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IELTS Writing Test 18

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The table below shows the average band scores for students from different language groups taking the IELTS General Test in 2010.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Today, many people want to get married and have children in their thirties rather than when they are younger. Is it a positive or negative development?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

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  1. Hind says:

    Task 2
    Nowadays, delaying getting married and having children for many people is becoming increasingly popular. Settlement to men and women is a significant issue in all over the world. In this essay, we will discuss the benefits in which I do believe, and drawbacks of late aged marriage and buildup a family in more details.

    Many men and women think changed in regards to starting a family from the past time, as they tend to think about it after the age of thirties. This can be positive for two main reasons. Firstly, both can pursue their personal development, so be able to work and to subsidize their selves. For example, people will run after their education and involvement in the workforce without being committed to family issues. Secondly, many people believe that build up a family can act as an obstacle to their freedom. This is because they have to share their time and money with others, in other words, getting married and start making a family will have time and financial consequences. Therefore, delaying marriage and childbirth can be is a positive development for better success.

    Conversely, to start building up a family after thirties can be considered a negative development, which can be explained by two main reasons. Firstly, the drop in the young population numbers, this is because the fertility of women will decrease by the increase in age, for example, 35 years old female have less opportunity to have more kids than 25 aged women. Secondly, by getting older both women and men will oppose difficulties in having partners and raising up kids since they used to live alone, such as people will not easily accept the change as they become older and they will be less fit.

    In conclusion, getting married and giving childbirth is a natural process, but it becomes a trend to delay both of them. In my opinion, this has a positive effect in make a productive workforce and have more free time, but at the same time, the negative consequences to have less young people and to divorce is quietly superior.

  2. Hind says:

    Thank you for your feedback. Can you please estimate my band score for this essay?

  3. Rinal kansara says:

    The table reveals the information of pupils from various language group’s who had achieved the band scores in ielts exam in the year of 2010. According to the data,in listening section, the band score of German recorded nealy minor proportion, whilst it slightly plummeted from o.5and remained plateau in French and Indonesian.Again it plunged in Malay 6.2.Furthermore, in reading,it went through fluctuations ,in German it noted and stood uniformly In French and Indonesian and swelled o.3 in Malay.However,in writing task,it followed descending order,bands counted o.1 more in German than French and gradually went down South in Indonesian and in Malay. As per the table,in speaking band score fluctuated from 6.9 to 6. 6 as well as in French and Malay remained static.Additionly.overall band score passed through accessing order. Overall,in speaking section,pupils had performed best and worse in reading.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      It should be groups not group’s. Write IELTS in capital letters. Do not use ‘in’ with German, French etc. instead write for German students. Do not write additionally with overall. Performed better not best. You need to learn proper use of prepositions ‘in’, ‘to’.

  4. annie says:

    Marriage is the key to happiness. The most important discussion is on the topic of what is the right age to get married. While many individuals believe that getting married in their thirties is more appropriate than before that as one has settled in his/her career options and can concentrate on family planning in accordance with their career but there are few drawbacks to this which will be discussed.

    One evident benefit of marrying in the thirties is that a person gets an ample amount of time to explore their career options which may or may not be possible when one has the responsibility of the family. People start a minimalist approach to travel for work. They try to be available to the needs of the family as and when required which may not be possible from different states and countries. For example, the current prime minister of India gave up his family responsibilities just to devote his life to the betterment of his country.

    On the other hand, there are obvious disadvantages to getting married after the thirties. Firstly, the women after the age of thirty start becoming infertile and face enormous complications during childbirth. Secondly, by the time the children of such parents reach adolescents, the parents are on the verge of becoming a burden to their children. Though this helps the child to become responsible at the same time makes them feel burdened with responsibility at such a tender age giving rise to frustration.

    In conclusion, while there are plus points to marrying after the thirties, too much is at the stake for doing this. Individuals should maintain a balance between career and their responsibilities. Nothing should be done at the cost of other.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      That a person and then you have written their career options it is mismatch of singular with plural. People start a minimalist approach – this sentence is not making a proper sense. Children reach adolescence not adolescents. Never use such negative line as parents become burden. Again child and then makes them mismatch of singular plural. Rather than plus points use better words like upshots or merits, need to use better vocabulary here.

  5. Rinal Kansara says:

    The table reveals the average band score of ielts general exam of four language group studets in 2010.

    Overall, German students achieved higher score,while pupils of Indonesia got lowest band score in ielts general test among students of all languages in 2010.

    According to the table, French and Indonesian pupils scored equal score in listening and reading 6.3 band, 6.1 band respectively.But their score increased in speaking.French students got 0.5 band more and Indonesian pupils scored 0.6 band more in speaking.Also,learners of French language had similar band 6.5 in writing and overall,whereas Indonesian scored same band 6.3 overall and in listening section. Furthermore,pupils of indonesia achieved 6.1 band in writing.

    As per the table,students of Malay language had good score 6.6 band in speaking and it reduced by 0.2 band in reading,listening,writing respectively. Overall score and listening score was equal 6.4 band of Malay pupils.Moreover,German students achieved 0.1 less score in listening than speaking and writing score was 0.3 band more that of reading.Their overall score was 6.7 band.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘German students achieved higher’ the highest score. ‘French students got 0.5 band more and Indonesian pupils scored 0.6 band more in speaking’ 0.5 bands more than what? ‘indonesia’ country name always starts with capital letters. ‘reduced by 0.2 band in reading,listening,writing’ this line means that they got the same score of 6.4 in all three modules which is incorrect.

  6. Rinal Kansara says:

    It is a fact that now a days individuals get married late.Since people desire to make their bright future and earn handsome salary package,they often delay their wedding ceremony.While some individuals opine that it is beneficial, others advocate that it has detrimental effects.But i support the latter notion and in the following section both views will be discussed.

    To commence with,there are many drawbacks in this view.If people get married after thirties,there is more age difference between parents and their offspring.As a result,parents are unable to accept the lifestyle of new generation,there are more conflicts in their relationship and parents always impose their desicion on children as they stuck with old culture. Secondly, parents become elder or get die when children entere in adulthood.Hence, they miss happy moments of life such as wedding ceremony of children.To illustrate, according to the scientist research, they have been found Test Tube Baby therapy for women because there are less chances of becoming pregnant after thirties and many females are unable to give birth. Consequently, every year plenty of women take this therapy and it has certainly increased the birth ratio in all over the globe.

    On the contrary,it has rewardingly influence owing to that parents are fit and healthy,they spend leisure time with offspring as well as they travel long holidays.Furthermore, parents are aware of new modern era, therefore they impart all sort of knowledge to offspring.For instance,the great filmstar Amitabh Bachchan and his son Abhishek Bachchan work together in movies because there is less age gap between father and son.

    To recapitulate,although people enjoy a lot with offspring during their life span, disadvantages far outweigh advantages.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Same mistake statement does not say discuss both views and you have again written at the end of your introduction. ‘or get die when children entere in adulthood’ or die when children are still not settled. If you support one notion then you cannot discuss both views. If you want to discuss both views then write that according to me this development has both pros and cons.

  7. Preetham says:

    The chart illustrates the average band scores of students from different language groups taking the IELTS General test in the year 2010.
    Overall,the table shows average band score of students from 4 different country’s.German students had the highest overall score and students from Indonesia had the lowest overall score.
    German students had the overall score of 6.7.They scored 6.9 in speaking which is the highest among all the mentioned four modules.Furthermore the German students scored 6.3 in reading and 6.8 in listening.Malay students had a avg overall band score of 6.4.Their avg band score in writing was 6.0 which is the least when compared to other modules.In speaking the Malay students scored 6.6 and 0.2 band less in reading.
    The French and Indonesian students had the same avg band score in listening 6.3 and reading 6.1.There was a difference of 0.4 band score in writing between French and Indonesian students with French students scoring 6.5 in writing.Furthermore there was not much dissimilarity in speaking.The overall band score of Indonesian students was 6.3 which was 0.2 band less when compared to French students.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘language groups taking the IELTS’ not taking but who took the test in 2010. ‘country’s’ countries. You have used ‘is’ a present tense which is wrong because data is of past. avg? Never use short forms this will deduct your score.

  8. Preetham says:

    Today’s world provide many job opportunities.Men and women are given equal priority and it is purely based on talent rather than the gender.These days almost every individual is getting a job and they are aiming for much higher position.With this kind of mindset the younger generation are delaying their marriages and are preferring to have children in thirties.I believe that this kind of development has both pros and corns.
    Positive developments of this kind of circumstances is that they can offer a pretty good life to their children without any financial issues. As many people struggle during their younger age and often find difficult to take the responsibility of family,now they are in a state of mind that they want to settle and earn money so that it would not become a problem in the near future.This is one of the merit regarding why younger people are preferring to get married in their thirties.
    There are a few demerits associated with this kind of development.First of all the age difference between the parents and their new born children would be high.As the parents grow older the generation keeps evolving and they may not be in a state of mind to accept the kind of culture their children prefer to grow.When the children enter their adulthood their parents would probably be in their fifties.Nowadays it is very usual to have health related problems at this age.So the parents cannot interact with their children properly with the health issues and may miss some of the memorable moments associated with their life.
    To recapitulate it is very important for every individual to have a good career and at the same time they must find a balance between their career and taking up the responsibility of a family as children are as important as their profession.
    Can you evaluate my answer

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘ one of the merit’ one of the merits, always use plural of noun or pronoun with phrase ‘one of the’. ‘There are a few demerits’ a is redundant here. ‘culture their children prefer to grow’ culture their children adopt. Good attempt and it can get 4.5 out of 6.

  9. Ganeshkumar Hegde says:

    Task 1:
    The table provides the information about the average IELTS points scored by students from languages such as German, French, Indonesian and Malay.
    The average marks obtained by students from different languages, across different sections range from 6.0 to 6.9. The students from German group have the best overall average points with 6.7. In addition, German students have highest average in individual groups except Reading, in which Malay students have the best average score with 6.4. In contrast, Indonesian students have the least overall average score of 6.3.
    The students from French group and those from Indonesian have similar average scores in all categories barring writing section, where French students have an edge over Indonesian students with 6.5 compared to the Indonesian students’ average score of 6.1.
    It’s interesting to note that the average points in speaking section is the highest among 4 sections for all four languages listed. On the other hand, reading section has lowest average band scores among all the sections for students from all the language groups, with highest average score of only 6.4.

  10. Aisha says:

    One cannot deny the fact that in the 21st century people tend to get married and have children closer to middle age, rather than in their youth. There are contrasting viewpoints on this issue, some people claim that this will lead to negative consequences, whereas others say opposite .This essay will consider both benefits and drawback of this phenomenon and provide my own opinion on this topic.
    To begin with, it is important to identify positive effects of marriage in a more conscious age for person and family in general. First of all, it is economical stability, which often cannot be provided by young couples. People in their thirties usually already have an education and a job, so it is a lower possibility for their family to be in a precarious situation. It should not be forgotten that thirty-year-old women are more likely to plan a pregnancy, rather than young one. Moreover, people of these age group more mature and fully understand their responsibilities as a parent.
    On the other hand, it is always a risk that people in their late thirties either could not give a birth to a child, or their child would have different abnormalities. Another negative effect is the age gap between parents and kids, therefore leading to misunderstandings between generations, which are very common nowadays. And last but not least, if this phenomenon continues, it is likely that next generation of grandparents will not see their grandchildren.
    In conclusion, taking into account the above-mentioned points, I would like to say that this tendency has both benefits and drawbacks; however in my opinion, the positive side outweighs the negative ones.

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