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IELTS Writing Test 10

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The take below gives information about the underground railway systems in six cities.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2:Some say that the most important thing about being rich is that one has the opportunity to help others. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

39 responses to “IELTS Writing Test 10”

  1. Durrah says:

    The issue of wether to agree with being rich is that one has the chance to assist others or not is a controversial one, which has sparked a major debate. In this essay, I will first discuss some arguments supporting the idea of being rich has the chance to help others after which some views against will be explained.

    Many people argue about being rich is very useful to help others for many convincing reasons. The most important of which is that being rich means that one can give some donation to the non-profit organizations that help poor people. For example: Many celebrities are funders for many support cancer research institutes in the US.
    Another key reason which could be taken into account that rich people can start new business ventures to help those struggles by presenting them with job opportunities for success.
    Having said all that, many opponents argue that being rich has some negative impacts. Most significantly, building wealth is encouraging indivisuals to preserve their money. For instance, there are a lot of rich and famous people who are tight with money even on themselves and their families.
    Being rich is not the only way to help others. For example: There are many people who are not rich, but they provide consulting to those who are not able to pay for this.

    As we have seen, there are no easy answers to this question. However, being rich has many positive impact, I strongly believe that its benefits outweigh its drawbacks.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Please try to make better introductions of task 2 because it makes an impression on the examiner and decides your band score. You can check general introductions that we have prepared topic wise at since the theme of this essay is money you can use the introduction that we have written on money. You should work on vocabulary if you want high bands. For example instead of negative impacts you can write repercussions and so on. Your conclusion is also weak and iffy. Please give clarity to your conclusion.

  2. Durrah says:

    Thank you very much for your quick reply. I really appreciate it. I am in dire need for your advic, as I got 5.5 in writing last month and I would like to improve my writing, because I have another IElTS test in about 2 weeks.
    To be honest with you, I was told to use some templates for Task2 from a few videos and pdf to get high bands, so I used them to write the introduction and the conclusion.
    Thank you for the link, I will take a look on it and try to learn from it.
    I hope that you don’t mind to send my questions if I have any…

  3. RINAL KANSARA says:

    There are split opinions regarding wealthy people.However,people work flatout to become a rich and it takes plenty of time .So,let us discuss both views,merits and demerits.But,i personally agree with this notion. Reflection on my perception,wealthy people should certainly aid to needy people by providing rudimentary facilities such as food,clothes,shelter.Furthermore,myriad trust have started schools for poor students which offer free of cost education and assist them to make shiny future. Moreover,plenty number of filmstars and famous person every year donate money on charities which are fruitful for people who have been living under penury.Another factor to consider is,the well known filmstar Amitabh Bachchan have initiated organisation for the cancer patient and every year plethora people save their life. On the contrary,wealthy people initiate their own business and earn huge monetary value for family which paves the way for luxurious life which is absolutely necessary in this generation,fullfill all the dreams of offspring and vouchsafes a great opportunity to make exclusive image among community.Additionally,family is a first priority for individuals because there is one cliche,in times of test,family is the best.Another factor to consider is,Dhirubhai Ambani is the wealthiest person in India who has unique image as the best businessman in India. Thus,weighing up the both sides of this argument,it can be eventually said that,although,induviduals rely on others by getting help from others,rich people have gainful impact on the people who have been suffering from starvation and living under penury in many areas.Pros far outweigh it’s cons.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Same feedback applies here as well. Wait for our video on task 2 and then change your pattern of writing.

  4. Rinal kansara says:

    The table reveals the information of underground railway system which initiated in different cities of the globe. With regards to underground railway systems embarked in London in 1863,the ratio of tourists was more than double that of kilometers per route.In 1900,there were 1191 million travellers and 199kilometers per year.However 1927 million of people went through the new system of train,kilometers decreased 155 in 1927,in Tokyo. According to the table,After fourty nine years underground railway systems started in Washington DC where 144 million people travelled 126 kilometers.Whilst in 1981 the ratio of individuals of Kyoto was 45 million individuals,kilometers per route was 11.Los Angeles got this system in 2001,in which 50 million visitors took profit and 28 kilometers per root. Overall,in Kyoto ,in 1981 less tourists travelled and kilometers of route were minimum among six contries.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Do not use initiated here with railway systems instead write simply railway systems. Again overall is written at the last and is not complete just talks about one city. Overall should be after introduction and cover main points not just one point. 45 million is number not ratio. Ratio is always a fraction or percentage not proper number.

  5. RINAL KANSARA says:

    sir let me know some another words which i can use in place of measure such as kilometers and also in place of percentage?now this is correct ?i had tried to use different sentence structure

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      In place of percentage you can use ratio, proportion, contribution. No need to use any other word for kilometers.

  6. prasanna says:

    Some people are lucky to have born rich or amassed a large amount of money during their lifetime. Some believe that being rich opens up pathways to help others who are in need . I partially agree with this opinions and over the course of the essay discuss arguments for and against the opinion.

    Being rich always brings up more needs along with them. Once you are rich you have high expectations on every thing and usually need more money to cater to those needs. As a result, even if you are rich you may not have enough money left at the end of the month to save for charity. This is the case for many professionals of developed countries who work for a salary .You earn a high salary and need to spend equally large sum of money to meet the living expenses. Moreover, this kind of rich people do not have enough time to help others as they lack time to hear the grievances of others who are in need of any help.

    On the other hand if you are a rich businessman who are still left more money even after all your expenses are met , then you have the opportunity to become a charitable person. Many people in our country who run family business have helped their distant relatives by providing employment opportunities so that they also have been able to live a decent life.

    So, while being rich may some times open up avenues for helping others it may also block ways that can help others like making a person having no extra time. Therefore, I would like to affirm a partial agreement on the given opinion.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Instead of born rich write are born with silver spoon. This opinion not opinions. your arguments in the second paragraph are not strong and still your essay does not have good vocabulary. Please work on this.

  7. KABIRA NASI says:



    The table highlights the underground rail systems of six different cities, according to their establishment date, traveling distance in kilometers, and the number of passengers per annum. As an overall, the city of the London rails covers maximum distance, whereas Kyoto railway systems have least traveling distance. Tokyo gets the highest number of passengers each year, while Kyoto city has the least travelers per year.

    The given data reveal that the railway systems in London are the oldest systems and have the ability to travel up to 394 kilometers distance with 775 million passengers per year. The railway system of Paris and Tokyo, on the other hand, were established in the 19th century. Both cities underground rails can travel for 199 and 155 kilometers, which is nearly twofold less than London railway’s capacity, still the figure of passengers is dominant as compared to the London railways.

    Not to mention, the American cities, Washington DC and Los Angles railways can travel for up to 126 km and 28 km respectively. The number of train passengers per year in these cities is less than 150 million.


    Everyone nowadays is finding ways to become rich in a day. While a few people believe that helping others is the most crucial thing to be rich, I do not agree with this statement and opine that other things are decisive. In this essay, I will support my view with relevant examples.

    Firstly, one of the significant reasons for conflicting with this argument is the money, which can only be earned through hard work and working full time with a company. Nobody in this world becomes wealthier without earning money. For instance, the CEO of the world’s biggest trading house “Alibaba” Mr. Jack Ma had not received the rank of the world’s richest person just by helping others. In one of his interview on YouTube, he told the journalist that he had first earned experience working with different companies at lower wages, and after getting immense experience, he invested in establishing the top leading online store “Alibaba”. This was only because of his hard work and dedication.

    Secondly, another reason for having a controversial view is that there are many other professionals where people can become rich, contrary to providing assistance to others. For example, Film starts are considered to be the richest people because they earn a substantial amount of money by entertaining people for a few hours through their acting. They can also earn a large sum through advertisement and as a consequence considered as the richest people on our planet.

    In conclusion, in my view, doing charity work is not a good idea to be rich. There are several ways, such as investing in a startup business and selling land, where an individual can become the richest person.

  8. Omar says:

    Task 1
    please rate it as a writing score from 9.

    The given table illustrates information about the subway system in six various cities around the world. Comparing all of the starting date, kilometers of route and passengers used per years.
    In general, Tokyo has the most significant number of passengers served annually with 1927 million of 155 kilometers route since the lunched year 1927 followed by Paris’s underground railway system for more than 1190 millions and a longer route of 199 kilometers started from 1900. London has the ancient subway from 18th century and a significant route of 394 kilometers make it the longest one in all these cities. The recent system here was for both Kyoto and Los Angeles with no more than 50 million passengers per year since the date opened and also had the shortest routes less than 30 kilometers for Los Angeles and no more than 11 kilometers for Kyoto.
    Since 1976, Washington DC in the United Stated has 126 kilometers route of the underground railway system, served 144 million passengers every year.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your overall in not correct please watch our video on task 1 and improve your all tests that you have submitted. Passengers used per year is a wrong phrase you cannot use passengers, passenger travelling on the route is right phrase. Not most significant but the highest number of passengers among all stations. Do not write millions with a number for example 1190 millions always write million with a number. London has the ancient subway is wrong because ancient means old but all the stations are old, write phrase would be London station was the first to open among all stations in 1863. Your sentence formation is also not correct, you need to work on that. This writing will get you maximum of 6 bands in writing. Please watch this video first and then submit your tasks.

  9. Sayali Vaidya says:

    To be rich one has to earn a good amount of money. In this diverse country, there is a combination of rich and poor living. Hence, every individual (rich and poor) needs help from others some or the other day. However, some person believes that rich people have the opportunity to help others. But, I disagree with the fact because there are poor people as well, who gives a hand to help others. Below I have discussed both the points with examples.

    People are differentiated by rich and poor. But, when it comes to assisting someone, it is not seen whether the person is rich or poor. For instance, a penurious person was once standing by the road-side. It was the main highway, and a car driver lost his control over driving. A baby in the stroller was about to crash by the car but this individual (Penurious person) saved that babies child. Therefore, it is not that only rich people have the opportunity to help others.

    On the contrary, many times it is observed that rich people hesitate to help others. Poor people are never satisfied. If they have a lot, they want still more. As the proverb goes ” More they have more they want”. For example, Alexa, Annie, and John were good friends. Alexa belonged impoverished family, Annie was from the middle class and John came from Affluent family. All three were best friends and studied in the same class. Once there was a trip arranged to Florida and everyone had to pay 120$ as a contribution to the university. Alexa was not willing to pay because of 120$. So, Annie requested John that they both will pay for Alexa. But, John is from a rich family, he diffused to pay for Annie. By this, we can make out that even a person is from a rich family he can deny the opportunity to help others.

    Therefore, in my opinion, I disagree with the statement that the most crucial thing about rich people is that they get the opportunity to assist others. As examples mentioned above, it seems that poor or middle-class people are more willing to help others. Moreover, such kind of people does get the opportunity to help others.

    Please give me a Band score for this task.
    Thanks in advance!

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Some person is wrong usage either write someone or some people. This is not a fact this is an opinion you are disagreeing with. You have got the entire meaning of essay statement wrong. The point is questions statement means that rich people can help poor financially because of the wealth or resources they have. In this essay your task completion parameter is not achieved. Simply reading the first two paragraphs examiner will get the impression that you are confused and have not understood the task which is a big negative. In this task you will get 3.5 out of 6 bands. Please make sure you understand the essay statement clearly and then plan it before writing.

  10. thanu says:

    The table illustrates the information about subway rail system including the proportion of opened dates, Kilometers of route and passengers in six cities.
    The highest number of dates were opened in Los Angeles and the least number of dates were opened in London.But the minimum number of Kilometers of route was in Kyoto subway rail which was 11 km.As well as, maximum number of Kilometers of route was in London which was shown 394 km .Tokyo underground railway was used by 1927 millions of passengers per year.It was the highest number of passengers who used the subway rail system.
    45 millions of passengers who used the Los Angeles subway rail system.In Kyoto subway rail, 1981 dates were opened where was 28 km of route.London underground rail was used by 775 millions of passengers per year.But 1191 millions of passengers used Paris subway rail system.
    The proportion of passengers of Kyoto subway rail was less than the number of passengers who used Los Angeles subway rail.Washington subway rail was used by 144 millions of passengers.
    In Paris, Tokyo, Washington and Kyoto underground rail system, dates were opened 1900, 1927, 1976 and 1981 respectively.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Dates can never be in proportion hence your introduction is incorrect which is a big negative because a bad introduction means a bad first impression and can lead to a lower band score even if you have written well in the later part of the task so make sure you write correct and the best possible introduction. Again the highest number of dates, dates can never be highest or lowest. This is a huge blunder which you have made and simply on the basis of these two mistakes examiner will not give you more than 5.5 in writing.

  11. thanu says:

    Thank you sir.I watched your videos how we write some sentences with the percentages.Actually great explanations.

  12. Nsikak says:

    The quest for wealth is becoming increasing popular with everyone wanting to live a good life. A certain percentage of people argue that the most significant aspect about having riches is that one will be in a good position to help others. I entirely agree, the proceeding paragraphs will cover reasons why I agree.

    Being rich is an opportunity which about 10 percent of the people in the world probably have. More so, there is a saying that not everyone can be rich, else who will be the chauffeur, the nanny or the office cleaner? So one can or would agree that being rich would keep one in a good position to help others especially the homeless kids and people living in the slums that have been written off. A poor person can’t help himself not to talk of helping others but being rich would provide such a person with the opportunity of assisting others around them.

    Bill Gates being one of the top 5 rich persons in the world has proven this, he has and presently using his wealth to help people around the world and also funding a significant number of organizations in Africa, giving scholarships, building schools and improving the leaving condition in the slum. One major assistance by the wealthy Bill, will be creating jobs opportunities by setting up software organizations in countries for the information and technology gurus.

    To reiterate, one cannot overemphasize riches as it can give one the ability to help others who are in need. One would agree that the most crucial part about being rich is helping others.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Avoid repeating words in the same sentence for example in the last line of introduction you have used agree twice, instead you can write – I concur with the argument and in the following paragraphs I will articulate my reasons to favour this belief. Being rich is not an opportunity, it is a state, becoming rich is an opportunity. ‘More so, there is a saying that not everyone can be rich, else who will be the chauffeur, the nanny or the office cleaner?’ avoid writing like this some examiners might consider it informal way of writing, you never know so better to take precaution rather than chance. ‘would keep one in a good position’ it should be would put one in a good position. Never use short forms like can’t, marks are deducted for using short forms. ‘improving the leaving condition’ I think you mean living condition. ‘Wealthy Bill’ it is definitely informal and should be avoided. ‘one cannot overemphasize riches’ is wrong way to write. In last paragraph you have used third person as ‘one’ but the tasks about your opinion so you should have written I instead of one. You can write good and correct English but your current attempt is falling short on evaluation parameters and you have made some common mistakes which many students and lead to low score in writing. You must watch our tutorial on Task 2 and learn about all the evaluation parameters and mistakes which must be avoided in your writing. The link to the tutorial is given below:

  13. Nsikak says:

    Thank You Very Much

  14. Rinal kansara says:

    The table reveals the underground railway systems in six cities namely,London, Paris, Tokyo, Washington DC, Kyoto and Los Angeles.

    As per the table,the underground railway system began in London in 1863 and there were 775 million passengers per year which were approximately twice that of kilometers of route(394). In contrast,in Paris,in 1900,people who traveled per year were nearly 6times(1191million) that of kilometers of route(199). Furthermore,in Tokyo,more people went by underground railway system (1927million) in less kilometer of route(155) in 1927 than 1900.

    As per the table,million of people declined in Washington DC in 1976,less than 150 million people selected transportation mode as underground railway system and kilometers of route reduced by 18. Also, passengers per year were 4times(45millions) more than kilometers of route (11)in 1981,in Kyoto.Likewise,in Los Angeles,passengers raised,50 million people traveled in 28 kilometers of route in 2001.

    Overall,passengers per year were maximum than kilometers of route in all six countries.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You cannot compare number of visitors with kms or route, these are apples and oranges. Do not write numbers in bracket. ‘million of people declined in Washington DC in 1976’ you cannot write declined because declined is a comparison word but we do not have previous years data for the city hence declined cannot be used. Instead you can write that in Washington DC the number of people who travel by underground railway system is significantly lower as compared to cities discussed earlier. Also here present tense would be used so went by underground is wrong because it is data of passengers which travel by trains each year. But the major mistake is comparing number of people with number of kms travelled.

  15. Rinal kansara says:

    There is no doubt that nowdays it is certainly difficult to find people of helping nature.Since rich people earn more money,they desire to do some sort of things. While some individuals believe that aid should be provided to needy people by affluent people, some deny this notion. But I support the former one and in the following section both views will be discussed.

    To commence with,it is the liability of individuals to earn money for their family because aid makes them lazy.If people get all time ready made food,they will not be able to do struggle to remove difficulties in their life.Also,people become passive and depend on others for their rudimentary facilities such as food,shelter and clothes with the help of several organizations.Secondly,well heeled businessmen can enhance their own business from their own money rather than helping poor people. Consequently,it will absolutely acquire job to plenty of people, best opportunity to earn handsome salary package and encourage them towards further achievements of their life.For instance,in India,plenty of students have been taking student loan from bank since many years for further study or study in foreign country and after completing their study , they immediately return it because there are no more organizations in India which give high amount.

    On the country, poor people should be helped by wealthy people to improve their living status.Furthermore, there are still tremendous number of parents who are unable to give education to their children and suffer from starvation due to scarcity of money as well as they forcefully make labour child to offspring.Hence,assist by wealthy people will remove illiteracy of people and starvation of people.To illiterate,in India,the great film star Salman Khan has started his charity organization trust ‘Being a human’ for poor people which provides them fundamental facilities to survive and people really appreciate him.

    To recapitulate, although some organizations or the assist of affluent people makes life happy of needy people,by taking the help of others people never do efforts to achieve everything in their life and often try to take help of others to spend their life.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      In the introduction you have written both views will be discussed but it is not that type of essay. It specifically asks to what extent do you agree or disagree. Since you agree that rich people should help others therefore you should discuss this view only. Also in the statement there is not second view hence you cannot write that in introduction. Either you agree with this notion or you not. And if you want to discuss both sides then write in the introduction that you partially agree with the statement. ‘On the country’ on the contrary. You have completely misunderstood the statement. Rather than giving negative views like people become lazy, you should have given reasons like instead of rich people government should help poor, if you think that rich should not help poor. If you want my opinion you should have written in favour of rich helping poor. It is better and safe to take sides of poorer section in this type of essay.

  16. Preetham says:

    The table illustrates the information related to underground railway systems in six cities.
    Overall,London has the the highest kilometers of route among the six cities and Kyoto has the least.On the other hand Tokyo had the highest number of passenger visits per year and Kyoto had the least number of visits.
    London was the first city to have the underground railway system which was opened in the year 1863 and in 2001 Los Angeles had it’s underground railway system which was the last to be opened among the mentioned cities.It is evident from the table that there is a decrease in kilometers of route as the underground railway systems were opened as the years passed by but not until the year 2001 where a slight increase in number can be seen.
    Number of passengers who took the underground railways did not show a particular trend.With 1927 million passengers Tokyo had the highest visits and Paris stands second with 1191 million.Cities including Washington DC,Kyoto,Los Angeles had relatively less number of passengers per year when compared to the other three cities mentioned.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      It is not passengers visits, it is number of passengers travelling, there is a slight difference. ‘it’s’ wrong because it means it is not its. ‘decrease in kilometers of route’ you cannot use decrease here because it is comparison which should be used within same category but since we are talking about different cities in different years you should use words like in terms of distance covered London’s railway system has the highest coverage while Kyoto’ railway system covers the lowest amount of distance among all the cities. You have used very few numbers which is a mistake in Table task 1 because in table numbers are the most important data points so try include more numbers in your attempt.

  17. Preetham says:

    With the rapid advancement in technology in today’s world people are reaching heights day by day.But the thing that has not yet been dealt properly is helping others in which ever way they could who are in desperate need.It is true and i agree that rich people have been given an opportunity to help others.
    One can be rich through their family’s wealth or working hard for years to be a successful person.Normally rich people earn which is more than sufficient for their livelihood.We tend to see in the news that number of millionaires or billionaires are increasing but the one who needs help are still at the very same place.A good thing being rich is that they have got the opportunity to support others financially and a small contribution from their side could make the world a better place to live.
    People who have come to a better position through their rigorous hard work might know the value of helping others as some of them would have gone through the same exact phase and getting the help they require is the reason where they stand now and now they have got the same opportunity to support others.With many rich people in today’s world even a small contribution from their side will result in a considerable amount which will help people who do not even have the basic need required to live and could reduce the number of people suffering from starvation.
    To achieve the heights of greatness is not by becoming rich but to have a soul to help others in need.Though many changes have occurred in every aspect of our life there are still a section of people who needs support and rich people are one among the others who have got a great opportunity to help.
    Can you please evaluate my answer.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      In the starting of your introduction there is not direct mention of rich people who are centre point of the task it should be there. ‘People who have come to a better position through their rigorous hard work might know the value of helping others as some of them would have gone through the same exact phase and getting the help they require is the reason where they stand now and now they have got the same opportunity to support others’ very long sentence and it creates confusion and incoherence in sentences. Try to break it into two separate sentences. You have repeated the same point that rich people should help poor but did not give any example of how they can help. Examples are mandatory to support your opinion or argument in task 2 irrespective of the task type.

  18. Ahnaf Monwar says:

    Task 2
    In our society , wealth is divided among people in such a way ,that we can say it is not distributed among every single residents equally . Some have more wealth who are rich and some have less wealth who are poor.

    On the first hand , a rich people in society have a vital and key role to help others.Rich people can open various institutions ,which can provide benefits to society in long run.The institutions can be school, hospitals , , houses , where people who uses the facility of this institution simply can pay very less or no costs at all, as institutions will be funded by those rich people. Rich people can also spend their money in social programmes which encourage developments in many factors such as resistance to disease ,crimes etc .Moreover They can spend their money on some vital structures of their city in form of roads and bridges, so that communication,business and economy of their society is enchanced.

    On the other hand , we can also see that nowdays, rich people are involved in some antisocial work too ,like they take away property from very poor and illiterate people illegally by use of force ,deceivement or threat . They may get themselves involved in regular crimes but still try to create force on laws agencies in form of police to try to hide their problems,so they carry on their illegal activities as they are not getting punishment.Furthermore they may involve themselves in making excess property by bribery.

    To sum up , I believe that advantages of rich people in society is more than disadvantages.
    Rich people can be prevented to do illegal activities, if the laws are strong enough but more or less they will definitely try to help their society through their money.

  19. Dimple says:

    Money , most important aspect of life . In today’s contemporary era, people are working hard to earn more and more money. Some people opine that being rich is that the opportunity to help others . However , I beg to differ with this view , as I believe some people want to spend money on themselves to make their life easy and to to live modern life instead of helping others.

    People today want to live luxurious life and for that they are working whole-heartedly . They do not have time to spend money on others or to help them . Rich people are in need of more facilities , to fulfill that they leave with little or no money at all because of which they can not help others . Moreover , to help others one does not have to be rich . It requires a little thought and kindness. For instance , my friend is getting pocket money which is way more than me . She can easily help others instead she spent all her money on clothes , parties and on trips.

    However , there are some rich people like salman khan who is helping others by opening a trust , which helps people who are suffering from cancer. There are rich people who lives simple life and spend 50% of their income to help needy. But , number of these people are very less and it is decreasing day by day.

    To put it in a nutshell , nowadays being rich is that the opportunity to help others is vanishing as people are becoming more self centered which restrict them to help others.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘Money , most important aspect of life . In today’s contemporary era, people are working hard to earn more and more money’ this sentence is confusing and grammatically incorrect with too many parts. ‘that being rich is that’ that benefits of being rich is that. ‘to make their life easy’ to make their lives more comfortable. ‘that they leave with little’ they are left with. cannot is one word and not two separate words. ‘salman khan who is helping’ who are helping because you mentioned some rich people. ‘There are rich people who lives’ who live not lives. You conclusion is abrupt and too cynical avoid giving such strong negative opinions.

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