IELTS Writing Test 7

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The table below shows the numbers of visitors to Ashdown Museum during the year before and the year after it was refurbished. The charts show the result of surveys asking visitors how satisfied they were with their visit, during the same two periods.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Nowadays, many medical research projects are funded by private companies. In your opinion, do you think that research should be carried by private companies, individuals or government?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

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  1. Neharikha says:

    The table gives the number of visitors to Ashdown museum during the year before refurbished and during the year after refurbished. The charts show the results of the survey of visitor satisfaction.
    From the table, people who visited after refurbishment was higher than the people who visited before refurbishment. This shows that refurbishment has brought a positive change to the museum.
    From the charts, 30 people were dissatisfied with the museum and 40 people were very much dissatisfied and only 10 people where very much satisfied before refurbishment. whereas, the result of the survey after refurbishment contradicts. only 5 people were dissatisfied and 35 people were very much satisfied.
    By comparing the results of the survey, it is clear that most of the people liked to visit museum after the refurbishment.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Instead of refurbished write refurbishment, because as per the sentence refurbished is grammatically wrong. Also write visitors’ satisfaction not only visitor satisfaction. With people always use were and not was because people is plural. Please take note that numbers in pie chart are always percentages and not absolute numbers so instead of 30 people write 30% people. This is a major mistake in your writing task.

  2. amanda says:

    The charts demonstrate the level of satisfaction of visitors who visited the Ashdown Museum the year before and after it was refurbished. Overall, the number of visitors to the Ashdown Museum has increased significantly. As anticipated, the percentage of visitors extremely pleased with the refurbished museum has almost doubled. Among the total number of visitors, 40% was satisfied after the refurbishment as opposed to the 30% prior to the refurbishment. Surprisingly, the percentage of very dissatisfied visitors has increased two-fold albeit the refurbishment. Statistics also confirm that the number of dissatisfied visitors has declined to 15% from 40%.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      First and major mistake your word count is way below required threshold of 150 words. Grammatical mistakes like ‘visitors extremely pleased with’ it should be ‘visitors were extremely pleased with’. With visitors you have used ‘was’ please use ‘were’.

  3. Elena says:

    The table gives information about the number of people that visited Ashdown Museum over a period of one year before and after it was renovated, while the two pie graphs illustrate the level of satisfaction the visitors had in the same two specific years.
    Overall, the museum was less popular before it was refurbished and the majority of individuals that went to see it were dissatisfied, whereas more visitors came after renovation and most of them were satisfied.
    With regard tot the year before the makeover, 74,000 people visited the Ashdown Museum. However, a big proportion of them (40%) were disappointed with their visit, but there were some (30%) that were quite settled with their experience. 10% reported to be very dissatisfied.
    In the year after renovation, 92,000 visitors chose to see this museum and 40% of them felt satisfied with their experience. The biggest achievement was that 35% reported to be very satisfied and this figure was significantly higher when compared to the year before the refurbish (15%). Only 15% were not happy with the visit and an insignificant proportion were now very dissatisfied.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Better attempt than your shot at writing task 2. Do not report numbers in bracket. Settled cannot be a substitute for satisfied. One grammatical mistake – ‘the year before the refurbish (15%)’ it should be refurbishment here.

  4. Ali Raza says:

    The table describes the number of people who visited Ashdown Museum before and after it was renovated. Visitor’s feedback is elaborated in the two pie charts. As an overall trend, the visitor number increased after the museum’s refurbishment. There was a substantial drop of threefold in the dissatisfaction rate after the museum was redeveloped.

    It can be seen from the provided data that before the development of the museum, exactly half of the visitors, shown dissatisfaction after their visit, whereas, 5% of the people did not provide their reviews. The satisfaction rate of the visitors who visited the museum prior to its reconstruction was just over a quarter. Only 15% were highly satisfied with the old museum.

    Survey report shows that there was a significant rise in the satisfaction rate after the museum was rebuilt. On the other hand, exactly three-quarters of the guests were satisfied with their trip to the museum. A substantial drop of precisely twofold can be observed in people who show 10% dissatisfaction before the museum’s redevelopment.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Do not write table describes because describe generally means to explain but table only gives data and does not explain anything, instead write the table shows or presents. ‘The visitor number increased’ instead write the number of visitors. Dissatisfaction rate drop is not threefold (it means three times and means increased by 3 times generally), please interpret numbers accurately. This is a very common mistake which students make while writing numbers in a different pattern, please see our video on Pie Chart that explains how to interpret numbers in Pie Chart and how to write a Perfect Pie Chart, the link is shared below. Again you have written satisfaction rate before was just over a quarter which is wrong because quarter means 25% not 45%. You must see our video because you are making serious mistakes in numbers interpretation. In the entire essay you have clubbed satisfaction and dissatisfaction categories but you should have mentioned at least once other categories like very satisfied and very dissatisfied. Your English is good but you need to develop strong understanding of numbers because this is serious flaw in your writing. So here is the link to video watch is carefully and understand how to write numbers in different patterns.

  5. ayush rai says:

    TASK 2
    To this contemporary world research has became the prime important before any kind of innovations. A numbers of researches have been carried out by the government authority, private firms and some individuals by themselves. For various reasons, which will be presented below, it seems to me that government owned investigation are more likely to be successful in comparison to others.
    To begin with, budget needed for any research programs are massive. I believe that, other than government, most of the institution are unable to fulfill the fund required in equipments, manpowers and highly sophisticated computers needed for research. For instance, in one of our national newspaper named kantipur, there was news about the announcement by one private company on the termination of their medicine research due to the insufficient amount of money in their account to purchase the highly advanced computers they needed.
    Secondly, human minds are the foremost demand of any research programs.Consequently, the numbers of manpower from different field of their expertise is essential in full phase implementation of research. In my view, government has large access in national as well as international levels to hunt for these people if needed in any stages during research, while other do not possess such capacity. As an example, during my university years, I remember my physics profession could not starts his thesis on lightening because he could not form a team of experienced person needed.
    To put it simply, it appears to me from different aspects such as financial and manpower, regime authority are the only capable of victoriously execution of any research.However,it can be accepted that private institutions and an independent person can run small scale research, which required less budget and labors.

  6. ayush rai says:

    Thanks IELTS master for the feedbak.I will definitely go through those video.

  7. Prasanna says:

    Decades of medical research have brought about marvellous results and as a result the humankind enjoys much longer life than fifty years ago. Much of these research has been carried out by private institutions and there is an on-going debate on whether the trend has to continue or government institutions or individuals should involve in such ventures. My opinion on this is that medical research has to be carried by experts funded by the government.
    First if the individuals alone carrying out the research, the results would not materialise most of the time, as interest alone cannot generate results. There should be a funding source for that. So I opt out the first suggestion.
    The second option is to carry out the research through the private institutions. This is the way that most research has been carried out so far and this one has yielded impressive results so far. The reasons for successful results are the motivation for the researchers from the money gained and the push on them from the companies to produce commercially viable results to increase profitability. However, since more interest is on money, sometimes the companies tend to overlook the adverse effects of the drugs they produce. And the many drugs such produced are not affordable to people.
    The third option is to carry out the research funded by the government. The governments can select best researchers and can give them the necessary support to find cures for diseases. This would produce more reliable and affordable solutions to the public. However, implementing this is quite difficult as in most countries universities and health sector are mostly owned by the private sector.
    In conclusion, considering the benefit that it can bring to the public, it is better if the governments can carry out the medical research, which is my opinion. However, it is doubtful that the governments can counter the possible opposition that would come from multinational drug companies for such ventures.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      This research not these research. Individuals alone are carrying out, are is missing in your sentence. Not opt out the first suggestion write I disagree with first suggestion. More emphasise is on money not interest on money. And the many drugs, the should not be here. Affordable for people not to people. Solutions for the public not to the public.

  8. Prasanna says:

    if i am refering to multiple research can i use “these researches” i think its very uncommon thats why i used ” these research”. is affordable to wrong ? i think it can be used too.
    i have seen sentences like ” the many people…” don’t know whetehr its ok

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Yes affordable to is wrong in the context you have used. You can use these research projects if you want to talk about more than one research.

  9. Haruna Adamu says:

    In recent times, non -governmental institutions are now paying for many health related research works. I personally believe that this trend is very wrong or unacceptable and that the government should fund all or most research projects in the field of medicine. I will explain my opinion in detail with evidence base examples.

    One of the major disadvantages of over reliance on private companies or individuals in the funding of important research projects such as those related to human health is the future prospect concerning its funding. To elaborate further, when a research institution continued to rely on a particular private entity or an individual for it’s source of fund for their various works, there will be a time where the company or person may go on bankruptcy and this will have a serious consequences on the future projects of the research institution. For instance, the Coca -Cola company in Ghana used to be the main funding agent for most research projects carried out by the Komfo Another teaching hospital in Ghana, and since the company went on bankruptcy in the year 2005, the hospital now find it difficult in getting sponsors for their research works.

    In addition, many individuals or private entities, sponsored some medical research projects to help sell their products by conniving with the research team to come out with their findings in favor of their products that the individual or entity produce. For example, just about five years ago, there was a report on the BBC television channel that in Nigeria, most cosmetic and food industries funded some medical researches in the view of using the research outcomes to sell their products.

    In conclusion, based on the above given reasons, I strongly does not support the idea that research works especially in the medical arena should be funded by an individual or a private company. I recommend that the government should setup a research fund specifically for medical researches with personnel managing it and there should be annual budget allocation to it,and also people and private companies should be encourage to donate to the fund to ensure regular running of it.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Evidence based examples not base. Company or person may go bankrupt. I do not support not does not support. Rest is fine.

  10. Sayali Vaidya says:

    The table represents the number of tourists who visited Ashdown museum before and after decoration. Whereas, the two pie chart demonstrates the feedback calculated from the surveys, of the people who visited Ashdown museum before renovation and after the renovation.

    Overall, from the table, presented we can easily see the number of tourists who visited Ashdown museum. Moreover, in the pie chart, 5 types of response are given by people who visited before and after the renovation of the museum such as very satisfied, satisfied, dissatisfied, very dissatisfied and no response.

    Before the refurbishment, the maximum number of people were dissatisfied. Whereas, the percentage of people who were dissatisfied decreased to 15% after the renovation. In all, before the refurbishment 30% of tourists were satisfied and after the redecoration 40% of visitors were satisfied.

    There were 7400 visitors who were very dissatisfied the year before the refurbishment. On the contrary, after the refurbishment, the number of people who were very dissatisfied was 4600.

    There were only 15% of the visitors who were very satisfied before the refurbishment of the museum. On the other hand, after the completion of the refurbishment, the number rosed to 35% of visitors who were very satisfied.
    There were certain tourists who did not respond to anything. Therefore, the number of tourists who gave no response remained constant before and after the renovation of the Ashdown museum.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Do not use the word decoration because there is a difference between refurbishment and decoration. Two pie chart demonstrate not demonstrates since two is plural hence ‘s’ will not be used with verb here. There will not be comma after surveys. 5 types of responses not response and were given not are given. You have not used words which should be used to describe a good amount of change such as significant improvement in the satisfaction level, considerable increase in the number of satisfied visitors and so on. There is so much scope to use such words in this essay and you should have used such words because you have made comparisons in a very simple English which is correct but not great if you seek good bands in writing.

  11. Sayali Vaidya says:

    Thank you so much for your quick reply.
    I will try adding some good vocabulary.
    May I know the band for this response?

  12. thanu says:

    It is obvious that, human health play a major role in development of each country.I believe that, the both organizations( non-government organizations and governments) and individuals have to take a responsibility regarding the human fitness.
    Generally speaking, many medical researches are useful to cure the human diseases.Therefore, as the human beings, we all have a responsibility to save our health.Because, you know about your own health than others,.Many critical diseases can be found easily by doing researches.But, some of diseases like cough, fever and influence can be treated by your own.So, you can take some capsules and tables without instructions of medical officers .Individually, people can take an action against pains of the body by using painkillers.Some diseases do not have medication.But they can be controlled.For an example, Diabetic is a world-wide disease which can control by eating a healthy balanced diet with all nutritious.I think, individuals can contribute to offer funds behalf of suffering people.It will be a great favor for our world.

    Actually,if people of country need to be healthy, definitely, government should dedicate behalf of healthy fitness of them.Because, still, world has no medication for some critical diseases.Government should help to eradicate some diseases for a healthy country,Therefore, they should give the support to eradicate these illness.What should government do for that?Actually they have a responsibility to protect the people.They should support by contributing the maximum facilities to medical researches.I strongly agree with my opinion which government have to interfere to medical researches to do it successfully.We all know, we are the only humans beings on the planet earth.We should dedicate behalf of our success.Therefore we should be a healthy people.Not only government, private sector also have a responsibility to help to scientific researches.Because, we all know that, health is wealth.As the private companies, it is time to think about the health conditions of the people.Some private companies which produce medications should think the benefits of health conditions.For an example, when they make some capsules or tablets, they should think the maximum quality of the tables and should not think about the profit of the company.Private companies also should help to offer funds to medical researches to do it successfully.That is why,I completely agree with my opinion.
    According to my point of view and above facts, as the human beings, we all have a responsibility to contribute to the medical researches for a healthy world.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your essay is too long of 400 words no examiner will check it and it will be marked incomplete. Task 2 should not be more than 320 words. So make it concise with proper structure and submit again. And submit only one task per day.

  13. thanu says:

    Thank you sir. is that introduction is correct or incorrect? I submit my task 1.can you give me a response for that.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You have submitted too many tasks at once hence these are not checked yet, please bear in mind that only one task will be checked per day.

  14. thanu says:

    I beg my pardon for that.

  15. Shilpa says:

    Task 1:
    The table provides the information about the number of tourists visiting the Ashdown museum, before and after it’s refurbishment whereas the survey provides the information about the satisfaction rate of the tourists for the given period(before and after refurbishment).
    Overall the number of tourists visiting Ashdown museum increased after refurbishment.
    Rise of 20% is noticed for very satisfied customers, however in the case of satisfied customer the rise is 10% ,which shows more number of visitors are attracted to see museum after refurbishment.
    In addition there is decrease in very dissatisfied visitors from 10% to 5% ,however the percentage of dissatisfied tourists shows tremendous dip by 25%, the percentage of no response remain same during both period (5%)

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You have committed the cardinal sin of not meeting the word limit of 150 words. No matter how good your essay is if it is below word limit you will never get good bands in writing. It should be ‘its’ refurbishment not ‘it’s’, ‘it’s’ means it is or it has. Do not write words or numbers in bracket. Your basics of English are fine and you can score good bands in writing, provided you cover all the parameters on which a task is evaluated including the word limit.

  16. Rinal kansara says:

    The table reveals the number of tourists who visited Ashdown Museum within a year before renovation and after renovation and the pie charts depicts the responses of visitors about their satisfaction after refurbishment and before refurbishment of museum over the period of 2years.

    Overall,people were more interested in visiting museum after renovation than before renovation.While before visiting it, maximum people dissatisfied, more people satisfied after their visit throughout 2years.But,equal proportion of people gave no response after seeing and before seeing renovation.

    According to the table and pie chart,before refurbishment total 74,000 people visited museum.Prior to renovation 5% tourists didnot give response and the ratio of people who satisfied, increase to two fold.Furthermore,proportion of more dissatisfy tourists was two times that of very satisfy tourists. Moreover,four tenth visitors went to museum before renovation and dissatisfied.

    As per the table and pie chart,after refurbishment 92,000 people visited museum.The proportion of visitors of no responses and very dissatisfaction remained relatively constant at 5%.The ratio of very satisfy tourists was 35% and experienced a growth of 5% satisfy tourists.Additionally,15% tourists dissatisfied from the visit of museum.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Pie charts depict not depicts, because charts are plural hence no ‘s’ ‘es’ with verb. Give space between 2years. ‘maximum people dissatisfied, more people satisfied after’ helping verb is missing here, maximum people ‘were’ dissatisfied, more people ‘were’ satisfied. Give space between didnot. ‘people who satisfied’ again same mistake, people who ‘were’ satisfied. ‘visitors of no responses’ it should be visitors who did not give any response. ‘very satisfy tourists was’ it should be very satisfied tourists. In the last statement it should be 15% tourists ‘were’ dissatisfied.

  17. Rinal kansara says:

    There is no doubt that scientists have done many inventions to make accessible life of individuals.Since technology is proliferating at startling pace across the globe, research is not arduous for scientists.While some people advocate that research should be done by government,some believe that inventions should be carried out by private organizations.But I support the former notion and in the following section both views will be discussed.

    To commence with, private organizations should take accountability of research because all private companies are career oriented and research prerequisites menpower, time and money. Secondly, government has lots of liability on their shoulders therefore, government can pay attention on other rudimentary facilities of citizens such as education,. heathcare and transportation.To illustrate,Thomas Alva Edison ,the great scientist who had invented electric power generation and motion picture which is certainly fruitful invention for people.

    On the contrary,it is liability of government to research something new for their citizens owing to that inventions which are found by government,are cheaper and affordable to all people than private organizations such as several tablets.Also,they always take dicisions for welfare of citizens and use harmless and appropriate weapons during research.Due to researches are expensive and there are more possibility of failure, government can spend their money in it and easily cope with the loss.For instance,according to the report of kargil war,it had been found that private organizations had sold bombs to Pakistan for fight which had killed plenty of soldiers.So, government should do research for safety of people.

    To recapitulate,although government can pay attention on other facilities of citizens if private organizations take accountability of inventions, private companies work to earn money, fame and it can be possible to find it to injure people.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      First line is not correct. Scientists have invented many things, and you do not make life accessible, instead life is made more comfortable and convenient with scientific inventions. ‘research prerequisites menpower’ research prerequisites are manpower. Give more points in favour of argument you support but here your second body paragraph is larger than first paragraph which should not be the case. Since you support first body paragraph so there should be more points in it and it should be larger than second paragraph.

  18. Preetham says:

    The table illustrates the level of satisfaction of visitors who visited Ashdown Museum during the same year before and after refurbishment.
    Overall,there was a decrease in percentage of people who were dissatisfied before refurbishment when compared to after refurbishment.Percentage of people who were very satisfied before the museum got renovated had a significant jump after the museum got renovated.
    The percentage of visitors who were very satisfied contributed to 15% before renovation of the museum and this contribution had a significant increase to 35% after renovation.The percentage of people who were very dissatisfied decreased by 5 points after refurbishment.The level of dissatisfaction constituted of 40% of people before the refurbishment and got reduced to 15% after refurbishment which is very less as the number of visitors were increased after the development of museum.
    Percentage of visitors who were satisfied had a 10 points increase after refurbishment when compared to before refurbishment.Though the charts depict that the percentage of people who had no response before and after the development of museum were 5% in fact there was an increase in number of people who had no response after development because the number of people who visited the museum after the refurbishment were 92000 but the visitors before refurbishment were actually 74000.

  19. Krishna says:

    The data illustrated in table and pie chart represents total number of people visited to Ashdown Museum and results of surveys conducted on visitor satisfaction in the year after and year before refurbishment.

    In the year before refurbishment the number of visitors contributed to very satisfied category were only 15% and this percentage has increased tremendously to 35% the year after refurbishment. The number of visitors who were satisfied with the museum has also climbed up from 30% to 40% the year after refurbishment.

    Additionally, the survey also mentions the dissatisfied customer numbers have fallen down rapidly to 15% from 40% after refurbishment. The percentage points of very dissatisfied visitors decreased only by 5 points and the visitors who have not provided any response during the survey remains unchanged.

    Overall, it can be seen that the number of visitors and the survey results of very satisfied and satisfied customers have shown a decent up rise when compared to the year before refurbishment.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘visited to Ashdown Museum’ to is redundant here. ‘has also climbed up from 30% to 40%’ had not has because data if from past. ‘numbers have fallen down rapidly’ had fallen down not have. ‘by 5 points’ 5 percentage points not points only. You did not mention the total number of visitors which is a key data point and should not have been missed. Also you need to learn to percentages in different formats to bring variety in your sentence structure for that pleas watch our tutorial on Perfect Pie Chart, its link is given below:

  20. Tanveer Ali says:

    The table depicts the number of people who experienced visiting Ashnow museum before and after renovation, and pie-charts contain the data showing how much visitors felt satisfied within both durations.
    Overall, the proportion of visitors visiting museum grew upon new changes made while at the same time, the percentage of people responding satisfied also improved after redecoration process.
    In period before amendments, 74,000 people came to see the museum, among which, a major part of visitors that is 40% was found disappointed (dissatisfied) while 10% responded very dissatisfied when asked to share their feedback regarding museum features. Still, large proportion of nearly one-third was observed happy (satisfied), and 15% of small group of tourists to museum was very satisfied with its facilities while 5% refused to give any response to survey.
    On the other hand, 94,000 people visited museum after refurbishment, and people with very satisfied experience increased by 20 percentage points (35%). In the same way, the ratio of visitors responding satisfied raised from 30% to 40% with increase of 10 percentage points, and the proportion of disappointed tourists shrunk to almost one-seventh.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘experienced visiting Ashnow’ who visited Ashnow museum. Do not write words in bracket and use the terms exactly as used in the pie chart that is dissatisfied because these proper parameters of the survey. ‘while 10% responded very dissatisfied’ responded being very dissatisfied. ‘visitors responding satisfied raised’ visitors who were satisfied with their visit rose from 30% to 40%. There is a slight difference between raised and rose and their usage, here rose is more appropriate word. Raised is used as an action for example raising the chair or raising the prices.

  21. Tanveer Ali says:

    Thank you sir. 🙂

  22. jazzzz says:

    Thank You!!!!
    please give band as well.

    The given table depicts the information about number of people who visited Ashdown Museum in two different years, before and after refurbishment, and pie charts elucidate the result of survey, which compares visitors satisfaction level during their visit.
    Overall, it can be seen that more number of people visited Museum after renovation, and more number of people was very satisfied.
    In the year, Before refurbishment, 74000 people visited Ashdown Museum, and 15% visitors were very satisfied with their visit. Every 3 out of 10 travellers felt happy. The number of people who were disappointed and very unhappy stood at 40% and 10% respectively. Least number of commuter, 5% did answer.
    92000 people pay a visit to Museum in the year, after redecoration. Over a one third people was very pleased with their visit after reconstruction. Number of guest who felt contended with their visit increased from 30% to 40%. Less number of people was unsatisfied (15%) as compared to previous year. Equal percentage of people denied responding in both the years.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘people was very’ people were not was. ‘15% visitors were very satisfied’ 15% of visitors. ‘Every 3 out of 10 travellers felt happy’ what do you mean by happy because there is no category of happy in survey. ‘5% did answer’ did not answer. ‘92000 people pay a visit’ paid a visit. ‘one third people was’ one-third of people were very pleased. ‘Equal percentage of people denied responding’ denied to respond. Bands 1.5 out of 3.

  23. jazzzz says:

    Advancement in science and technology has touched the every sphere of life, and healthcare is no exception. From the past few decades, scientists across the globe are working whole heartedly, number of researches are being carried out who have brought about numerous benefits to the human life, as a result life expectancy of people increased. Nowadays, more private companies are funding these researches. I believe that researches in medical sector should be borne by private companies, but with the government regulation. Number of arguments surround my opinion.
    The first and the foremost reason why I believe that these researches should be funded by private companies is that private organization are profit driven companies. They make wise use of each and every resources and penny. As these companies are profit driven they spend significant part of their profit in latest equipment. Government has a lot of burden on their shoulders, and if researches in health sector are carried out by private companies then it would ease burden on government.
    There are reasons why I feel that such researches should not be on government only. Most of the time government lack funding, and hence expected results cannot be obtained. However, government regulation should always be there on healthcare researches funded by private companies. Without government regulations there would be more exploitation of animal. some times private companies might release the drug in the market without proper review so Government intervention is required to ensure the quality of drug before coming to the market. Government policies also required to regulate the prizes of such drugs.
    To sum up, I would like to reiterate that researches on healthcare sector by private companies would ease the burden of government, but at the same time government regulation is required to prevent the exploitation of animal and to ensure the quality of drugs.

    thank you!!!!!

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘has touched the every sphere’ the should not come here. ‘out who have brought’ which have, who is used only for human beings. ‘life expectancy of people increased’ people has increased. ‘Number of arguments surround my opinion.’ not surround but support my opinion. ‘each and every resources’ resource not resources. ‘profit in latest equipment’ profit on not in. ‘Government policies also required’ are also required. ‘the prizes of such’ prices not prizes. ‘researches on healthcare sector’ researches in not on. Due to minor but many mistakes you would get 4 out of 6 maximum in this task.

  24. Neelum says:

    Hi sir
    Researches are important for new innovations and carried out by all nations. These are necessary for development of country. Students and researchers needs all equipment and other materials that important to carry out research program. I agree to the extent that everyone is responsible for funding to research programs.
    Researches are of different types and belong to different career. Medical researches, mechanical research, electrical research, psychological research, and many more. Medical researches are belongs to medical career along with psychological research, biological research, medicinal research and many more.
    Medical researches are more expensive than others. They need latest equipment and technology. For funding of medical researches everyone is responsible because it is useful for every single individual. Human health care is responsibility of Government. So Government should establish well equipped laboratory for medical students and researchers. Government should organise fund raising programs so everyone could take apart to funding medical fields’ research.
    If One company contribute in funding for research program. It might be bankrupt because all researches are not successful some of them goes wrong. Furthermore, Government could not contribute to buy new equipment and materials because they are much more expensive so everyone should contribute to raise funds.
    In my opinion research students should raise fund to their own by organising programs.

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