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IELTS Writing Test 101

Task 1: The charts below show the average percentages in typical meals of three types of nutrients, all of which may be unhealthy if eaten too much. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Some people believe that it is best to accept a bad situation, such as an unsatisfactory job or shortage of money. Others argue that it is better to try and improve such situations.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

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  1. Rinal kansara says:

    The pie chart reveals the information regarding the ratio of consumption of various nutrients namely,Sodium,Saturated fat,Added sugar by the USA people which may be unhealthy if too much eaten in meals by people. Overall,consumption of sodium,saturated fat and added sugar respectively decreased during dinner and lunch whilst,it inclined in snacks. With regards to consumption of sodium in dinner,remaimed relatively constant while taking snacks and breakfast.Moreover,the ratio of sodium in lunch was 29% and experienced a growth of 14% in dinner.The percentage of Saturated fat decreased from 26% in lunch to 21% in snacks.Furthermore,the Saturated fat in breakfast that accounted for 16% of the USA’s meal,experienced a more than two fold increase to 37% in dinner. As per the graph,added sugar in snacks consumed more than twice (42%) that of dinner(23%).Also,the proportion of added sugar declined 3% than lunch(19%).

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      It is not pie chart it is pie charts. Not by the USA people instead write by the consumers in the USA. We cannot comment on your structure since you write in one single paragraph which is not a good practice. Do no write numbers in bracket. Here again you have used words like decreased and declined, we mentioned earlier also that when comparing two different categories like lunch and dinner try to avoid use such words. Instead you could write like proportion of sodium used in breakfast was lower as compared to breakfast. In pie charts you must use words like comprised, accounted for.

  2. RINAL KANSARA says:

    i write in my mobile so this problem is going on.when i write in laptop u can not see i at all mix.and i do not know why this problem is going on in mobile in spite of that i have written in different paragraph.sorry for that.let me know plz if i had written only about sodium then i can use decrease ?i mean when i use only one pie graph of sodium and compare with inner and breakfast?and let me know another word in place of lower……….and if i will not write in bracket,how examiner will understand my ratio?if i will write only two fold ,three fold……………let me know how to write it then?i have exam on 11th may…plz i request u bcz u have helped me a lot…i really appreciate u..

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Yes for same category you can use decrease/ increase. Use twofold, threefold for absolute numbers for example if a number goes from 2 to 4 then write it increased to twofold. Avoid using twofold, threefold with percentages.

  3. Rinal kansara says:

    Sir avoid use with percentage means only u r telling that write two fold and 3fold and don’t write value in bracket?

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      We mean that write number like 42% and do not write it in bracket. And with percentage use words that we have mentioned in our pie chart video and do not use twofold or threefold with percentages.

  4. benish says:

    The pie charts reflect the trends in consumption of 03 nutrients: sodium, saturated fats and added sugar in typical American meals. Generally the breakfasts are the healthiest meals with reasonably low concentrations of sodium and saturated fats, 16% each and slightly lower amount of added sugar, i.e. 14%. by this standard, the Americans take unhealthy meals at dinner with high amount of sodium and saturated fats, viz. 43% and 37% respectively.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Please complete the task and then submit. Your task is way too short it should meet the word limit of 150 words, otherwise there is no point of writing the task because this short task will not get you any good bands.

  5. Onwuakpa nnaemeka Franklin says:

    The charts illustrate proportion of three different nutrients ( sodium, saturated fats and added sugar) contained in the usual daily meals(breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) eaten per day in the USA.

    Overall, concentrations of sodium and saturated fat were more in food consumed at dinner and lunch time. Whereas added sugar was more in snacks, breakfast contained approximately equal proportions of all nutrients.

    Dinner and Lunch contained highest amount sodium and saturated fats totalling 80% and 55% respectively. On the other hand, snacks and breakfast constituted the least amount of this nutrients with both summing up to 35% and 30% each.

    Finally, it can also been seen that snacks had the highest quantity of added sugar which was measured to be 43%. This was approximately twice the amount contained in the other three meals, (dinner, breakfast and lunch). They were made of 23%, 19% and 16% of added sugar respectively.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Always use ‘the’ with words like highest. Snacks and breakfast did not constitute this nutrients it is other way around constitute means part hence salt and sugar are the part not snack and breakfast. It is a decent attempt. Your basic English is good with very few grammatical mistakes which is very good thing because it means your foundation is strong. Now you just need to build on that and polish your English and attempt. Please watch our lesson on how to attempt a triple pie chart and you will definitely improve your attempt next time.

  6. Onwuakpa nnaemeka Franklin says:

    I posted my reply but am yet to get feedback

  7. Nsikak says:

    Life choices are usually determined by the individuals concerned, which normally depends on the experiences such individual has been through. A certain percentage of people are of the opinion that nothing can be done about negative situations whilst others believe it can be worked open. In my opinion, they are some situations that nothing can be done however in some situations they are room for improvements.
    A lot of people would settle for bad situations such as unsatisfactory job, shortage of money or failures in exam because they believe no one knows what would happen next, so they would rather accept the situation they are in. For most of them they have had to struggle through worst situations to get there. They believe they are better off people doing far less than them in life.
    On the other hand a certain percentage of people would disagree. These people are of the opinion that it is profitable to make efforts to improve a particular situation instead of settling for less, they are busy looking for methods to make things work out better. Constantly having a never give up attitude towards life.
    Personally I think the attitude in which one approaches a situation would be determined by the circumstances surrounding such situation. Certain situation would always require one to give up but it is always best to try to improve. One should not compare themselves with people that are not doing as good as they are, rather should strive to keep improving.
    To reiterate people should not always accept a bad situation they should always try to improve on it, except in situations where there are no rooms for improvements which is almost impossible.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      The ending of your introduction is not proper because you did not mention what will be discussed in the essay later. ‘they are some situations that nothing can be done’, there are not they are and nothing can be done about. Your English is good with no grammatical mistakes, sentence structure is also fine. You can easily score 7 bands in IELTS if you can improve your introduction and keep your essay in proper structure. Watch our tutorial on task 2 and learn how to write the perfect introduction, the link is given below:

  8. Yami says:

    The pie charts illustrates the average percentages of sodium,saturated fats and added sugar portion in USA meals like breakfast,dinner,launch and snacks. It demonstrates that if usa consumers eat more meal, it might be affect to their health.

    Overall,dinner has highest level of sodium and saturated fat in usa. Whereas snacks have more sugar than any other means consumed in usa. On the other hand,breakfast contains lowest sodium,saturated fat and added sugar.

    With regards to average percentage of nutrients, breakfast contains 14 percent of sodium,16 percent of saturated fat and 16 percent of suger. The another meal of usa,launch has 29 percent of sodium,26 percent of saturated fat and 19 percent of added sugar.

    The meal that has highest level of sugar with 42 percent is snacks. In addition, snacks have14 percent of sodium and 21 percent of saturated fat. Another meal consumed in usa is dinner which is full of sodium with 43 percent. In sum of sodium, dinner has saturated fat and sugar with 37 and 23 percent respectively.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Always use ‘the’ with United States. Never give your own meaning or conclusion in task which is a big mistake which you have done in this sentence ‘It demonstrates that if usa consumers eat more meal, it might be affect to their health’. Always use ‘the’ with words like highest and lowest. Please you made minor mistakes which many students make. There is no variety in your sentence structure which is a must for high band score in writing. Please watch our following two tutorials on how attempt task 1, what mistakes to avoid and how to write sentences differently:

  9. Habib ullah says:

    Technology is flourishing with great zeal and fervor and almost every one like a luxurious lifestyle. Some people still do not want to acquire the latest facilities but some need always an improvement. This essay will discuss firstly, why the people think a low salary is enough for them without job satisfaction and secondly, why some struggle for a change; followed by a reasoned conclusion.
    To begin with there are many people who do not have a good job and the amount of money they are getting not sufficient for their monthly expenses. These people pass their lives below the poverty line. There are a number of reasons for these circumstances. For example, in my country many people whose parents are old and sick and their children are also very small to look after their home that is why they depend on low salaries and doing a job which they do not like it at all. They cannot go abroad or to another place for a job which offers them higher salaries.
    There are people who belong to different school of thoughts and they tend to believe that the situation should be changed. They need more sophisticated job and high packages and for this purpose they never hesitate to go abroad. For example, many people from my home town are in Saudi arabia send a lot of money to their families and they make available every modern facility to them.
    Moreover, it depends on the mentality of the people, but I think to spend a harsh life a change is always a better option.
    In conclusion, there are some people who compromise on situation and spend an average life, however some people take a bold step and bring an economic revolution and change their families lives. Although it is a difficult initiative but for the sake of bright future of the family it must be taken.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘every one like a’ likes not like. Your introduction is a bit vague and does not clearly introduce the task. You make long sentences without any , or ;. This makes your sentences confusing and its meaning is not clear. Try to break the sentence into two separate sentences. ‘but I think to spend a harsh life a change is always a better option.’ again this sentence is not making sense. You need to work on your sentence formation. Your English is good with very few grammatical mistakes. Work on sentence structure and try to use better vocabulary and you will get good score in writing.

  10. Temitope Damola says:

    The pie charts compare the proportions of sodium, saturated fats and added sugars in a average meals in the USA which can be unhealthy depending on how it is eaten.
    Overall, it is clear that meals eaten during breakfast has the lowest percentage of all three nutrients and sodium taken during dinner has the overall highest percentage of nutrient compared to others.
    Dinner majorly consist of sodium which is seconded by saturated fat with added sugar constituting the smallest proportion of nutrient in an average dinner with percentage of 43%, 37% and 23% respectively. Moreover, breakfast has the lowest proportion of all 3 nutrients with percentage ranging from 14-16%.
    Added sugar in snacks is the second highest nutrient eaten in a day with 42%. 21% of Sodium and 14% of saturated fat are in an average snack. A lunch meal has about 19-29% of each of the three nutrients.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘added sugars in a average meals in the USA’ instead write added sugars in the meal of an average American. Dinner majority consists not consist. Do not use average with dinner because generally average word is used with countable things or nouns. Your basis English is good but you need to work on sentence structure because your sentences are very similar and lack variety which could hurt your overall band score. Please watch our tutorial on Pie Chart and notice how we have written or compared similar things but every time in a different sentence formation. The link to the tutorial is given below:

  11. newty says:

    The following pie graphs depict the average proportion of sodium, saturated fats and sugar in our daily diet in USA. which would have adverse effect on health if taken too much.
    As an overall trend two nutrients Sodium and Saturated fats showed almost similar trends were present in highest percentage in dinner but sugar proportion contradict was culminated in snacks.
    Although, in case of salt and fat in Amercian food consumed were more and less then 40% while sugar had 23% in night meal. However, no major difference in all three nutrients observed in Lunch in sodium and fat were more then quarter and sugar 19%.
    In snacks concentration of sugar soar to 42% while sodium had least 14% which was 6% plunge then that of fats. Next in breakfast fats and sugar percentages had exactly similar 16% but sodium showed 2% declivity.

  12. bhargav reddy says:

    Most of the people give up on their dream of bettering themselves and often settle for less than what they deserve, due to numerous reasons. Some justify this and thinks that it is the right thing to do in that situation. On the other hand, some argue that, whatever the reason may be, one has to be committed and have to try to better their condition. This essay will discuss both the arguments.
    People try too hard to achieve their goals, but many of them often fail. Most of them quit, accepting their failure. There is a high probability for this kind of people to get depressed and some show suicidal tendencies as well. On the other hand, some aggressive people tend to go rouge against the society thinking that the community or the laws are not being fair to them and are preventing them to grow, and commit crimes, get imprisoned and destroy their lives in the process. For example, many immigrants in developed countries like the USA often offend the law and decline further in their life.
    Despite any hiccups, some people never give up on their dreams. They stay strong believing that there is light at the end of the tunnel. For instance, Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba, an online wholesale marketplace, was declined admission in 23 universities and is refused job by numerous employers. He never lost hope and eventually became successful. Successful people like these have some common features like risk everything attitude, self motivating behaviour, and are ever ready to give up anything to achieve their goal.
    In conclusion, we cannot control the situations that life throws at us but what we can do is, be strong and believe in ourselves and keep pushing till we achieve our goal. Giving up never made anyone any good.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘Some justify this and thinks’ think not thinks. ‘one has to be committed and have to try to better their condition’ this is called contradicting statement, in first part you mentioned one and in the last part you write their condition, you changed from singular to plural in the same sentence which is wrong. At the end of the introduction you need to give your own opinion as well since it is being asked in the question statement. You have completely digressed from the topic in first body paragraph. You should have focused on reasons why people accept their situation in the first body paragraph and in the second body paragraph talk about people who try to improve their situation. ‘ is refused job’ was refused. ‘common features’ instead of feature use traits. Except the first body paragraph, it is a very good attempt.

  13. Onwuakpa nnaemeka Franklin says:

    According to some people, accepting a difficult condition such as being dissatisfied with a career or lack of finance is the best while others recommend that effort should rather be made to improve such situations. In my opinion, working hard to make things better in the future while at the same time accepting the present job and income at hand should be the goal.

    On the one hand, some people believe that it is better to wholeheartedly accept unfavourable circumstances such as low income and poor job satisfaction. This they argue will ensure that individuals are not under pressure to succeed or meet up with the financial expectations of their families and the society at large. For example, suicide rates among youths have recently increased significantly due to pressure to secure a good job as well as earn higher wages. This can be prevented by people being contented with what is available at their disposal rather than allowing the situation push them into doing something that is unacceptable to the society.

    On the other hand, it is often believed by some people that it is better to accept the present difficult situation of not having a satisfying job as well as reasonable income while working hard to make things better and I agree. In other words, individuals should not solely depend on their salaries to succeed. They are ought to try other alternative sources of income such as engaging in private businesses, and skill acquisitions. This will result in improved financial stability in the long run. Also, because they do not necessarily need to wait to be paid by any employee in order to meet their financial needs, overall satisfaction with Job is ensured.

    In conclusion, although some people believe that it is of best interest for individuals to accept a low income with unfavourable working conditions, I think that working hard through engaging in other means of earning a living will greatly increase overall satisfaction with improved financial gains in the future.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your introduction is confusing, on one hand you are saying that a person should work to improve his situation and at the same time you are saying he should accept it, you are contradicting yourself. ‘wait to be paid by any employee’ employer not employee. ‘that it is of best interest’ it is in best interest. Your English is good and you can score good bands in writing but to need to ensure to avoid mistakes such as you made in introduction and second body paragraph.

  14. Onwuakpa nnaemeka Franklin says:

    I appreciate your prompt response. All the corrections are also noted.

  15. Ismail says:

    The three pie charts illustrate how three different types of nutrients consumed percentage wise in the typical meals in the United States. The three type include sodium, saturated fat and added sugar, which can be harmful to health if taken too much.

    Overall, dinner contains the most significant amount of sodium and saturated fat, while snacks hold the largest percentage of added sugar. In comparison, snacks and breakfast made up the smallest part of the sodium chart and breakfast comprises the lowest amount of saturated fat and added sugar.

    In dinner, sodium and saturated fat takes up around 43% and 37% respectively. The amount of added sugar for this type of meal fell to 23%. The opposite trend can be seen when we look at added sugar consumption in snacks. The nutrients consumes around 42% in snacks, whereas the figures for sodium and saturated fat are significantly lower, at only 14% and 21%.

    Turning to remaining meals, breakfast carry approximately equal proportions of all nutrients, while sodium and saturated fat constitute almost a quarter and added sugar make up nearly two-tenth in lunch.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘nutrients consumed’ nutrients were consumed. ‘The three type’ types not type. ‘snacks and breakfast made up the smallest part of the sodium chart’ it is wrong way to write, correct way is snacks and breakfast contains the least amount of sodium among all the meals. ‘sodium and saturated fat takes up around 43% and 37% respectively’ not take up but makes up around. You cannot use trend here because these are three independent components, trend is used when there is a continuous timeline. Please watch our tutorial on how to attempt Triple Pie Chart it will help you to improve your attempt. The link is given below:

  16. Bella says:

    Hi, Here is my answer:
    The pie charts illustrate how the average intake of three separate nutrients consumed from every meal in the USA.

    Overall, it is noticeable that sodium and saturated fat are mainly consumed at dinner, while the majority of added sugar is eaten in snacks.

    We can see that the charts of sodium and saturated fat have similar patterns. Dinner accounts for the most proportions of both these two nutrients, at 43% of sodium and 37% of saturated fat. Lunch represents the second largest percentages of both two, composing 29% and 26%, respectively. The rest of sodium intake is evenly distributed in breakfast and snacks, 14% for each, while there are more saturated fat in snacks, at 21%, than in breakfast, at 16%.

    On the other hand, added sugar is composed of 42% in snacks, which contains added sugar almost twice as much as the second one, lunch, at 23%. Lunch and breakfast each constitutes less than 20% of added sugar, 19% and 16%, respectively.

    thank you

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You should write other way around like for example you have written ‘sugar is composed of 42% in snacks’ but the right way to write is 42% of daily consumption of added sugar comes from the snacks. The rest is fine.

  17. sathisht1998 says:

    The pie chart reveals the information regarding the ratio of different types of nutrients such as sodium, saturated fats and added sugar taken by USA consumers in typical meals.
    overall, the summary of the trend represents sodium and saturated fat took the highest percentage in dinner but added sugar contributes to snacks.
    During morning time breakfast saturated fat and added sugar contributes to the same percentage around 16% but sodium is a little bit low with 14 percent. when it comes to afternoon meals sodium took the highest portion at 29% as well as the remaining two nutrients are with 26 and 19 percent.
    At snacks, the entire scenario is different from the nutrients where added sugar took nearly half of the portion (42%) and saturated fat and sodium are at 21% and 14%. As well as when it comes to dinner sodium and saturated fat are the highest portion compared to the remaining typical meals which contribute around 43 and 37 percentages but added sugar nutrient is with the portion of 23 percent.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘saturated fat took the highest percentage in dinner’ in dinner, saturated fat constitute the highest proportion among all the nutrients. ‘sugar contributes to the same percentage around 16%’ sugar comprises the same percentage 16%, it is not around. ‘At snacks, the entire scenario is different from the nutrients where added sugar took nearly half of the portion (42%)’ in stacks not at stacks, 42% is not nearly half which is 50%. Your sentence structure for pie chart is not correct. Please watch our tutorial on pie chart and improve your sentence structure. The link to the tutorial is given below:

  18. Satisht1998 says:

    You mean 4.5 out of 9 sir…

  19. KAY says:

    To everything in life there is merit and demerit in which being in circumstance of lack or a dead-end job is not excluded.However, many are the opinion that no matter the condition you find yourself, it can be augmented. I totally believe that every human being have the capacity to achieve whatever they determined to achieve.
    Many people in our modern day are facing financial turbulence but tends to be satisfied with their states, rather than identify opportunities in their environment that can leads to financial freedom, they believe the conditions will change on it own without efforts from their sides. This is completely a wrong perspective to life, but is a choice.Also, people accept career which does not fit into their career goals and what they envisage to do in future,therefore leading to frustrations,depressions and unfulfilled life and career instead of changing the career they continue in this dead-end jobs due to fear of not meeting up with their bills and family obligations.
    In the other view, those that supports the opinion that any situations can be changed and success is attainable if the individual is determined. They identified some great personalities in our society, for example Doctor Ben Carson, according to his story, his teachers told him that his mind is too dull for education and can not be successful. He pointed out that with determination, effort and focus he refuse to accept the conditions. He later end up becoming the first black Neurosurgeon in the world. Furthermore, the story of Les Brown an american leadership coach is a good illustration, he came from a very poor home but due to his determination to be successful he is now one of the top leadership in the world and earns millions of dollars annually.
    To conclude, I believe every human being should be contended. However, being complacent is not the way to achieve greatness. Every conditions can be changed.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘many are the opinion’ many people have the opinion. ‘but tends to be’ tend not tends because people is plural. ‘that can leads’ lead not leads same mistake. ‘conditions will change on it own’ on their own because conditions is plural, you have made this mistake several times by using wrong verb or prepositions with plurals. ‘In the other view’ avoid using this phrase. ‘those that supports’ same mistake. ‘can not’ cannot is one word. ‘he refuse to accept’ refused not refuse. ‘He later end up’ ended up. You need to work on basics of grammar there are too many minor grammatical mistakes. Also provide better argument in the second paragraph.

  20. kay says:

    Thank you so much sir, for all this corrections, i will work on it. However, what band can you grade me.

  21. Rekha Soni says:

    The pie charts reveal the average proportion of different types of nutrients in typical meals which was consumed in the USA and may be unhealthy.

    Overall, the ratio of sodium and saturated fat was high in dinner than breakfast, lunch and snacks, whereas the proportion of sugar was less in breakfast and lunch except other two meals.( Sir let me know how to write its conclusion.)

    According to the pie chart, dinner accounted for 43% of sodium’s percentage and it remained stable at 14% in snacks and breakfast. Also, sugar was noticed just under three tenth in lunch. Moreover,dinner constituted 37% of saturated fat’s percentage and a difference of 5% was apparent in saturated fat in breakfast and snacks.Also, it was just over a quarter in lunch.

    As per the chart, the ratio of sugar was 16%,19% and 23% in breakfast, lunch and dinner respectively. Furthermore, sugar comprised of nearly four tenth in snacks.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your overall is fine no need to change anything and there is no conclusion in task 1. ‘43% of sodium’s percentage’ no need to write percentage because you have already written 43%. ‘sugar comprised of nearly four tenth in snacks’ better to write more than four-tenth in snacks.

  22. Rekha Soni says:

    It is a fact that money plays vital role in individuals’ life. While it is believed that hard work should be done to come out from poverty, others advocate that people should accept the situation of scarcity of money. But I support the former notion and both views will be discussed in the following section.

    To commence with, some important life lessons are learnt by trying to reduce poverty. Since adversity is a good teacher, individuals learn to do hard work to achieve everything in their life and they become intelligent. Secondly, people learn new skills when a job is changed. Furthermore, employees learn new work, interact with new people at their workplace as well as earn handsome salary package which definitely improves the life standard of individuals. To commence with, the famous Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya’s financial situation was not good before he started career but he worked faltout at early age , earn money and pay fees of cricket coach and became a great cricketer.

    However a certain section of the society believes that nothing should be done to earn money. Moreover, the greed of money causes insecurity and conflicts between people and happiness cannot be baught by money. Consequently, every moment of life is enjoyed and individuals should satisfy whatever they have and live happy life.

    To recapitulate, although individuals cannot purchase happiness by money, they become confidential and learn to do struggle in life as well as know that everything is possible by working hard.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      In your introduction you have focused solely on money but that is not the main topic, the main topic is any kind of bad situation of which lack of money is one of the examples so your introduction is not correct. faltout ? what is this word you use in writing this is not a proper word in English. You have focused solely on money in your task hence your task completion is incomplete because you did not address the main issue here.

  23. pollux87io says:

    These pie charts give the information about the average percentage of potentially harmful nutrients such as sodium, saturated fats and added sugar in ordinary meals in the USA.

    Overall, most of the insalubrious nutrients are consumed in dinnertime. The healthiest meal is breakfast.
    The intake of sodium and saturated fat is the largest during dinner with 43% and 37% respectively. However, the percentage of added sugar is the largest in snacks (42%), while dinner goes the second with 23%. The percentage of sodium in snacks is the lowest i.e. 14%, which is the same for breakfast. Saturated fat make 21% of snacks.

    In terms of breakfast and lunch the former is healthier with pretty equal rates between 14% and 16% for all three types of nutrients. Lunch, on the other hand, almost doubles the above figures in case of sodium and saturated fat (29% and 26% respectively), but the level of added sugar is much smaller i.e. 19%. (158)

  24. Đức Tú says:

    Three pie charts depict quantities of nutrients absorbed by human body in three common meals in terms of three types namely sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar.
    Overall, sodium and saturated fat are substances absorbed the most in dinners area, while added sugar absorbed the most in snacks area. Also, sodium and saturated fat are substances that have the lowest percentages in snacks and breakfast areas.
    In the first and second charts, sodium and saturated fat have the highest proportions in the dinner area, they are 43% and 37% respectively. Following the dinner area, these substances are absorbed quite much in lunch, the percentages of lunch areas are 29% in the sodium chart and 26% in the saturated fat chart. Besides, 14% is the percentage of sodium absorbed in the breakfast area, equal to the snacks area. And, the proportions of saturated fat are 21% in the snacks area and 16% in the breakfast area.
    In the third chart, added sugar has the highest percentage in the snacks area with the figure is 42%, it is higher much more than in two same areas in the first and second charts. Also, the dinner area is the second largest area with the percentage is 23%, compared with the second-highest area in two charts left is the lunch area. Moreover, the lunch area of the chart has a percentage pretty low, at 19%, while the breakfast area even lower, just only 16%.

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