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IELTS Writing Test 17

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The graph below shows the population figures of different types of turtles in India between 1980 and 2012.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Many museums and historical sites are mainly visited by tourists, but not local people. Why this is the case? What can be done to attract more local people to visit these places?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

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  1. Raza Ali (PAK) says:

    Nowadays, plenty of local museums and historical places are mostly visited by foreign tourists as compared to the local community. This is mainly because of high ticket prices and the lack of new developments. However, active measures could be taken to alleviate this issue which will be discussed in this essay.

    Firstly, the local community gets bored by visiting the same local museums and seeing similar historical places. For instance, Taxila museum which is located near Engineering university was developed in the 20th century. No new developments have been made since its development. People are offered with same old facilities every time they visit the museum therefore, local residents avoid visiting Taxila museum due to lack of new services. Secondly, local tourists mainly have to buy the tickets at the same price at which foreigners purchase. A good illustration is that all the visitors visiting historical places in Lahore will have to pay the equal amount of money no matter if the person is local or foreigner.

    Despite having issues the above-prescribed problem could be mitigated easily. One of the effective solutions to tackle this problem is that the local museums should sell tickets to local people at a lower price than foreign tickets price, this would definitely enhance local tourism. Another productive precaution is that the local museums and historical buildings must be renovated. For example, new facilities should be provided to the visitor which will attract local visitors, as local visitors will find new interesting things to watch.

    In conclusion, although the absence of new facilities and higher ticket prices have restricted local people to visit museums and old site, these problems can be resolved by adopting the above-mentioned solutions.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your introduction is not proper. Please watch this video on our official youtube channel and then attempt again. Watch it carefully and it will help you improve your attempt and score in writing. Also subscribe to our channel so that when we upload a new video you get the notification.

  2. Haruna says:

    Many individuals across the world patronised museums and ancient monuments more than the indigenes of the areas where those tourism sites are located. I personally believe that this phenomenon is as result of high cost of ticket to gain access into these places and poor maintenance culture on the buildings and sites . This essay will explore the listed problems in detail and proposes some ways which will attract the indigenous people into the various historical buildings and museums in their communities.

    First and foremost, I will look at the reasons why the local people do not visit their own museums and historical sites and one is the cost of the ticket which is mostly expensive for the native people. What I mean by this is that most indigenes of the areas where the museums and ancient sites are situated find the charges as extravagant, hence they will always feel reluctant to visit those places. For instance, the DW television channel based in Germany, reported in 5th December, 2018, that for the past three decades, 99 percent of the tourists who visited the great pyramids of Egypt are foreigner’s and the remaining one percent are the natives,according to Egyptian authorities, and this is due to the high cost of ticket into the sites. In addition, lack of maintenance in the tourist sites also contributes to its low patronage by the indigenous people since they are already aware of the state of the tourism place in their society. For example, in February last year, the Daily Graphic in Ghana published that there is continues declined in the number of people especially the natives visiting the Elmina Castle in Ghana as tourists and this was proven to be lack of renovation on the building since 1959 according to the local people.

    To address these challenges, there should be a subsidy or reduction on the charges to the tourists places for the indigenous people especially the children for them to more about their history. Again, there should be a regular maintenance on the tourism sites for them to look attractive all the time, hence will always catch the glimpse of the local people in attracting them to visit there.

    To conclude, my view is that the reasons why native persons do not visit historical sites and museums are expensive charges and lack of renovation on the sites, which I recommend that the fees should be reduce for the indigenous particularly children and also there should be constant maintenance on the tourism sites.

  3. annie says:

    It is commonly believed that museums and ancient monuments hold the basic integrity of the society’s culture. These cultural heritage sites and museums are often found overcrowded with tourists compared to locals. In my opinion, the reason for this is expensive entry ticket and huge queues during peak hours.

    Firstly, local people think it has become a lucrative business to increase the entry fees in the name of renovation and preservation of the monumental site. Along with that, there are long queues at the ticket counter as well as at the entry and the solution to avoid such queue is paying more for the same ticket and the local people find this absolutely absurd and waste of money.

    Another reason for the lesser local crowd is poor maintenance of such sites. These monuments are losing their ethnicity and the government has taken no such initiative in preserving it. Local people must have visited the monument at least once and there is no arrangement of any fun activity to attract them to that site again.

    Finally, it is always beneficial to visit such sites to learn more about one’s culture and tradition. In order to attract more local people, ticket prices should be lowered to an acceptable price. In addition to this, the government should check regularly on the renovation process and organize a few cultural activities for school students and visitors. Even schools should encourage such monumental trips to help the student understand traditional and cultural values.

    In conclusion, regardless of the entry fees these museums and architecture are for people to learn and understand the culture and bring similar creativity in their lives.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your ending of introduction is not proper because it does not tells what will be discussed in the following part of the essay. Your English is good but your essay lack enough good words, you need to incorporate better words for example instead of writing acceptable price you could have written affordable prices and so on.

  4. Rinal Kansara says:

    The line graph reveals the population of several types of tortoise in India within a time span of 32years.

    Overall,the number of olive Ridley tortoises raised,whereas the population of leatherback tortoises reduced over the period of 32years.

    According to the graph,the pattern of number of olive Ridley turtles stood at nearly 100 tortoises in 1980 but after that , it increased and reached its zenith approximately 138 turtles in 1997 prior to declining slightly to about 130 turtles in 2000.Subsequetly,the number of turtles varied from 125 tortoises to 135 tortoises for 12 years.Moreover, there were almost 100 leatherback tortoises in 1980 and after 3 years number of tortoises fell down close to 95 turtles but again it swelled around 112 leatherback turtles in 1995.Afterwards,the figure of leatherback population dived and hit the bottom roughly 58 turtles in 2012.

    As per the graph, green tortoises and all species witnessed similar tortoises in the year of 1980 but at the end of the year the pattern of number of all species tortoises surpassed the figure of number of green turtles by a difference of almost 20 tortoises.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You do not give space between numbers and words like 32years which is wrong. ‘the pattern of number of olive Ridley turtles stood at nearly 100 tortoises in 1980’ patter did not stand at 100 the number of turtles stood at 100 and it is not nearly it is exactly 100 in 1980 for all turtles at a starting point. Do not use the tortoise it is different from turtle. ‘witnessed similar tortoises’ wrong formation witness similar pattern.

  5. Rinal Kansara says:

    It is a fact that tourism is a backbone of economy.Moreover, visitors are more attracted by the beauty of monuments than habitants.However there are several reasons which engender this issue,this problem can be mitigated through some innovative solutions and in the following section both causes and solutions will be discussed.

    Discussing the reasons,the most common one is,native people visit plenty of times museums and historical places in their region during their life. Consequently, they get bored after visiting many times as well as they think that, it is worthless to spend their money in visiting same places. Secondly, local people get busy in their day to day life therefore it is arduous for them to find time for the monuments which they have already watched.Also, they have in-depth knowledge about all places in their area and they are holistically aware of their(it is good to write their? Or its history? We can only use their for living things?can I use here their?) history. Hence,local people find it boring and meaningless.

    In order to minimize the negative influence,government should reduce the entry tickets for habitants because it will be affordable by all native people . Furthermore,government should propagate the historical places and museums by mass media in all over the globe.As a result when local people will see it,they will get proud to be a part of their hometown which is famous in the globe and it will certainly encourage them to visit these places.

    To recapitulate, although habitants do not like to waste their money by seeing the monuments of their own region again,this problem can be alleviated by many ways such as declining entry fees and informing them the value of monuments through television.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘Discussing the reasons,the most common one is,native people visit plenty of times museums and historical places in their region during their life’ you cannot write native visit plenty of times this is the problem that they do not visit often you are contradicting your introduction. these monuments’ history. Yes their is used only for human beings. Rather than using the habitants used residents or local citizens. ‘they will get proud’ they will feel proud. ‘declining entry fees’ reducing entry fees not declining. ‘informing them the value’ better way to write apprising them about the significance of.

  6. Preetham says:

    The graph illustrates population figures of different types of turtles in India from the year 1980 to 2012.
    Overall,from the graph we can see 4 types of turtle species namely Olive Ridley Turtles,All species,Green Turtles and Leatherback Turtles.
    From the graph it is evident that the population of all types of turtle species was 100 in the year 1980.However each species followed a different trend as the years passed.The population of Olive Ridley Turtles had a significant growth up to 1996 and then it saw a erratic trend through the course of years.All species turtles settled at a population of 110 by the year 2012 with many ups and downs between 1982 to 2012.
    Green Turtles had a moderate decrease in its population as the years passed and the population was around 90 by 2012. Leatherback Turtles saw a significant decline in the population over the course of years and population reached around 50 by 2012.
    Can you please evaluate my answer

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘All species turtles settled at a population of 110 by the year 2012’ are you sure this correct number as per the chart? The things you mentioned in third paragraph are an overall trend hence should be part of overall. In third paragraph you should have discussed two species and then in the last paragraph other two species.

  7. Preetham says:

    In this competitive world nations are ranked based on their economy.Tourism plays a major role in it.One of the concerns related to the tourism industry is that the local people do not show up very often at the museums and historical sites which are famous tourist places.There are many factors that contribute to why local people do not visit these places and the appropriate measures that can be taken to prevent such circumstances will be discussed in the following paragraphs.
    Every country has its own historical significance.People travel all around the world to explore new things and to know about the ancient history.Usually we see a lot of tourists at these historical places and rarely we come across native people.One of the reasons can be the price of ticket.With high ticket price indigenous people do not prefer to visit museums or the historical places.Furthermore local people will know if the maintenance of the sites are very bad and it is not worthy a visit.This causes a decline in number of native people visitors.
    In order to create more awarness among the indigenous people schools can include any historical visit program in their curriculum and make children aware of the history and culture of the country as many are oblivious of nations history.By reducing cost of the tickets can also see a change in the number of local visitors.Proper maintenance of the historical places,museums can also contribute to the factors that would captivate more native people.
    To recapitulate it is very important for every individual to know their country’s historical significance and it is also the responsibility of the nation to take successive steps to entice the indigenous people.
    Can you evaluate my answer.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Local people cannot be part of tourism. ‘it is not worthy a visit’ it is not worth a visit or worthy of a visit. Your solution paragraph should start with a line which makes it clear for the examiner that now you are going to discuss solutions which is not the case here.

  8. vinhvv says:

    The line graph compares four various types of turtles, namely Olive Ridley, All Spices, Green and Leatherback in terms of the quantities of the tortoises which lived in India over a period of 32 years, starting from 1980.
    Looking at the graph, it is immediately obvious that all the figures for kinds of Indian turtles fluctuated over the research period. At the same time, while the quantity of Leatherback Turtles dropped dramatically, there was a slight increase in the number of Olive Ridley Turtles in India.
    In 1980, the number of turtles in all types were approximately equal, at about 100 individuals. While the quantity of Olive Ridley saw a gradual growth and reached a peak in about 1997, a slow drop of about 60 was seen in the plenty of Leatherback turtles in 2002.
    In 2012, the variety of single turtles both All Species and Green tortoises stayed immediately unchanged in range from 90 to 110. By contrast, there were only nearly 55 Leatherback Turtles lived in India. Meanwhile, approximately 130 Olive Ridley individuals still existed here.

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