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IELTS Writing Test 23

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The bar chart below gives information about the percentage of the population living in urban areas in the world and in different continents.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Stores should sell local food products and not the imported food products. Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

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  1. Chen Betty says:

    The bar chart provides information about the proportion of urban population in different areas during 1950 and 2007, and an estimation of the population in the year 2030. As an overall trend, urban population rate was higher in the year 2007 as compared to the previous year of the world and all five continents; however, it is expected to rise in the forthcoming year 2030. North America had the highest rate of urban people, while Africa had the least number of urban residents in the year 1950 and 2007.

    The rate of urban people in Africa and Asia during 1950 was below two-tenth and experienced a roughly twofold rise in 2007. The figure is anticipated to escalate in the upcoming year 2030. The population of urban people in the world was just above quarter (25%) in 1950 and increased by 20% points in 2007 and estimated to rise with the same trend in 2030.

    In terms of Europe and North America, the rate was above 50% and shown a significant increment in 2007, being climbed to above 70%. The rate is predicted to increase in 2030. Latin America accounted for 42% urban population in the year 1950 and witnessed a substantial growth to above three quarter (76%) in 2007.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You cannot use previous year here because previous year to 2007 is 2006 not 1950. You cannot write ‘rate of urban people’ here because rate is the pace at which something increases of decreases but here it is proportion of population. For Europe and North America not in terms of. Overall a good attempt but needs a lot of improvement for that please watch this video on official youtube channel and subscribe to it so that when we upload a new video you get the notification.

  2. ayush rai says:

    TASK 2
    Nowdays, many numbers of stores prominence throughout the city, some sells only the food products cultivated in their areas, whereas, other provide service by selling variety of products. For several reasons, which will be presented below, I absolutely disagree on the idea of selling similar kind of food product.
    To embark on, some people have to rely on particular kinds of food product because of their diseases. That food plays the life saving role in their life. For instance, personally speaking, I am diagnosed with higher sugar content in my blood, so I need to consume that food which could helps me to balance the sugar level. If those items are unavailable in my nearby stores than my health condition will never be improved. I believe some food can be as a medicine to some diseases. For example, consuming bitter gourd will helps you body to lower the blood pressure if you are suffering for high pressure in you blood.
    On the other hand, for healthy body, it needs the balance amount of all vitamins. Eating single food products could results in lack of nutrition and cause diseases like high blood pressure, high level of sugar and diabetes. For example, a recent article published from national health department in newspaper shows that the life span of peoples living in the Himalayas are low than other because they mostly suffers from those nutritious diseases. It seems to me that, the cause is unavailability of variety of product because it is hard to cultivate as well as transport to such challenged geographical areas.
    To conclude, some people argue that, promoting to sell the local product only in the stores will encourage the local farmers, however, it appears to me that, obviously it will boost the regional economy but undoubtedly marks the poor health in individuals.

  3. Haruun says:

    There is a point of view that locally produced foodstuffs should be sold in shops and not the ones from abroad. I completely agree with this assertion because it will bring enormous benefits such as reducing unemployment and also reduction in the prices of food. This essay will explore my view in detail.

    First and foremost, one of the most important advantage about this idea is creation of jobs. To elaborate further, when only indigenous farm products are allowed in the stores , there will be readily market for the local farmers, hence it will encourage more people especially the unemployed youths to venture into farming to help produced more to meet the national need since there is availability of buyers.

    In addition, when there are a lot of food specifically the native ones in the markets, it result in reducing food prices since the imported food items are far food ly than the locally produced foodstuffs due to the cost of importation which are always added to the actual food price. For instance, in June last year, the Daily Guide newspaper in Ghana reported that the price of foreign perfume rice in Ghana is three times higher than the same perfume rice produced in Ghana.

    In conclusion, based on the above stated points, I strongly associate myself to the opinion that stores should sell locally produced farm products to offer employment for more indigenes and to reduce cost of food, however there should be exception for food items that can not be produced locally.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Much better introduction as compared to many other attempts of yours. One of the most important advantages not advantage, whenever one of the—phrase is used always use plural form the subject. There will be readily market for farmers is incorrect there will be more business or selling opportunities for local farmers. Are far food ly? Again you have written can not separately it is one word cannot.

  4. annie says:

    Modernization has brought great inclination towards advancement whether in the field of technology, infrastructure, entertainment or even basic necessity like food. People prefer imported food over local produce. I agree that stores and supermarkets must sell local food products over imported ones. This essay will elaborate on my opinion.

    Firstly, the local food products are sold at a reasonable cost and by selling these products local manufacturers are benefitted whose livelihood depends on the sale of their product. Locally manufactured food items are fresh and people can easily provide feedback to the producer if they have any concern regarding the product. The exchange of defective items becomes comparatively easy for store owners. The fresher the food the healthier it is. With time the food items lose their freshness in spite of various preservatives used and develop certain bacteria that are not visible to common eyes but do certain damages to the health of the consumer.

    Another point to consider is that the imported food items are damaged in transportation and even expire by the time it reaches the store especially the products with less shelf time. There is a large amount of tax levied on all imported goods which the store owner bears even if there is a minimal sale for that particular food item. Whereas, in the case of local food items it is delivered at minimum cost and damage.

    In conclusion, if local food items are advertised efficiently by the stores explaining the benefits of local produce then the demand for it will increase eventually. With the increased sale, manufacturers will be encouraged to maintain consumer trust by selling fresh products and would even sell their products to shop owners at a discounted price.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Excellent attempt near Perfect. Are you sure you did not copy it from somewhere ;)…Just kidding. If you keep writing like this then you will get at least 7 bands in writing. Great Job!

  5. Rinal Kansara says:

    It is a fact that food is basic necessity of individuals.Since population is proliferating at startling pace across the globe,demand of food has certainly increased.While some people advocate that people should prefare to eat only local eatables,others believe that imported food should be sold by local shopkeepers.But i personally agree with the former notion and in the following section i will discuss this view.

    To commence with,local shopkeepers should always sell the products which are made in their own region because after producing or harvesting they sell it immediately.Therefore, local food is fresh, healthy ,cheaper and affordable by all everyone.Sencondly, once individuals start to eat imported eatables,they permanently forget the test of food of their region.As a result, people are unable to sell their own product and it reduces their economy. Hence,they become unemployed.To illustrate,every year in India, Maharashrta impars mangoes from Gujarat state since many years which is known as the king of fruits and people buy it with high cost as the higher tax is imposed on it.

    Another point to consider is, imported eatables take long delivery time.Therefore,its date get expired and inspite of having preservatives, certain amount of bacteria develop which are harmful for humans.Cosequently, people stuffer from several health issues.

    To recapitulate,if individuals buy food of their own region,they can eat everyday fresh food.Also,it is not expensive because it does not need transportation cost and it is livelihood of local people.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      prefare spelling mistake. ‘affordable by all everyone’ affordable for all, and you cannot use all and everyone together. ‘the test of food’ you mean taste. ‘Maharashrta impars’ you mean imports. ‘Cosequently,’ spelling mistake.

  6. Rinal Kansara says:

    The bar graph reveals the ratio of the population in cities across the globe and in several continents in the year of 1950 and 2007 and it also illustrates the prediction of future.

    Overall,several continents and cities witnessed the lowest population in the year of 1950,while as per the forecast, percentage of population will be highest in 2030 during three years.

    According to the graph,the ration of the population was 29% across the globe,whereas it was half in Africa in 1950.Afterwards,percentages of Asian people inclined 17% and population growth of European, Latin America Caribbean and North America fluctuated from 42% to 64%.Moreover, in 2007,all over the world had 50% population but ratio of African people dived 37% points .After that, population growth soared gradually from 41% to 79% in Asia,Europe,Latin America Caribbean and North America.

    As per the graph,the prediction of 2030 says,there will be more population 60% in the world and it will decrease in Africa 51%.Then,it will smoothly leap and reach its zenith 87% in North America.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘several continents and cities’ you cannot write both write urban population in continents. The highest not highest. The ratio of people not ration. ‘was half in Africa in 1950’ half of what? ‘percentages of Asian people’ not Asian people but urban population in Asia. ‘had 50% population’ 50% what? ‘there will be more population 60%’ more should not come here. You make this mistake a lot of comparing two different things like ‘As per the graph,the prediction of 2030 says,there will be more population 60% in the world and it will decrease in Africa 51%’ it is like apples and oranges. If you want to compare then compare Africa’s urban population for three years and not with global population.

  7. Sweety Jain says:

    Nowadays, it becomes a trend for people to consume foreign edibles rather than domestic eatables. In my opinion, vendors should promote more domestic consumables because it aids to shoot up country’s revenue as well as provide enormous job opportunities.
    Firstly, promoting domestic eatables enormously boost up small and medium organization revenue which indirectly improves country’s growth. In fact, shops are essential channels for eatable products which are being produced by farmers and food manufacturers to pitch into markets. Secondly, to mitigate tremendous demand of consumable items, thousands of job opportunities could be generated. For an instance, In 2010, Indian government initiated a special programme which allows thousands of unemployed poor individuals job chances in order to serve home food industry.
    Imported items are costlier because of high transportation charges, taxes and custom duty levied on them form profit margin quite thin compare to local vendors. In addition to that to intact freshness and quality, excessive amount of preservatives have been added. Moreover, it is painful to get feedback on the products and exchange in case of inappropriate. For example, in India apples are being imported from Washington which have been coated with wax to intact its freshness and long durability. In spite of the fact that they are costlier, feedback from folks do not work because of continental distance.
    In Conclusion, promotion of local consumable attracts buyers to consume quantitive amount of products which produce higher demand of such eatables. Additionally, it leads to grave more discount to seller from local vendors. Buyers’ prompt feedbacks and vendors’ timely response maintain food processing chain and higher consumer satisfaction.

    * Kindly review and provide me a band score for the same *

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘it becomes a trend for people’ it has become a trend. ‘medium organization revenue’ medium organizations’ revenue. ‘to mitigate tremendous demand’ not mitigate but to meet the demand, you mitigate a problem by eliminating it. ‘For an instance’ an should not come here. ‘quite thin compare to’ compared to. ‘exchange in case of inappropriate.’ inappropriate what? ‘wax to intact its freshness’ not intact but preserve its freshness. ‘it leads to grave more discount’ grave should not come here. You have a decent command over language and have used some good words, but at some places you have misused these words so you need to make sure that you understand the meaning of completely before using it in the essay otherwise it would be counterproductive leading to lower band score instead of higher. This essay would get 4 out of 6.

  8. Patel nidhi says:

    Please sir check the essay and give me band score.

    Nowadays, population is increasing in the world. Not only the 2nd and 3rd world but it has been becoming industarlized nation. Moreover, The basic necessity of the human are three:food, cloths, shelter. Therefore, food is one of them rudimentary needs. In addition, local food products easily available in the india, consequently, we do not need to import food in other countries. Hence, I firmly agree with the writer’s notion. The reasons for behind my inclination are articulated in ensuing paragraphs.

    The first and foremost reason behind my opinion is that if local shops sale the food products so local masses easily get the products. that’s why people can easily get employment and fulfill their basic and opulent facilities. Furthermore, we could not need to bring our local food to outer countries. For example, if local food is not available therfore we would bring from other countries and taxes are added to those products, therfore products would be high cost so people would avoid some imported food products due to, high cost. Afterwards, local food are more popular in our country. as a result people could easily buy it’s.

    On the other hand, if our country export the local food that’s why we could easily earn foreign exchange,consequently our economic growth will be increase. As well as development would possible in India. since our country exported spices in other countries so we get foreign exchange and developments are increasing in the world as well as relationship are strong due to business purposes.

    Agglomorating all the points elaborated above it can be concluded that, if local food easily available in our country so government do not need to imported food products. However, we should exported food products.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘Not only the 2nd and 3rd world but it has been becoming industarlized nation’ this sentence is not making any sense. ‘food products easily available’ products are easily available. ‘import food in other countries’ import food from not in other countries. ‘I firmly agree with the writer’s notion’ you cannot write writer’s notion there is no writer here. ‘The reasons for behind’ for should not come here. ‘that’s’ avoid using short forms. ‘basic and opulent’ you cannot use basic with opulent because opulent means luxury, please first try to understand the meaning of the word before using it. ‘therfore products would be high cost ‘ would be expensive not high cost. ‘On the other hand, if our country export the local food that’s why we could easily earn foreign exchange’ this point is irrelevant to the topic because it is not asked in the statement. You need to work a lot on your writing. Currently there are major issues like grammatical mistakes, wrong sentence formation, irrelevant points, wrong use of words. This task will not get more than 5.5 bands.

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