating healthy food is expensive, difficult and requires a lot of effort to prepare.
    There are a certain things we could do to get rid of these habits which affect our life. For example, people who are addicted to smoking, can enroll themselves in a rehabilitation program and give maximum effort to get rid of this fatal habit, one step at a time. To address the habit of eating unhealthy food, people should try to switch to cheap healthy food options that are readily available like fruits, vegetables and nuts, to avoid health problems in the future.
    To conclude, we should know that pursuing certain habits even after knowing that they are harmful for us is a choice and to rid ourselves from these, we have to make an extra effort to experience a better, healthier life.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘Technology has increased exponentially’ not increased but advanced. ‘everyone know that’ knows. ‘increase of obesity related’ increase in not of. ‘get rid of’ avoid using a phrase too many times in the essay instead try to bring variety in your writing for example here you can write to give up this habit or forsake this habit. ‘better, healthier’ better and healthier life.

  4. Haruun says:

    The given bar chart compares the amount of leisure period by both men and women of various status in life per a week in hours from 1998 to 1999.

    Overall,It can noticed that men tend to spend more time on recreational activity than their counterparts women of the same social status. However, unemployed and retired people used most of their time on leisure activities, whereas the employed individuals spent less time on leisure over the period.

    First of all, both unemployed and retired males used most of their periods for fun accounting for approximately 85 and 84 hours respectively, while the working men spent about 44 hours on recreation.

    On the other hand, unemployed and retired women used the same amount of time on recreational activities being nearly 80 hours each. The proportion of hours spent on leisure by housewives were exactly 50, while employed females who were working either by part or full time spent 40 and around 39 hours on leisure respectively.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘leisure period by both’ for both not by both. ‘per a week’ a should not come here. ‘It can noticed’ it can be noticed. ‘most of their periods’ not periods but time. In overall you should have mentioned a key point that employed part time only women indulged in leisure activities.

  5. Haruna says:

    Millions of people across the globe still engage in unhealthy behaviours, despite been aware of the positive and negative healthy activities through science. This essay will explore some of the causes and propose some remedies to curb this phenomenon in detail.

    First and foremost, there are several reasons why people indulge in unhealthy lifestyle and one paramount caused is long working hours of various workers in recent times. To explain further, individuals now a days work for longer hours exceeding their normal working periods to meet their goals and also get extra pay. While it may beneficial to both the employee and organization, it comes with serious implication for the person such as excessive stress and tiredness leading to illnesses. In addition, due to prolong working hours, people do not have time to do exercise which many medical research projects have proving that stress and lack of exercise are the principal causes of non communicable diseases like hypertension, stroke and type 2 diabetes mellitus .

    To tackle this problem, there should be major reforms in the working conditions of employees particularly in their working hours. To elaborate further, people should not work for more than 12 hours a day which will give persons ample time to relax and rest. Furthermore, individuals should be encouraged to engage in some form of exercises such as walking for some distance before and after work, visit the gym on off duty days to help burn some accumulation of fats in the body and reduce stress.

    In conclusion, it is clear that there are various reasons for people living in poor healthy lifestyle globally, and steps need to be taken to address this menace.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘despite been aware’ being not been. ‘paramount caused is’ cause not caused. ‘While it may beneficial’ it may be beneficial. ‘projects have proving’ have proved. 12 hours is still too much time the ideal working hours should not exceed 8 hours. You have focused one aspect only it would have better it you had given two reasons at least for example along with sedentary lifestyle people consume a lot of fast food which is also harmful for their health.

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