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IELTS Writing Test 76

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The table below shows the sales at a small restaurant in a downtown business district.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Some people use technology to take advice for their medical problems rather than seeing a doctor. Why this is so? It is positive or negative development according to you?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

8 responses to “IELTS Writing Test 76”

  1. Rekha Soni says:

    The table reveals the sales of several cuisines at a small restaurant in a downtown business district.

    Overall, the sales of dishes at lunch time dominated, whereas the sales of food items during dinner was less at a restaurant of downtown business district.

    According to the table, in lunch,the sales of food items was stable at 24,000 dollar on Monday and Wednesday but experienced a rise of 50 dollar on Tuesday. Moreover, a difference of 125 dollar was apparent in the sales of Thursday and Friday, the former one was 2,375 dollar and latter was 2,500 dollar. Also, the profit of 400 dollar was noticed in the sales of food on Saturday and Sunday.

    As per the graph, in dinner, the sales of food was 3,623 dollar, 3,850 dollar and 3,445 dollar on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. Moreover, the sales of food was between 3,500 dollar to 4,500 dollars on Thursday and Friday. In addition, the food of no more than 2900 dollar was sold on Saturday and Sunday.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘several cuisines’ it is not cuisines it is simply lunch and dinner which are meals, cuisines are like indian, continental, thai, chinese etc. ‘sales of food items during dinner was less’ sales were less not was less. ‘24,000 dollar’ it is 2400 not 24000. 125 dollars not dollar. ‘ the profit of 400 dollar was noticed in the sales of food on Saturday and Sunday.’ this sentence is wrong because it means that on both days there was a profit of 400 dollars which is not the case and you cannot use the word profit because profit is different from sales.

  2. Rekha Soni says:

    There is no doubt that technology has become the cornerstone of this modern word and individuals have changed the way to visit doctor and take prescription. However, I believe that it has both merits and demerits and this argument will be discussed in the following section.

    To commence with, with the advent of technology people can save time and money to visit hospital. Furthermore, nowdays, people have become career oriented and they do not get free time from their hectic shedule to take appointment of doctor and stay in long queue. Also, consultanting fees can be saved without visiting doctor’s clinic. Secondly, technology helps individuals to get in touch with plenty of people at one time regardless of distance. Consequently, people get opportunity to take advice of several experts on different websites. To illustrate, tremendous number of people across the world have been visiting the website which imparts knowledge of healthy food diet and removes diseases like obesity.

    On the other hand, it is essential to visit doctors for several ailments like cancer. Moreover, people who take treatment under the observation of doctors get immediately relief because in some cases it is necessary to admit in hospital. In addition, doctors check everything themselves everyday , give better suggestion and good treatment is provided in hospital by nurses. For instance, the famous doctor of hair treatment, Dr. Batra take every week one sitting of his patients to do hair transplant.

    To recapitulate, while online meeting with doctor is time consuming process as well as people can take many reviews of different doctors, some fatal diseases cannot be healed by visiting doctors. ( Sir let me know where article ” the” can be used. I know some common words where to use it but sometimes I get confused)

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘this modern word’ world not word. ‘consultanting fees’ consultation fees. ‘doctors get immediately relief’ immediate relief. ‘it is necessary to admit’ to be admitted. ‘while online meeting with doctor is time consuming process’ you are contradicting yourself here because in the second paragraph you wrote that people save time by not standing in long queue. The is always used with proper nouns which are rarely used in essay because in essay you discuss general things.

  3. Rekha Soni says:

    And in task 1 when name of place is given like Britain then always 1st word is written in capital letter?

  4. Rekha Soni says:

    Sir let me know here sales “s” is written which is plural therefore u told to write were in place of was? Or sales of food items “s” of items ? U mean to say sales is plural? And always dollars is written? Like pounds?

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      yes sales is plural therefore were, dollars is written when number is more than 1 like 2 dollars, 3 dollars. And one more thing due to increase number of students posting writing tasks on our website we have decided that for any student only three tasks will be checked in a week so from next week you can post only three tasks in a week because only three tasks will be checked in a week.

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