IELTS Writing Test 4

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The plans below show the layout of a university’s sports centre now, and how it will look after redevelopment.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: In spite of the advances made in agriculture, many people around the world still go hungry.

Why is this the case?

What can be done about this problem?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

76 responses to “IELTS Writing Test 4”

  1. Betty says:

    The given plan illustrates the present and the future design of a university sports centre.
    Overall,it can be seen that many significant changes would take place in coming years like addition of dance studio, sports Shop and so on.
    Presently, behind the reception area , there is 25 m pool. Towards the north of the pool there is gym. on either side of it seating area and changing room is present. In addition , there are two separate outdoor courts on the east and west side of the building.
    With regard to future plans, the outdoor courts will be demolished and will be replaced with new facilities. The pool is going to remain as it is and a large leisure pool will be built towards the west.along the east,dance studios, changing room,and sports hall would be constructed.there are proposals to add cafe ,sports Shop in the reception area.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Few mistakes…its sports Shop, ‘S’ should be small. You need work on articles because in many places ‘a’ ‘the’ are missing where these should have been used. Language is very simple. Dont use ‘with regard to’ here it is inappropriate. Rest is fine.

  2. Lizzy says:

    TASK 1
    The plans depicts the layout of a University’s sports complex presently and later renovations.
    Overall, the University’s sports centre will undergo a major development by the addition of a leisure pool,sports shop,cafe and a dance studio while the gymnasium,the changing room,reception and seating will remain unchanged.
    According to the plan, the Western end of the University sports centre which presently situates the outdoor courts but will be converted to a leisure pool while its South western end will situate the changing room and the sport shop close to it.
    Conversely, the Eastern end will be renovated into sports hall, a dance studio,a cafe and a changing room.
    Although, the changing room, gymnasium, seating and the 25m pool presently located at the centre of the complex will remain as they are.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Better attempt as compared to your last one. Rather than repeating presently you can write currently. ‘Conversely’ is inappropriately used here.

  3. Lizzy says:

    Agriculture is the bedrock of most of the World’s economy,providing the source of livelihood for the people. Though development has been made in farming,quite a number of individuals all over the world still starve. This essay will discuss why this is happening and what can be done about it.
    Firstly,lack of good roads for the transportation of freshly harvested food produce to reach the consumers is a major reason why people go garnished. A recent study showed that about 60% of food produce gets spoilt in transit due to bad roads therefore by the time the edibles get to the people, a considerable portion of it is spoilt thereby causing wastage.
    Another reason is that there is unequal distribution and unavailability of food. Some Countries’s main source of import and export is Gas while some is Oil, For example,Nigeria depends on Countries like Australia for some of their food like Rice,cooking oils which are not readily available in the market and the little quantities found are quite expensive thereby making a number of people not to be able to afford it therefore causing starvation.
    There are several steps to take in order to curb these happenings. The Government should make road accessible to farmers by building good roads and repairing the bad ones so the perishable goods can get to the people and also more revenues should be generated and allocated to agriculture in other for farmers to grow more crops, harvest them when due and transport them to the right places.
    In conclusion, although, several improvements has been made regarding agriculture, a number of people still go hungry due to unequal distribution of these food produce and bad roads making it unavailable to the people which can be amended by the Government by them building good roads and generating more revenues and allocating them to farmers to be invested in home grown crops.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Do not write World with capital W. Source of livelihood to the people not for the people. Wrong use of word garnished. Food produced not produce. Do not write Countries with capital C. You have written a lot common nouns with capital letters. Instead of happenings use word impediments. Second paragraph too long. Several improvements have been not has been.

  4. RINAL KANSARA says:

    The changes that will have taken place at university’s sports centre in future. Overall,the univerversity’s campus has witnessed a great deal of changes between now and future.Some new facilities such as more changing rooms,a leisure pool,a sports shop,a cafe,a sports hall,a dance studio will have been added. With regards to changes that will have occurred on the south west corner and south east corner,a new changing room,a sports shop and another changing room and a cafe has built respectively.Furthermore,from east and west side there are two outdoor courts are located which will have been demolished in future and area will have been expanded.Also,on left side,leisure pool will have developed and at the top,gym will have been extended.Moreover,besides of seating arrangement,new sports hall will have been started and opposite site of the sports hall,in corner,two dance studios will have been evolved. Ironically,the total area of sports centre will have been increased in future,many facilities will have been initiated and the functionality of centre will have been improved.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      ‘Will have been’ is wrong right phrase is ‘would have been’ and it means something which was planned but did not happen so it should cannot be used in this task, for this task the right phrase is ‘will be’ This task will be attempted in two tenses – present and future. ‘campus has witnessed a great deal of change’ is wrong because it means change has already happened but changes are planned and will take place in future. These are the two major mistakes which you have repeated in the entire essay. Please take care of tenses while attempted task 1 it is very important.

  5. Rinal kasara says:

    U have not checked my task2?

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Please provide the essay statement. And in future please the tasks on our website so that we know what the question is. Thank you.

  6. Rinal kasara says:

    I want to take exam date so plz tell me with bands so I can understand my level.or may be now I will not apply for exam

  7. RINAL KANSARA says:

    The map reveals the changes that would have taken place at university’s sports centre in future.Overall,the university is witness a great deal of changes between now and future.Some new facilities such as more changing rooms,a leisure pool,a sports shop,a cafe,a sports hall,a dance studio will be added. With regards to changes that will be occurred on the South West corner and South East corner,a new changing room ,a sports shop and another changing room and a cafe will be built respectively.Furthermore the two out courts which are located at East and West side, will be demolished after few years and area will be expanded.Also,on left side leisure pool will be developed and at the top of sports centre ,gym will be extended.Moreover,besides of seating arrangement,new sports hall will be started and opposite side of the sports hall,in corner,two dance studios will be evolved.Additionally,remaining three facilities,a pool,a reception and a changing room in the middle will be remained stable in future.Ironically,the total area of sports centre will be increased and many leisure activities will be initiated and the functionality of centre will be improved.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Please read our earlier feedback carefully because again you have used ‘would have taken place’ right phrase to use here is ‘will take place’. ‘University is witness’ is wrong because is means present but changes will take place in future so again use will here. Never use ‘of’ with ‘besides’. Sports hall will be ‘started’ not started but will be established. ‘will be remained’ is wrong will remain is right. Overall an improvement as compared to your previous attempt but still you need to take while using right tenses.

  8. Prasanna says:

    As the mankind has progressed due to technological advancements, there has been an unprecedented development in the agricultural field as well. However, due to several other issues, starvation is still a global problem. In this essay the reasons for this problem and the solutions are discussed.
    First, even though there are many technologies that increase the productivity of arable land the farmers are unable to acquire these due to high cost or they are unable to develop it in house as they lack the technological knowhow. Another problem is that as a result of farming not being considered as a white collar job, only the most uneducated people are attracted to this profession. Most of these people are unable to manage their income because they lack the necessary education for that. As a result they remain poor and hence starved in the non-cropping seasons. Final yet important other issue is the seasonal drop of price of crops during the harvesting season due to abundance of supply. Many farmers get meagre sum of money and some even may not get the money they invested in farming in return.
    Solutions to these problems lie with the governments themselves. For the people who do not have the technology the governments can arrange training programmes that would impart the technology. Those who need financial support governments can introduce soft loan schemes or they can directly grant the equipment. Through community programmes, the education level of the farmers can be raised to address the financial management issue. For the final cause, purchasing schemes with controlled rates can be introduced while developing the necessary infrastructure to store the crops in harvesting season.
    In conclusion, it can be said that while starvation exists among the people despite the technological developments, this problem can be addressed by proper intervention of governments.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Introduction is good, we see you have followed the pattern discussed in our video. In the second paragraph you focused more on farmers but the topic is global hunger so you should have discussed reasons behind hunger such as growing population, poor distribution system, involvement of middle men and more such reasons. And solutions would have been to resolve these problems. Start conclusion with ‘To reiterate’ and try to elaborate it a bit more.

  9. Rachy says:

    The designs show the current sketch out of university sports center and how it intend to look after renovation in the near future.

    overall, the institute sports arena currently makes use of less space when compared to the future plans after redevelopment. Presently, the sports center has two outdoor courts, one changing room, seating area, reception, 25 meters pool and a small gym section. Whereas, in years to come the sports center would be equipped with more facilities such as leisure pool, sports hall, dance studio, cafe, sports shop and a bigger gym compare to what is currently obtainable.

    The sports arena presently in the institute has two outdoor courts situated on the west and east side of the building respectively, however, they are bound to be removed completely in years to come. Currently the sports building has one changing room beside a 25 meters pool and the gym. This would still be the same in the future with an additional two located on the south-west and south-east of the sports center.

    Although, most of the current features will still be retained in the future, certain new ones will be constructed. These include, massive leisure pool which would be situated on the west side of the sports center, two dance studios on the eastern part of the sports arena. Beside the seating area which would still be on the eastern part of the 25 meters pool, a sports hall would be constructed. Finally, a sports shop and cafe section will also be introduced in the later years, just beside the two new changing rooms.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Do not use the phrase sketch out. Do not use word intend here because generally it is associated with someone’s intention and not with an object. Wrong use of the word obtainable. Rest is fine. Good attempt. Keep it up!

  10. rishma furqa says:

    Hunger is one of the most decisive debates globally. There are myriad of people who do not get food to eat despite the latest advancements made in the agricultural sectors. The prime reasons behind this issue are unemployment and high oil prices; however, there are several active measures which could be taken to mitigate this cause. This essay will highlight the major factors of this problem and will suggest two effective solutions to overcome hunger.

    Firstly, the major cause of hunger is reduction of jobs. With the development of the latest innovated machinery and equipment in agriculture areas, employers are downsizing labors with an opinion that machines are more reliable and efficient as compared to humans. This result in poverty and starvation as members of society do not have any source of earning to fulfill their thirst.

    One of the other reasons is escalating fuel prices and electricity. Most of the high tech machines required energy to run. To exemplify, when farmers pay a high amount of petrol for running harvesting machines it affects society in the shape of an increase in food prices and made difficulties for poor people to purchase expensive food.

    There are two effective solutions to alleviate the problem highlighted above. One of the most efficient ways is to initiate an employment policy in which, employers should be restricted in the reduction of labors. This will help needy labors to earn for their living, and the hunger ratio can be reduced.

    Another alternative solution is that the government should provide special discounts to farmers on fuel prices consequently, they will drop their prices and comparatively, food will be cheaper.

    To recapitulate, although advancements made in the agriculture sector have made our lives easier, still there are issues such as hunger associated with this rapidly growing technology and can be resolved with the above-mentioned solutions.

  11. Rachy says:

    Agricultural farming has experienced a tremendous growth since the last century. Despite this improvement, a lot of individuals still go hungry. The reasons for this current situation such as inability to access farm produce and corruption will be discussed as well as possible solutions that can help to remedy them.

    The two main causes of increased global hunger are inaccessibility of certain agricultural farm produce and corruption. Lack of good transport system in certain area plagues easy access to farm land and market. For instance, people living in remote areas find it difficult traveling to certain locations to get food. However, those that manages to do so, inflates the price of the produce, leaving some people with the choice of going hungry. Also, corruption and thirst to satisfy personal interest without considering the poor masses causes increased starvation. For example, in some African countries government officials would choose to go into importation in order to increase their wealth, instead of making provision of necessary machines and empowering individuals in the state. Thus, regardless of the growth in agriculture, people still go hungry.

    Some possible solutions to these problems are construction of good transport system and proper budget allocation of funds to agriculture. By creating good roads, people can easily access farm produce at a more affordable rate. Setting up of committee that ensures that funds allocated for agriculture are not misappropriated but used solely for its purpose. This way, people can easily have food at their disposal.

    In conclusion, people still starve even with the advancement of agriculture. However, proper budget allocation and construction of good roads will help curtail the negative effect.

  12. Haruna Adamu says:

    The given two plans illustrate the structural arrangements of present and future sporting complex of a university. Overall, the sports center will undergo a massive renovation with addition of other facilities in the years to come.
    Currently, there is a 25m pool situated in the middle of the sports complex, a seating and changing room in the east and west of the pool respectively. In front of the pool is the reception and the gym is also behind the pool. In addition, there are two separate outdoor courts which are located in the far east and west of the sporting center.
    In terms of the future plans, the sports complex will be going through a major alterations with the exception of the reception, 25m pool, and its changing room and the seating which all will remain constant. The two outdoor courts will be demolish,and the one at the west of the center will make way for a leisure pool. In front of the leisure pool will be a sport shop and changing room at the corner. The gym will be enlarge to almost double, extending towards the east of the complex. Next to the seating will be a sport hall and a cafe which will be in front of the seating and sport hall with a way in between them. Another changing room at the corner attach to the cafe. Also, there will be two dancing studios opposite the sport hall and attach to the gym.

  13. Haruna Adamu says:

    Irrespective of the numerous achievements in the food industry, there is still evidence of starvation across the globe. This essay will examine some of the problems such as lack of proper storage of food, high cost of food and propose some remedies like building of more food warehouses, reduction in the interest rate on farming loans in detail.

    Let’s begin by looking at the reasons why many people are still hungry despite the gains in agricultural practices. One of the major challenges is improper storage of farm products. That is to say, most farm products go waste in many parts of the world especially in Africa due to lack or insufficient farm warehouses. For instance, in June,2018, The Daily Graphic in Ghana reported that there are only 175 agricultural warehouses across the country which the Ministry of Agricultural had earlier suggested that Ghana currently need about 2000 farm storage facilities to help reduce increasing waste of farm products. In addition, there is high cost of food across the world which are more prominent in many African countries and this is as a result of high cost of farming. To explain further, high interest rate on agricultural loans and high cost of land for farming contribute significantly to the high cost of food across the world. For example,currently in West Africa, most farm land are now being destroyed to make way for building houses.

    To tackle this issues, first of all, there should be more agricultural warehouses across the globe but specifically in Africa,Asia and South America where most of the inhabitants are farmers to help reduce wastage in farm products. Furthermore, there should be no or less interest on farming loans which will help go along way in the reduction of food prices. Again, land allocated for farming purposes should be conserve and not use for any other purposes which will also help in reducing cost of acquiring land for farming.

    In conclusion, there are a lot of factors such as lack or poor food storage facilities and high price in food which contribute to hunger, hence the appropriate authorities should take measures like building more agricultural warehouses and reduction in the cost farming to help minimise hungry across the world.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Do not write short forms Let’s. This is as a result of, here as would not come, and try to better words for example here you can write this is an outcome of. These issues not this issues. Help go along way is a wrong phrase. Be conserved not convserve, and used for not use for. As lack of, here of is missing. Reduction in the cost of farming not cost farming. Help and minimise would not come together. Your English is good and sentence structure is also fine but you still need to try to use better vocabulary. Your current efforts can easily get you 6.5 bands but if you want higher then good vocabulary is a must.

  14. Omar says:

    The two plans illustrate the layout of a sports center of a university for present and how it will be in the future after the renovation.

    Overall, it is clearly evident that the new sports center will be significantly bigger than the current one and will take the both outdoor courts east and west. However, the main entrance and the reception position will remain the same from the south, as well as the indoor pool with the same size of 25 meter, and the changing room by the pool plus seating room will stay the same nothing new. We can see from the future plan that will be extra changing room in the south-east of the center and on the opposite side 2 dancing studios, and beside it there will be a café.
    In contrary, the west side of the center, it is clear in the new plan they substituted the west outdoor courts for a leisure pool inside the building, and another changing room in the other side from it, plus added a sports shop right beside the west-south changing room.

  15. thanu says:

    The plans depict the present and future layout of a university sports centre.
    Overall, there will be a massive development in the future plan.
    At the middle of the centre, there is a pool in same size in the present and future plan. As well as there are no differences between the changing room and seating in the both plans.But, gym will be rebuilt than present size.In the future plan,a sports hall will be added near the seating.On the north east of the centre, there will be two dancing rooms in the future.
    Two outdoor courts are in the present plan.But, they will be removed in the future. Instead of courts, a sports hall and leisure pool will be constructed there.New sports shop will be built as an addition place on the south of the centre.As well as there will be a cafe near the sports shop.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Gym will be expanded to a greater area as compared to present size. This attempt of yours is much better than your earlier attempts without any major mistakes but the word limit is still less than 150. Try to write a task of 170 words so that you are able to cover all the major points in the image.

  16. thanu says:

    Thank you sir for encouraging me

  17. ANJALI says:

    I have included some other details …

    The layout highlights the current and the future proposed plans of a university’s sports club.
    Overall ,it is clearly witnessed that a plethora of developments has been planned in the sport’s centre by expanding the gymnasium and also various changes in the area of two outdoor courts .

    Currently, we can point out a 25m swimming pool in the central region with gymnasium at its backside and two seperate outdoor courts buildings on either side of the pool . According to the future plan ,the changing room ,sports hall and the reception that are present around the swimming pool remain unaltered ,whereas the gymnasium behind the pool in the northern side will be greatly expanded to about two-fold than the size at present .

    The most striking changes will be noted in the two seperate outdoor courts buildings. The outdoor court building in the west direction will be demolished totally and in that area a leisure pool,a changing room and a sports shop will be constructed which will be attached to the swimming pool building. Similarly ,the other outdoor court building will be replaced by addition of small cafe,changing room , a new sports hall and two seperate dance studios to the swimming pool building towards the east direction.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Swimming pool will remain unaltered not pool remain unaltered because your sentence means it has already happened. Better attempt we can see a lot of improvement in this one. Good job keep it up 🙂

  18. Diluni says:

    The given plans depict how a university’s sports centre at the present and its future design.

    Overall, it is noticeable that new changes would be replaced and added in the future such as dance studios, a leisure pool, a sports hall, a sports shop, a cafe and so on.

    With the entrance of southern direction there is a 25m pool. In the northern side of the pool there is a gym. Seating is on the East and a changing room is on the west. There are two outdoor courts on the western part and the eastern part. These two courts will be demolished and will be replaced by a leisure pool and a changing room on the Eastern part. In the western part a sport hall, two dance studios and another changing room will be renovated.

    Although 25m pool area has not planned to change, the gym will get more space after the redevelopment. There will be added a cafe and a sports shop in the reception area.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You need to work on your sentence formation because it is incorrect for example the first line is grammatically incorrect specifically the use of ‘how’. The better introduction would be the given plans depict the present structure of a university’s sports centre and how it will be transformed after the execution of proposed changes. Please see our tutorial on task 1 to learn how to make a better introduction and overall. ‘changes would be replaced’ is wrong you do not replace changes you make changes. ‘with the entrance of southern direction’ is again wrong formation, instead write the entrance to the sports centre is in southern direction and after entering the first thing that one can see is the reception. Behind the reception there is a pool which is 25 m wide. Feedback – work on your sentence formation and watch the following tutorial carefully to learn how to attempt task 1 in a better way and how to attempt task 1 with map changes. The links are given below:

      Task 1 –

      Task 1 Maps –

  19. Harjit says:

    There is no doubt that agriculture has flourished but still a high percentage of people are struggling for food. Here, in this essay, i will explore both the causes and solutions to tackle this worldwide problem.
    Technology has brought revolution in agricultural techniques and machinery within the last few decades.Ultimately, yield production has increased many fold. In spite of this progress, a big proportion of people have lack food access. There are number of responsible reasons. The first and foremost reason is that agricultural production is comparatively lower than the world population which is increasing rapidly. Therefore, governments are unable to feed to all people. Secondly, big chunk of crops goes waste each year because of lack of government initiatives. For instance, India is leading in highest wheat production countries and from a national report of 2018, it came into limelight that 40% wheat is in stores from many years and damaging by insects and rodents because government have no policies how to utilize this remaining production and going waste. Thirdly, Food is expensive and it is becoming a challenge for a common man to arrange food everyday.
    There are many possible solutions to sort out this global problem. Unlimited growth of population should be minimized . So that , imbalance between agricultural land and population can be reduced which is the major cause behind this case. Moreover, public awareness should spread against food wastage which is around 1.3 million tonnes at this stage that can satisfy the hunger of 70% starving people around the world. Furthermore, governments should reduce prices of food so that common man afford this. In addition to it, excessive production should export to hungriest countries.
    In conclusion, despite of agricultural progress , the percent of starving people is increasing at alarming rate which can be reduced to a great extent by using above solutions .

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your introduction is too short, you need to make a better introduction which you would learn from our tutorial on task 2. ‘big proportion of people have lack food access’ is grammatically wrong, instead write people do no have adequate access to food supplies. ‘There are number of responsible reasons’ not properly written, instead write – there are several causes that engender this problem. ‘feed to all people’ here ‘to’ will not come. ‘leading in highest wheat production’ again grammatically wrong. Your overall attempt is a mixed endeavor. It has some very good sentences but at the same full of small grammatical mistakes in several sentences. If you can remove these small grammatical mistakes in sentence formation you can score good bands in writing. Currently because of these mistakes you would not get more than 6 bands. And do not forget to watch out tutorial on task to improve your overall essay structure specially the introduction part. The link is given below:

  20. Anj says:

    Athough there are lots of advancements and achievements in technology to our mankind ,there are unprecedented developments in the field of agricultural facets.Its is a paradox that in such developing countries there can be so much of poverty inspite of numerous footprints .In this essay ,several reasons behind this problem and ways of mitigating this issue will be discussed .

    To embark with,advances in agriculture had replaced human workforce to a larger extent. subsequently our country’s GDP has been a boom in the economic growth .In spite of all these developments, evidence of economically derived people has been witnessed everywhere . Unemployment has been a major concern of poor economic status among various individuals which paves way for deleterious circumstances in society such as female foeticide, burgling rivalry , street muggings and other anti-social behaviours.Another significant reason for poverty is substandard education facilities to the remote regions in our country will end up in poor family status and unable to generate income to sustain the life.

    There are a plethora of measures to curb these problems in the bud itself before letting it to the surface Government should provide free education upto the secondary level to have a better future and also offering educational loans would be a greater advantage to solve these problems .Another possible solution would be grant of small scale business by the local authorities would render tremendous benefits to uplift the financial status of impoverished people.

    There is a saying ;constant efforts brings success.

    To reiterate , local bureaucrats should launch a full scale investigation to combat poverty issues and provide appropriate measures by offering better employment opportunities to improve the socio-economic status which ultimately curb other detrimental effects to the society and the individual as a whole .

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘technology to our mankind’ is wrong formation, better formation would be ‘made by mankind’. Your introduction is incorrect because there is no mention of hunger or starvation which is the main topic of discussion. ‘GDP has been a boom in the’ wrong sentence formation, GDP cannot be a boom or boon it is a result of economic growth so there can be a boom in economic growth or GDP growth. Your English is good in this essay but you have completely digressed from the topic even in the second paragraph there is not mention of lack of food, note that poverty does not directly means starving, even majority of poor people can manage two meals a day. You will marked incorrect on task completion parameter in this essay and you will get maximum of 5.5 bands for this attempt.

  21. Anj says:

    I completely misunderstood the word poverty and hunger which has drifted my essay totally away from the topic . Thank u for correcting my essay sir

  22. Rinal kansara says:

    The map reveals the construction of university’s sports centre now and future.
    Overall,the infrastructure of university will be changed holistically in future as compare to now.Some new facilities such as a leisure pool,dance studios, a sports hall,a cafe,a changing room,a sports shops will be added.There would be more facilities in future.
    According to the map,the outdoor centres which are located both sides of a 25m pool,will be demolished in the future and the university center will be expanded right and left side.There will be the leisure pool next to the changing room in the future and in the bottom of it, the changing room and the sports shops will be constructed. Moreover, a gym will be escalated. Also, along a seating room ,the sports hall will be built and besides it, the two dance studios will be developed. Furthermore,in the East South corner, the changing room and the cafe will be started.
    As per the data,in the middle of the map,the 25 m pool,in entrance a reception ,West side changing room,East side seating room will remain stable in future.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Better way to write introduction would be – The map depicts the current structure of a university’s sports centre and the future structure that will come into place after the changes proposed are executed. As compared to not compare to. centres which are located ‘on’ both sides, on is missing here. It is not university centre, it is sports centre. Expanded on both sides, not expanded right and left side. A gym will be escalated is wrong way to write, better write the area of the gym will be on the eastern side. Do not use the word data because it is generally used with numbers and not maps. Your last paragraph is not proper, too many objects written together.

  23. Rinal kansara says:

    There is no doubt that, food is absolutely necessary to survive.Since technology is proliferating at a startling pace across the globe,there are plenty of equipments for farming.But,still starvation is a major problem in some areas.However, there are several causes which engender this issue ,it can be mitigated through some innovative solutions.In the following section both,causes and remedies will be discussed.
    Discussing the reasons,the most common one is,lack of transportation system in some parts of the globe.Owing to this exportation of commodities is certainly arduous in some areas such as mountains, hills,rural area as well as it is more expensive so all people can not afford food.Secondly,scarcity of money and precipitation is also the reason of starvation.Moreover,due to scant money,people who live under penury,are not able to purchase equipments for farming and it is impossible to grow crop where individuals struggle with scant water.To illustrate,in India,in bhopal,every year 50% people have been suffering from starvation because of paucity of rain.

    In order to minimize negative influence,government should emphasis on improving transportation system and they should provide sufficient water facility in all part of the globe which will definitely assist to yield crop.Furthermore, goverment should begin subsidies to needy people who cannot buy equipments for farming and provide in-depth knowledge about new technology.For instant,in India,in Gujarat,the Prime minister,Narendra Modi have been providing subsidies to all poor people.Consequently,nowdays 50% people are getting food in rural areas.
    To recapitulate,while people do not get food because of money,rain and less transportation facility,government should ameliorate it by giving knowledge about new equipments and subsidies.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Good introduction. Common one is, here comma should not come in fact comma is never used after is. Cannot is one word not can not. Money and precipitation are also the reasons, not is also the reason, because you are talking about two factors here not one. Bhopal not bhopal, 50% people suffer from not have been suffering from. Government should emphasise not emphasis. All parts not part. Should provide subsidies not begin subsidies. For instance not instant. Because of lack of money, rain, ‘lack of’ is missing. Giving knowledge, better word would be imparting knowledge. Overall a good attempt. You are working on your grammar and it can be seen in your attempts which now have fewer grammatical mistakes.

  24. Serife says:

    I tried to write this essay. I hope introduction is fine after my first attempt 🙂

    Technology, especially in agriculture, has improved dramatically for the last decades, so that many versatile farming vehicles have facilitated to cultivate. However, when the ratio of hunger is taken into account, there is a severe problem in some parts of the world. This essay will demonstrate these causes and solutions.

    There are two main reasons which hunger is so common in some countries. Firstly, due to the climate, these areas are not suitable to raise plants. For example, if the weather is very hot or cold, individuals cannot harvest fertile products. Secondly, water is the key point for agriculture. If there is not enough water and also the amount of yearly precipitation is low, crops cannot yield as they are expected. Many Africa countries struggle with this problem as well as do often not find the water to drink.

    It can be mitigated these problems with supports of governments. For instance, vertical farming is one of the latest topics in today’s world. If governments subsidize to this area, much more crops can be produced without the dependence of the climate. Moreover, the figure of wells can be increased, so that the water problem for both people and agriculture would go down to some extent.

    In conclusion, thanks to the development of technology, agricultural activities are more convenient. However, the climate and the lack of water lead to hunger which some countries have experienced. Although the conditions are difficult to ensure fertile crops, some solutions such as vertical farming or other water sources could be implemented by governments.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘demonstrate these causes and solutions’, demonstrate its causes and solutions, there is an improvement in your introduction but still a lot of room improvement is there, for example try to use better vocabulary instead of using simple words like cause and solution, you can write the factors that engender this problem and its remedies. ‘There are two main reasons which hunger is so common in some countries’ is grammatically incorrect, reasons why hunger is so common. ‘crops cannot yield’ it should be ‘the yield of crops is low’. African countries not Africa countries. ‘It can be mitigated these problems’ it should ‘these problems can be mitigated’, you need to work on your sentence formation as there quite few mistakes in your sentence formation grammatically which is a serious issue and main reason behind low scores in writing.

  25. bonnie says:

    The 2 illustration gibe information how the university’s sports center will be redeveloped in the future.

    Overall, the existing facilities will be remained in the future and the scale of sports centre will be expanded. Also, 2 outdoor courts will be merged in the centre and several facilities will be established.

    Firstly, the facilities of swimming pool will not be changed except for the gym, it is planed to be enlarged almost twice. Also, two different buildings will be put up in the east of the pool, which are a sports hall and dancing studios, respectively.
    There will be one more a changing room which is located in the south-east of the swimming pool and a small cafe is planed to be built left on the changing room that is in front of the sports hall.

    In the west of the swimming pool, there will be a leisure pool and another changing room that is for the leisure pool will be constructed in the south of the leisure pool. Additionally, a sports shop will be situated just right on the leisure room.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      wrong usage of gibe here. ‘facilities will be remained in the future’ will remain in the future. Planned not planed, almost twice to its existing size. ‘be built left on the changing room’ built on the left side of the changing room. ‘In the west of the swimming pool’ on the west side of.

  26. jazzzz says:

    please evaluate my essay.
    thank you!

    the diagrams illustrate the layout of university sport center at present and its future is manifest that sports center will go under major modification and will get bigger in size with some extra facilities added.
    at present,university sport center has a entrance towards the south and reception to the north of the entrance.25 m long swimming pool is situated at the center has a changing room on west of the pool,whereas seating arrangement on the east of the pool. gym is available along the north of the center.two outdoor courts are there,each on either side of center.
    in future,sport center will get bigger by merging two outdoor courts.leisure pool is planned to be on the place of western outdoor court,while eastern outdoor court will get converted into sports hall and two dance studios.two more changing room will be added ,one at the southeast corner,other at the southwest corner. on the west of the enterance ,there will be a sport shop and cafe will be built by the side of eastern changing room.gym will get expanded towards the east.however ,center pool,seating and reception will ramain untouched.
    overall,university sport center will go through some major changes with few features ramain as same as today.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘it is manifest’ wrong usage. an entrance not a entrance. ‘on west of the pool’ on west side of the pool. ‘two more changing room’ rooms. ‘two more changing room’ wrong sentence formation. ‘ramain as same as today’ remaining as same as these are now.

  27. Mash says:

    The map illustrates the current and the future layout of the university sports center after the renovation takes place. Overall, the sports centre had a tremendous transformation with new and larger infrastructures in the center.
    At present, the main building only comprises of a 25m pool located at the heart of the center with changing room at its left side and the seating area at the right. Currently, the reception area is found near the entrance of the center while outdoor courts are located at both sides of the main structure.
    In the future layout, the two outdoor courts will be demolished to give way to the expansion of the main building. Inside the main building, a new leisure pool will be constructed beside the changing room and a new sports hall beside the seating area. Moreover, two new dance studios will be built across the sports hall and there will be two additional changing rooms located at the two front corners of the building. Beside each changing room is a new sports shop on the left while a café will be placed on the opposite side. The gym will also undergo expansion but the 25m pool, old changing room, seating area, and reception will remain untouched.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘renovation takes place’ renovation will take place. ‘the sports centre had a tremendous transformation’ sports centre will have a tremendous transformation.

  28. AKSH says:

    The diagram illustrates the current plan and proposed plan of the University sports center. At a glance in the plans reveal that certain facilities like leisure pool, sports hall, dance studios, cafe, and sports will be added after renovation.
    The renovation plan will retain the 25m pool, reception, seating area, and the adjacent changing room while the gym will be extended.
    New sports shop and cafe are planned to construct to the left and right sides of the reception. The outdoor pool on the western edge of the sports centre will be demolished and replaced by a leisure pool.
    A separate changing room will be provided for the leisure pool at the south-west corner of the building. The sports hall is planned to construct on the current right outdoor court. The common changing room is planned at the south-east corner of the building. Two dance studios will be constructed at the extreme eastern side of the building next to the gym.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘At a glance’ at should not come here. ‘are planned to construct’ to be constructed. Overall it is a good attempt with very few grammatical mistakes. But you need to word on your sentence formation as it is repetitive and there is no variety in your sentences. Please watch our tutorial on how to attempt maps it will help you to improve your attempt.

  29. pinksushi says:

    These days technology has advanced its roots in many areas of life. One of them is agriculture field. Many people say that a significant part of world’s population still remain hungry despite of the technological developments to increase the crop production. This essay will examine the main reasons of this issue and then describe the solutions to the problem.
    On the one hand, let us consider the reasons regarding the problem. One evident reason is that in many developing countries there is no systematic distribution of food. This is because of the poor policies by the government leading to unequal distribution of food items from agricultural fields to the state markets. Another major issue is the increase in a country’s inflation rate due to which many people cannot afford pulses and grains. In other words, the impoverished economical situation of a country could result in a starving population.
    On the other hand, there are various solutions to the aforementioned problems. Firstly, the government should make strict policies and develop committees to take control over the release of rice and grain in the food markets. There should be a check and balance so that there could be no shortage of food in any part of a country. Secondly, a country should work to stabilize its economy by generating enough revenue. In this way, the monetary issues of people would lessen and food would be accessible to more number of people.
    By dint of above mentioned problems of unsymmetrical distribution of food and unstable economy of a country I have articulated the solutions in the form of developing strict policies by government and generating enough national income for the betterment of an individual’s financial position. These solutions, if implied in a right direction, can help governments to tackle with problem of
    a hungry population.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘On the other hand,’ it should be used when you are discussing opposing view but here you are discussing solutions not the argument against the opinion. ‘tackle with problem of’ with should not come here. Overall it is a great attempt well structured and good points. Good Job.

  30. p.jitendra says:

    The plan illustrates the layout of a University sports centre at present and the changes that will took place after the redevelopment.
    Overall,Many changes will be taking place after renovation of university sports centre.Two shops are going to be arranged on either sides of reception.Outdoor courts will be removed and sports hall and leisure poll will be added. Number of changing rooms will be increased,The extension of gym will took place and the construction of new dance studios.
    While entering to the reception a sports shop on the left and café on the right are going to be arranged.Outdoor courts will be removed and leisure pool will be added to the left of changing room and under that beside the sports shop a changing room will be constructed.
    On the right side of the seating, Sports hall will replace the outdoor courts and extension of gym will took place.To the right of Sports hall two dance studios will be constructed and a changing room under the dance studios and to the right of café.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘will took place after’ will take place not took place. ‘Two shops are going to be arranged on either sides of reception’ one is a shop and another is a cafe. ‘The extension of gym will took place and the construction of new dance studios’ this sentence is grammatically wrong. ‘changing room under the dance studios’ it is not under because under means below, on a 2D map it looks like under but actually it will towards the south of dance studio.

  31. PASULA JITENDRA . says:

    The agriculture is the backbone for the world’s livehood and economy.though many advanced techniques have devoloped in the fiels of agriculture sector mant people are not able to satisfy their hunger.this essay will discuss the causes for it and the steps to be undertaken to resolve this issue.
    The main cause of this problem is unequal distribution of the items that are each country we will be having a different climatic situation.according to theclimate the crops are grown.the crops need to be distributed by imports and exports but this is not taking place due to unhealthy relationships.considering an example in india we mainly produce the crops like dal,rice,fruits and in the Arabic countries they mainly produces dry fruits but there is no healthy relationship for the exchange of goods that are produced
    secondly,the crops that are grown should be sold immediately before they gets damaged but the the farmers are not able to sell their crops due to the amount fixed by the government.taking an example the the farmers are not receiving the amount that they had spent for the production of they are not wiiling to sell their products at the low cost
    overall.imports and exports ,the low price for the products that are produced are the main reasons for the reason people still going hungry for this the government should take certain measures by maintain healthy relation with the other nations and providing good imports and exports that are grown and the amount should be increased for the farmers to the crops that they have grown.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘advanced techniques have devoloped’ have been developed, spelling of developed is wrong. Few more spelling mistakes in your introduction. cereals not dal. Your reason behind the main problem is not appropriate and illogical. ‘before they gets damaged’ they get not gets. The structure of the essay is not correct, there should be an elaborate paragraph on the solutions to this problem and a separate conclusion.

  32. Idoya Henu says:

    With the advent of science and technology, the agricultural sector has shown tremendous growth. Despite that, many individuals end up with no food for the day. The following paragraphs intend to discuss the concern and the measures that can be taken to eradicate it.

    The price of the necessary eatables is too expensive to be afforded by the destitute. The ever increasing population has resulted in high demand for agricultural commodities, causing the overpriced food items. For example, the crops produced has to be fed to billions of people in India. Although the production of crops has increased in the food industry, the number of mouths to feed is ten-fold of that, resulting in hunger-stricken individuals. To solve this issue, education can be provided to the newer generation about birth control, which can eventually eradicate the concern of hungry citizens.

    Another concern is the food accessibility to the third-world countries. They are out of reach when it comes to purchasing the daily necessity of consumption. The government needs to put a conscious effort to allocate these locations with eatables. For example, drought-affected areas in Nigeria that are secluded can hardly have any measures to buy food. The government in such a scenario should make dedicated efforts to provide constant food supply to these locations.

    To conclude, considerable growth in agriculture is not sufficient to feed many people. The population control can ease the striking hunger in few years to come. Also, the government’s participation is equal distribution of essential eatables can resolve the problem to a certain extent.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Introduction is perfect and language used is also good but the argument of population is not applicable on all countries so you could have used another argument which is applicable on more countries like you have used in second paragraph that proper distribution is required for food to reach more number of people. Similar argument could be that because of lack of proper food storage facilities every year a lot of food is wasted and gets rotten which could have fed a lot of people if preserved properly. ‘government’s participation is equal distribution’ in not is.

  33. Hasan Mahmud says:

    The magical touch of science and technology has changed every sector of the world and agriculture is one of the vital sector where its contribution is comprehensive. Although food crisis has been largely mitigated by technological development but complete solution is beyond our reach yet.This easy will discuss the bottleneck of the problem and also find the solution to overcome from it.
    World population has been growing by leaps and bounds now a days but food production is not increasing at par.That’s why in spite of technological advancement, providing food to everyone is gradually becoming difficult. Side side amount of cultivable land is also decreasing due to industrialisation.
    Another reason is that environmental pollution is rising day after day which consequently increasing number of natural calamity. As a result most of our crops and Agricultural plants are being perished by flood,drought,tournedo.Number of cyclone is also increasing that’s why farmable lands are being spoiled by entering saline water.
    Furthermore,plants are being affected by rare types of diseases due to overuse of pesticides most of them are irresistible.
    Probable solution would be, escalating amount of farmable land.Deserts and mountains might be come under cultivation by adding new Technology.Sustainable environment programme should put forward for preventing further loss.
    To recapitulate,starvation is being caused by various reasons among them human related activities like incontrollable family planning,environmental degradation, excessive use of insecticide are greatly liable and probable solution may be augmentation of cultivable farmland, family planning as well as reducing the emission of green house gases.

  34. yaswanth maram says:

    The plans depict the layout of a University’s sports center at present and how it looks in the future after redevelopment.

    Overall, in both the plans the center area looks the same with a 25-meter pool, Gym, Reception, Changing room and Seating. They also show the north, south, east and west directions, so that we do not get confused.

    In the current plan apart from the center area, there are outdoor courts to the west and the east. However, in the future plans, the west side outdoor courts are converted into a Leisure pool, Changing room and Sports shop while the east side courts are changed into a sports hall, two dance studios, Cafe and a Changing room.

  35. Dhiraj says:

    The following plan depicts the current and future layout of university’s sports center. It can be seen that many changes will take place after the redevelopment.
    At present, university sports center comprises 3 distinct sections. One main building held on the center of the premise. Two outdoor courts are present in the west and east of the main building. Entrance is present in the south direction. Visitors encounter with the reception area first. Toward the west in the building, there is a changing room and seating arrangement is placed toward the east in the building. Behind the reception area, a 24m swimming pool has built.
    However, many elements will be added in future plan of university sports center. According to the following future plans, west outdoor court would be replaced with leisure pool. Toward the south, leisure pool will be accompanied by a changing room and sports shop. Similarly, east outdoor court would be replaced with a sports hall. At the east side of the sports hall, two dance studios will be arranged. Toward the south, sports hall will be accompanied by a changing room and café. More area will be provided to the gym. Besides the gym, Earlier changing room, swimming pool, reception and seating arrangement will remain on its place.

  36. Jeje says:

    The two plans illustrate the present and future design of a university’s sport centre.
    Overall, it can be seen that the the proposed sport centre will experience tremendous changes in the upcoming years in some areas like, addition of dance studios, sports shop, sports hall and more.
    Currently, there is a 25m pool behind the reception area. A gym hall is located at the north side of the pool. On either side of the pool, there is a seating area and a changing area is present. In addition to this, there are two separate outdoor courts at the east and west side of the building.
    In terms of future plans, the outdoor courts will be demolished, and will be replaced by new facilities. I t can be noticed that the gym hall will be extended. Besides, the pool will remain unchanged , and a large leisure pool will be constructed towards the west. At the east of the 25m pool, 2 dancing studios, sports hall and a changing room will be established. There are some suggestions to add cafe and sports shop in the reception area.

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