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IELTS Writing Test 103

Task 1: The diagram below shows how electricity is generated in a hydroelectric power station. Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Some people say that music is a good way of bringing people of different cultures and ages together. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Write at least 250 words.

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  1. Habib ullah says:

    Music is an important part of today,s life, therefore a fair amount of people tend to believe that it is a good source to bring the people of different cultures and ages together. I am partially agree with this notion.
    To embark, now a days some people rely too much on music to keep themselves relax. They hearing the music throughout the day while working. There are different types of Music for example folk music,classical music etc. so all the people are not interested in any one kind of music. that,s why it,s difficult for a particular type of music to unite the people on a single point. For example take the example of India where Hindi music is very popular amongst
    a major part of population,but in northern part of the country the people do not know Hindi language. So it,s quite difficult for Hindi music to concentrate the Indians on one point. Most people in northern part preferred to folk music. There language problem should be addressed.

    On the other hand, music has a conditional role to give the people a one point agenda. Firstly the celebrities and artist concerned with a specific music should have a global publicity, and secondly the language barrier should be eradicated. For example take the example of holly wood music,because English has acquired the status of an international language therefore it can accumulate majority of the people on one point. So publicity and homogeneity are important in this regards.
    In conclusion, to bring the peoples of different cultures and ages together some inevitable measures should be brought in practice. Through this way a wast majority of people can here a particular music and can reduce their mental resentment.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your introduction is not proper. Please watch our tutorial on how to write the perfect introduction because introduction is the most important part of your essay since it sets the tone of your essay and makes an impression in the mind of the examiner. The link to the tutorial is given below. Now other mistakes. I partially agree not I am partially agree. Instead of embark write to begin with, embark is generally used when you start a journey or some activity. Keep themselves relaxed not relax. They hear the music not hearing. Do not use short forms like that’s always write full form that is why. For example take the example of India, avoid repetition of words like example here simply write For example in India. Wrong use of word concentrate here. Most people prefer to not preferred to.

      Your essay falls short on task completion because you said you partially agree but you have not given points on how music unites people. This is a big mistake. Please watch our tutorial carefully and try to improve your attempt because with this kind of writing you will not get more than 6 bands in writing.

  2. Yami says:

    The diagram illustrates thecway in which electricity is produced in a hydroelectric power station and supplied to national grid using powerline which is connected with generator.

    Overall, the process of power station is different for day and night. And reversible turbine works differently during daytime and night time.

    Water from river is blocked by dam and it is stored in high level reservoir. At the bottom of reservoir, intake is open during day and close during night.

    During daytime, while the intake is opened,water enters into power station to generate electricity. The reservoir turbine operates generator during water goes to lower level reservoir and generate electricity. Then electricity is transmitted to the national grid via power lines.

    In the nighttime, the reservoir turbine pumps water from low level reservoir. Then water flows back to high level reservoir through the same tunnel that water uses during daytime.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      It is a very good attempt but you can make some improvements for example overall could be written in a slightly better way – The functioning of the power station depends on the time of the day as it is evident from diagram that the process that occurs during the day varies from the one that transpires in the night. Your basic English is good with no grammatical mistakes which is good. But in writing everything depends on task 2 as it is of 6 bands out of total 9 and I hope your attempt in task 2 are equally impressive. For this task you can easily get 2 out of 3 bands. Keep it up 🙂

  3. Serife says:

    Is it correct for opinion essay?

    Music has been a crucial part of life throughout human history. It is believed by some that music can gather people together in spite of cultural differences, and age is also not important. In my opinion, I completely agree with this point of view.

    There is no doubt that every country has its own culture and customs, therefore music forms traditions of people. However, if individuals start to take same taste of music, they will not care their cultures and will accompany each other with same rhythm and melody even though they do not understand lyrics which are written on other languages. For instance, Rock ’n’ Roll which is one of the most popular festivals around the world consists of diverse genres of music such as rock, jazz, and country music and brings people who do not have same cultures together as well as ensures their sharing same sense of happiness.

    Age is not a significant factor for people who really know to feel the music in their souls. If a young person listens to rock music, he or she will continue to be interested in the same style of music, getting older, namely, it does not change with age. For example, there are numerous videos on Youtube and social media which grandparents dance along with their grandchildren with fast beat music. When people witness their pleased moments, they usually put a smile on their faces without any biases about their ages.

    In conclusion, music is the nutrition of the soul for many people. Therefore, I believe it can bring people who are from different countries and have diverse cultures together. In addition, individuals who really enjoy music do not care about their ages.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Good introduction. ‘they will not care their cultures’ care about cultures. ‘written on other languages’ written in other languages. ‘When people witness their pleased moments’ it is grammatically wrong, when people experience these pleasant moments. Overall a good attempt but lacks a decent vocabulary. You have used very simple language which will not get you more than 6.5 bands.

  4. Serife says:

    thank you very much for your all comments. The next week I am taking the exam. Do you have any suggestion about how I can increase my vocabulary score? is there any source? I know I cannot memorize very advanced vocab within a week. But maybe there are some useful tricks for it which you advise.

  5. Nsikak says:

    A lot of people around the world have come to the conclusion that music unites people of different ages and cultural background. Personally I totally agree to this claim.

    Music has a way of putting one in a relaxed state. At a time when a person is stressed and needs to rests, he or she can put on the disc player irrespective of the genre or whatever language of the lyric as long as it has a great melody. This is why people from one part of Africa would listen to an Asian song. As a matter of fact it has been recorded that some artiste do better in other countries compared to other native country.

    Collaborations between artiste of different cultural background is a form of unity brought by music. Racism does not exist when it comes to music, people do not see colours, they just want beautiful sound. Recently a popular musician Adams Smith concluded a musical tour in which he visited three Asian countries, four West African countries and two Arab countries. One would think because of cultural differences Adams Smith will not be welcomed in these countries but the reverse is the case, as a matter of fact he had six collaborations during the tour.

    Musical awards organized on a global level has shown how much unity that exist among artistes. A relevant example is the just concluded MTV awards, with people of different cultural background all in one building. Awards like this showcase varieties of stage performance from artistes singing in their native language. Income have been generates in awards like this to build facilities in developing countries.

    To conclude, music has brought people of variety of cultural background as well as ages together. More collaboration as well as other factors to enhance this unity should be promoted.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Try to make better introduction it is very short and abrupt. ‘needs to rests’ rest not rests. some artistes not artiste. ‘compared to other native country’ their native country. Artiste is singular so make sure you use it properly. ‘but the reverse is the case’ was the case. ‘Income have been generates in awards like this to build facilities in developing countries’ this line is grammatically incorrect.

  6. bhargav reddy says:

    Especially in the past decade or so, number of people listening to and appreciating the art of music has increased exponentially. Many believe that, irrespective of their language, culture and age music often creates a bond between the human race. This essay will discuss, why I completely agree with this statement and why it is also essential for our well being.
    Coping with the demand, music production has also increased in the recent past. Because of the latest advancement in the internet, people anywhere in the world, can access the music produced in different countries via social media websites like youtube, without much hassle. More often than not, people get motivated listening to good lyrics featured in the songs. Today, there is a wide variety of music, that cater all age groups, ethnicities and religions.
    People are also showing lots of interest to attend various live concerts organized all around the world. To illustrate this, last year in 2018, American singers Justin Bieber and Ed sheeran had toured throughout India, where people gathered in thousands to watch them perform live, though the ticket prices are astronomical. Because of this increasing attention to their work, many musicians are using this opportunity to bring people together for a good cause. Usually, they are donating a certain percentage of the money to charities, that they earn through these events,.
    To conclude, I feel that music in fact is bringing people around the world together. But on the other hand, vulgar music is also gaining popularity in the current generation, especially teenagers. It is the responsibility of each and every musician to not show a bad influence on children and youngsters.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Do not start with especially because this word is used to continue an argument and not to start one. YouTube not youtube because it is a proper noun now. ‘cater all age groups’ cater to. ‘though the ticket prices are astronomical.’ even though ticket prices were exorbitant. ‘to not show a bad influence on’ to not put a bad influence on. Good attempt.

  7. Deepti says:

    Music is a form of art that is far away from discrimination of religion, gender, and diverse culture. Section of people believes that it brings positivity and closeness among people of different age groups and develops a sight of unity in diversity. I firmly perceive that music is the best way in terms of bringing people together.

    Any kind of art is incomplete without an artist and they play a significant role in binding their audience together. There is no doubt that every country has its own culture and customs, however, the cultural and age gaps are easily filled by the creation of an artist. Michael Jackson, for example, gained popularity around the globe consists of multiculturalism because of the music he created. In spite of difficulties in understanding lyrics people enjoy the melodious notes originated by him which entails warmth and a sense of attachment towards different cultures.

    The foundation of ancient music, additionally, contributes in bringing old and young people together. Nowadays, multifarious music companies are producing a modern version of folk music by adding louder beats in order to draw attention of young generation. Owing to this, they are acquiring recognition from the people of different age groups. Sony music, for instance, ensures to keep ancient music such as classical as a base of their production along with a variation of hip hop and rock genre. By this manner, all the age groups could feel the harmony of music together which results in filling the age differences with love and happiness.

    To conclude, music is like nutrition for soul and I believe it paints a cross-culture window with love and eradicates the hatred among the various cultures.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      It is a brilliant attempt with good points and crisp writing. Your sentence formation is also impressive and precise. The only feedback is if you can make your conclusion a bit more elaborate by reiterating your above points in different words. Otherwise overall it is an excellent attempt.

  8. Ismail says:

    Task 1:
    The diagram explains the way in which electricity is produced in a hydroelectric power station.

    Overall, the process can be broadly separated into day and night stages, where water flows from a river into a lower-lever reservoir at the daylight stages. On the other hand, at night, water pumped back up to the upper reservoir.

    Firstly, water enters into a high-level reservoir from a river, where the water is held back from its natural course by a dam. Underneath the dam, there is a intake that is open during day and closed at night. The water flows through the intake into the power station, in which there are some reversible turbines that can use the force of moving water to run the generator, which in turn produces electricity. After that, the generated electricity supplied to the national grid through power lines.

    Once the water generated power, it moves into a lower-level reservoir. Finally, at night the water from the lower level reservoir pumped back into the high-level reservoir by the reversible turbines.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘water pumped back’ water is pumped back. ‘a intake’ an intake and instead of intake use the word inlet. ‘generated electricity supplied’ electricity is supplied. ‘Once the water generated power’ it is grammatically wrong. ‘lower level reservoir pumped back’ reservoir is pumped back.

  9. Ismail says:

    Thank you sir!

  10. Sede says:

    Music is considered by some to be an effective method in uniting together people of various cultures and ages. In my opinion, I completely agree that this is an excellent way of joining individual people of diverse cultural backgrounds and age groups together.

    Firstly, music has clear means of bonding each individual person of different customs together. Collaboration between different musical artistes, irrespective of their ethnicities is a form of unity brought by music. Take, for example, some musicians from Africa collaborate with those from America to produce different genres of music, such as, rock, jazz and hip-hop, and also organizes live concerts. Tickets prices to these live concerts might be exorbitant. however, it serves as an opportunity for thousands of people around the world to come together and be entertained. In addition, musical awards organized on a global level offer people of many different races a chance to be in the same building and feel that sense of belonging to one race, and also appreciate each other’s way of life.

    With regards to different age groups, music contributes in bringing young and old people together. Rather than producing a particular style of music, a vast majority of music industries are inculcating a modern version of folk music, by adding louder beats in order to draw the attention of both younger and older generations. For instance, there are numerous videos on YouTube and Facebook, where grandparents dance along with their grandchildren to different rhythms of music. Furthermore, a wide variety of music cater for various ages, and oweing to this, the youth and elderly may feel the harmony of music together, which result in filling the age difference.

    To conclude, music brings people of distinct cultures, as well as various ages together in harmony. More collaboration between musicians of different colour and continuous production of varieties of musical genres and styles should be promoted to enhance unity amongst societies.

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