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IELTS Writing Test 15

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The diagram illustrates the process that is used to manufacture bricks for the building industry.

Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Some students tend to play computer games rather than do sports. Why is this? What can be done to tackle the problem?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

27 responses to “IELTS Writing Test 15”

  1. Akhil Jain says:

    The figure shows the process of manufacturing bricks which are used in the construction of buildings. Overall, there are five steps in the manufacturing of bricks starting from the digging of clay and finally the cooling.

    The first step involved in the manufacturing of bricks is the collection of clay through the digger. Secondly, the clay is refined by placing it on the metal grids. After the clay refinement, it is crushed by the rollers to produce pure sand. In the third phase, the sand is mixed with the water, and the resultant mixture can be processed either in the mould or in the wire cutter, both of them turn the wet clay into the rectangular shape.

    Fourthly, the rectangular blocks containing wet clay are placed in the drying oven for at least 24-48 hours before processing to the next step. Finally, the dried blocks of sand are heated at moderate (200oC – 980oC) and high (870oC – 1300oC) temperature, and then transferred into the cooling chamber. After 48-72 hours of cooling, the manufactured bricks are then packed and sent out for the delivery.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      In overall you have take all steps into account including delivery. Instead of using numbers for steps (fourthly) write the next step in the process is or thereafter. Otherwise it is a very attempt. To make it better you should watch our video on Task 1 on our official youtube channel and subscribe to it so that when we upload new videos you get the notification.

  2. rishma batia says:

    Sport plays an important role in people’s lives. A few groups of students prefer to play computer games instead of sports in their free time. This is mainly because of lack of time and facilities; however, several active measures could be taken to alleviate this problem. This essay will elaborate on the two main causes of playing computer games and will provide effective solutions to overcome this issue.

    Most students tend to spend their spare time playing video games with their friends. One of the main reasons is the time constraint. For example, students hardly find time for leisure activities due to study burden, therefore they consumed their time staying at home and playing video games. Another problem is that due to low pocket money students cannot afford to pay fitness club fees. To illustrate, gym fitness centers normally charge a very high amount of money, which is relatively higher than student’s per month pocket money hence students avoid doing workouts in the gym.

    Although there are several reasons why pupils avoid playing sports, the two productive solutions can iron out this problem. Perhaps, the best way to tackle this challenge is to educate students regarding health problem arising because of abandoning sports. To exemplify, students should be warned that avoiding physical activities may lead to obesity. One of the other precautions could be that the Government should establish sports centers with free facilities so that youngsters can spend their time doing workouts. This solution would hopefully prevent students from playing computer games.

    In conclusion, the lack of sufficient time and sports facilities are the two prime factors which are causing this issue, but this problem could be solved easily by creating awareness among students and offering sports facilities.

  3. Prasanna says:

    The given process diagram illustrate the major steps in brick manufacturing for industrial purposes. When packaging and transportation are included this process consists of nine stages.
    First clay is dug out from earth using a digger and sent through a metal grid for separating out unnecessary particles. After that the material is transported to another place using rollers where it is mixed with sand and water .The mixture is then either pressed to the moulds for making individual bricks or sent through a wire cutter where bricks are cut off from the dough sequentially.
    Bricks made in either way are then kept in a drying oven for 24 to 48 hours before being transported to the kiln where burning takes place. This is carried out in two stages, one at a temperature range of 200-980 Centigrade and the other at 870-1300 degrees of Centigrade. Heated bricks are then cooled off in another chamber for about two to three days. Finally, packaging and transportation take place.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Not pressed to the moulds but put in the moulds. The official unit of temperature is Celsius do not use Centigrade for it. Last line could be better with a complex structure for example, the final product is then packaged and dispatched in delivery trucks

  4. Haruna Adamu says:

    The given diagram provides information about the steps involved in the production of bricks for the construction company.
    Overall, it can be observed from the diagram that there are about nine stages in producing bricks, starting from the collection of the raw material (clay), which will passed through various stages to the end point of delivery.

    The process begin by digging the clay from the ground using a digger, it is then refined and assembled on a roller through a metal grid to be transformed into sand. The sand is mixed with water followed by manufacturing of the bricks either through a wire cutter or by moulding, and the next is where the bricks are dried in an oven for 24 to 48 hours.

    The process continued with the heating of the bricks in a kiln. Firstly, they are heated with a moderate temperature ranging between 200 and 980 degree Celsius and later to a higher temperature from 870 to 1,300 degree Celsius, followed by cooling the bricks in a chamber for two to three days and finally, the bricks becomes ready for use after packaging. They are then transported by a truck to the building site.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘for the construction company’ means that the bricks are produced for just one particular company, instead for construction companies. Do not write anything in bracket. Which is passed not will. The process begins not begin. The next is where, it should the next step or stage is where. The process continues not continued, do not mix tenses. In some lines you are using past tense and in some present tense. In processes and flow charts simple present is used. They is used for persons not for objects, these are heated at a moderate temperature not with a. Building site is not mentioned in the graph so do not write it.

  5. Haruna says:

    In recent times, school going people preferred electronic games to engaging in physical sporting activities. I personally believe that this phenomenon is basically due to technological advancement and lack of sporting facilities in our various schools and communities. This essay will explore the problem in detail and propose some immediate remedies.

    First and foremost, technology which now makes the world as a global village came with a wide range of opportunities to humanity but there are also some drawbacks associated with it such as this issue on the table. The advent of computer games which were intended mainly to help reduce stress and as a fun are gradually collapsing our old age sporting activities like playing football, partaking in athletes competition, table tennis and so on. This is due to easy access to computers in all parts of the world and as a result people are developing more and more interest in electronic games especially students. For instance, about two decades ago in Ghana, almost every school going person had rather play one or more of the sporting games either in school or at home, however it is the opposite now a days.

    Another important factor is the lack of sporting facilities in our campuses and societies. Recently, school authorities are more interested in building more classrooms and town and city planners are also thinking of solving housing need of the people hence all having less or no attention for constructing or improving a existing sports facility. For example, there was a documentary on CNN last month that the reason why Brazil is more successful in international football competition like the World Cup is that in Brazil, there are about five to ten football stadia in each town of the country.

    To tackle this surging behavior, people particularly students should be reminded that the benefits of partaken in regular physical games such as playing football, table tennis, athletes etc which are gaining fitness,reducing stress, burning excess body fats,prevention of diseases outweigh that of just playing computer games.
    A further point is that there should be all kinds of various sporting facilities across the schools and towns and cities since the present of a particular sporting field in an area can boost the peoples interest in that game.

    In conclusion, despite the fact that playing computer games can be helpful, it should not be seen to be replacing other sporting activities
    among students because of technology advances and non – availability of sports facilities. In my view, it should rather complement already exiting sporting games for the betterment of all.

  6. annie says:

    In this era of increasing dependency on technology, computer games are preferred more over actual physical activity like sports. This is mainly because students have easy access to computers and are introduced to such technology at a very tender age. There is a number of solutions that should be implemented to deal with such issues.

    Firstly, students, these days are provided with computers at a very early age, the age which was meant to be utilized making new friends and playing outdoor games. Introducing them to computers is necessary as the school is in favor of advancing the student’s computer skills by giving them various computer-based assignments. Secondly, because of urbanization, all the empty spaces are occupied by skyscrapers thus reducing the overall area for students to play.

    There are two effective solutions to the problem. One way to tackle this is to include sports in the school curriculum. Students should spend a minimum of 1 hour in any sports activity of their choice. Even parents need to encourage their children to participate in sports rather than sitting in front of a computer screen. Every school should organize an annual sports event to boost up the spirits of the children. Another method of dealing with this is building parks and playgrounds for children and keeping it open all day. Parents should accompany their kids to such parks as their kids will be under their constant supervision and they can even have a walk while the kids play.

    In conclusion, with new parks and playgrounds in town along with constant support from parents students will be able to develop more interest in sports compared to computer games. If the school continues with their encouragement, the number of students glued to computer games will drop drastically.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Deal with this issue not such issues because problem statement talks about a particular problem. Your essay is incoherent because the ending of your introduction talks about solutions which gives the impression that in the next paragraph solutions will be discussed which is not the case. Rest of the essay is fine and well written.

  7. annie says:

    The diagram shows how the brick is manufactured for the building industry. Overall, the whole process takes place in five different steps before bricks are packed and sent for delivery.

    Initially, large diggers are used to dig clay from the ground. This clay is then passed through a metal grid before transferring it to the roller in order to remove any kind of impurities. The clay from the roller is then mixed with sand and water. The resulting mixture is passed through moulds or wire cutters to provide the shape of the brick.

    The brick is then placed in a drying oven for 24 to 48 hours from where it is transferred to kiln first at a moderate temperature of 200oC-980oC and then at a high temperature of 870oC-1300oC. Thereafter, the brick is kept in a cooling chamber for 48-72 hours. After cooling, the brick is ready to be packed and loaded in a truck for delivery to the building site.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You have perfected task 1 now. So there is no need to submit anymore task 1. Focus on other modules where you feel you need improvement. Good job.

  8. Rinal kansara says:

    The diagram reveals the procedure of producing bricks for the construction of building industry.

    Overall,there are several stages between digging clay from the earth and exporting via truck.

    First of all, clay is dug by digger machine prior to keeping it on metal grid to grind.Then, it is crushed through rollar and transfered for further process.Afterwards, water and sand are added in the crushing sand and the mixture of these both is sent to mould or wire cutter to give shape of bricks.

    Following this,the rectangular blocks are kept in dying oven for 1 to 2days.Subsequently,it is heated at moderate temperature 200℃ to 980℃ in klin and high temperature at 870℃ to 1300℃ respectively.After that, it is passed to cooling chamber for 48 to 72 hrs for cooling.Finally, it is sent for packaging before delivery.Eventually,it is ready for delivery and it is delivered via truck.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Rollar spelling wrong. ‘give shape of bricks’ to give shape to bricks. Drying oven not dying oven. Such silly spelling mistakes will actually lower band score significantly so try to avoid these. ‘ it is passed to cooling chamber’ it is kept in cooling chamber.

  9. Rinal Kansara says:

    There is no doubt that playing computer games is preferred by many pupils instead of playing sports.Since technology has become a cornerstone (let me know here a cornerstone or only cornerstone) of this modern world,all students learn to play video games since childhood. However there are several causes which engender this problem,it can be mitigated with some innovative solutions.Furthermore,in the following section both causes and solutions will be discussed.

    To commence with,scarcity of time and space are the biggest factors. Moreover,now a days everywhere skyscrapers have built and it is certainly arduous to find the space to play sports because it occupies more space.Also,learners have more burden of their study and teachers daily give them project work,assignment.As a result,after coming from school they immediately indulge in completing homework.Secondly, parents have become workaholic and they have started to live in nuclear family where there is no other family members with whom children can play outdoor games and spend their quality time.To illustrate,every school has been providing computer education to pupils since many years during schooling rather than sports education.Hence, pupils have found computer is fascinating subject.

    In order to minimize this detrimental effect, firstly, government should emphasize on constructing sports centres and providing equipments. Therefore,tremendous number of students can daily play sports like football,valleyball and cricket especially who live in urban area. Secondly,school should impart knowledge of sports with good sports teacher as well as sports should be tought as a major subject in all schools.For instance,in India,the Prime minister Narendra Modi has been organizing “Khel Mahakumbh” every year to encourage people of all over the world to participate in different sports.Also,every year many teenagers participate in many sports with great enthusiasm.

    To recapitulate, although pupils always get busy with homework and some are not able to play sports due to dearth space,this issue can be alleviated by developing sports stadium and organizing sports competitions in schools.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      cornerstone is fine. ‘Furthermore,in the following’ furthermore is redundant here so should not be used. ‘skyscrapers have built’ have been built. ‘have found computer is fascinating subject’ found computer to be a fascinating subject. tought spelling mistake taught. ‘dearth space’ dearth of space.

  10. Preetham says:

    The diagram shows the process of manufacturing bricks for the building industry.
    Overall,the process requires five steps excluding the packaging and the delivery to the site.
    At first a digger is used to dig the clay from the ground.It is then refined by placing it on the metal grid and then transferred on to the roller.Thereafter it is mixed with sand and water.The next step in the process is to provide a shape to the brick by using either wire cutter or a mould.
    After acquiring an appropriate shape it is then kept in a drying oven for 24 to 48 hours.Thereafter it is transferred to kiln one having a moderate temperature of 200-980 C and then to another one having a high temperature of 870-1300 C.It is then placed in a cooling chamber.After 48 to 72 hours of cooling the manufactured bricks are packed and then sent out for delivery.
    Can you evaluate my answer

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Process entails five steps not requires. Write 200 to 980 degree Celsius not only C. ‘one having a high temperature’ one having a higher temperature. Very good attempt precise and only couple of grammatical errors.

  11. Preetham says:

    With the advancement in technology regarding computer games people are usually attracted to it especially the younger generation.Nowadays people often find playing computer related games more fascinating rather than playing outdoor games.Successive measures can be taken to tackle this problem.
    Technology has become so advanced and with the availability of computers at much cheaper rates most of the people are able to afford to buy a computer.The fact that the computer games are addictive cannot be ignored.One of the main problem is that availability of space to play sports is declining due to rapid urbanization.Many students are unable to find places to play and hence they are restricting themselves to home.Lack of awareness is also a issue.Schools or colleges are mainly focusing to improve the academic performance of the student neglecting the importance of outdoor sports.
    Measures can be taken by constructing play grounds for the students and schools should also include a outdoor sport activity in their curriculum without fail.Parents can also restrict their children from spending too much time on computer and by encouraging them to play sports for their personality development.Creating awareness among the students the necessity of a physical activity is also significant.Government organizing sports competitions in order to raise the spirit of students and supporting new talent is also essential.
    To recapitulate it is very important for the students to make a habit of playing outdoor games as it helps them to reduce the stress they face in order to compete in this competitive world.
    Can you please evaluate my answer.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘One of the main problem’ main problems not problem. ‘Measures can be taken’ abrupt start to the paragraph measure can be taken for what? ‘a outdoor sport’ an outdoor not a outdoor. Overall a decent attempt. Your both task combined will get 6.5 bands.

  12. Moutaz says:

    Task 2:
    In modern times, While the technology is being developed the increasing number of video games is resulted from market’s supply and demand. In the other hand, the lower enrollment in sport games has become an increasing concern in many societies. This essay will discuss the main causes and provide some practical solutions for this problem.
    Two main causes of growing number of computer games player is that parent encourage, and government did not provide enough support to sport places. Although parents know the benefits of playing sport games they prefer to their son/daughter to stay close to them and play at home. Adults nowadays think that videogames are safer than outside. For example, my uncle his son is 15 years old, but I never saw him playing football with us or basketball at all, his parents say that they fear their child my break her leg while playing with us. Another point to be made is the government encourage. Sport authorities trying hard to manipulate the old way of playing because it is more expensive to make a football yard rather than designing video games.
    Some possible solution to this problem is enlighten people throughout the media bout videogames risks and sport benefits. Although Digital games has horrible side effects to players such as Autism, and lack of communication there is increasing demand to it. A good illustration for psychological effects is the killer of L Paso, he killed a more than 6 people while 25 others are injured when the police did the investigations, he said that Fortnight is his motive to do this. Thus, student should be aware of these side effects and media must provide a complete report to reduce this phenomenon.

    To conclude, while the parent trying to keep their child in safe and government attempts to reduce the expenses, students opt to play video games instead of doing sport. This could be solved by enlightening people about this problem.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘While the technology’ while with small w. ‘number of video games is resulted’ is resulting or has resulted. ‘In the other hand’ on the other hand. ‘prefer to their son/daughter’ to should not come here. video games are two separate words not one. ‘my uncle his son is 15 years old’ my uncle’s son. ‘child my break her leg’ may not my and his because you wrote son earlier. bout or about. ‘Digital games has horrible’ digital with small d and have not has. ‘side effects to players’ on players not to players. ’25 others are injured’ were injured. ‘Fortnight is his motive’ was his motive.

  13. Bonnie says:

    The given figure provides information about procedure that is manufacturing of bricks for building companies.
    Overall, there are 9 steps starting from digging up clay including delivery service at the final stage.

    At first, clay is dug out from earth using a digger and sent through a metal grid for filtering out any dispensable particles. After that lifted clay is transferred to another place via roller where it is added sand and water. Once they are mixed, the mixture is shaped in 2 ways which are using moulds or wire cutter. Bricks are made by either way and then kept in a drying oven for 24 to 48 hours with several bricks of dozen before being transferred to the kind of boring oven so-called kiln.
    At this stage, there are 3 steps, the first one, bricks are heated at moderate temperature a range of 200 to 980 celsius and moved to high temperature kiln which is at 870 t0 1300 celsius then cooled down in the cooling chamber at least 48, maximum 72 hours.
    After this stage, cooled off bricks are packed and dispatched through delivery trucks.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘where it is added sand and water’ right way to write is where sand and water are added to it. ‘in 2 ways which are using moulds’ which are should not come here. ‘with several bricks of dozen’ you cannot use several and dozen together because dozen is a fixed number and several is not. ‘980 celsius’ 980 degree celsius.

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