IELTS MASTER | Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first

Describe something you bought that was difficult to use at first

1. I have always been fascinated by technology and the way it has transformed our lives.
2. I keep abreast of all the latest developments in the field of technology and regularly read science journals and articles.
3. There is another tradition that I follow religiously and that is to visit the Science Expo that takes place every year in the month of June in my city.
4. The Expo provides the opportunity to all major IT companies to showcase their latest products which are based on cutting edge technology and for technology buff like me it is the best opportunity to see and experience these astonishing products live.
5. This year also I visited the expo with the same zeal and enthusiasm but this year I had a specific purpose in mind.

6. I was looking to buy some gadget that would help my mother in her daily household chores because I knew the pain she goes through everyday to keep all of us happy and satisfied to I wanted to thank her in my own geeky way.
7. The moment I entered the arena it felt like a whole new world something from the sets of a sci-fi movie.
8. I explored the cabins of almost all the companies and were highly impressed by their latest offerings.
9. But there was one product which caught my imagination at the very first glance.
10. It was a 5 feet tall robot which was welcoming and greeting the audience in a very traditional way which almost felt human.
11. It got me intrigued and went to know more about that robot.
12. The robot was the latest humanoid invented by the company Humans of Future, a renowned name in the field of artificial intelligence.
13. They handed me the brochure which apprised me of the latest platform the robot was based on and all the major functions that it could perform.
14. They told me that the robot can do all the basic chores that we do daily in our homes.
15. It could do dusting, cleaning, washing dishes and clothes and could take out the trash and put in the bin outside our home.

16. And that was the moment when I realized that I have found what I was looking for, I had already made up my mind to buy it but still wanted to know more about it just out of curiosity.
17. So I tried to perform all the functions explained by the team.
18. Since it was based on highly complex technology it was a bit difficult to operate initially.
19. But the team helped me to understand the working of the robot and gave me a manual which expounded all the functions of the robot articulately.
20. The team assured me that after performing the functions for couple of times I and more importantly my mother would get used to it and after that it will be a piece of cake to operate the robot for her.
21. The team further explained that it was equipped with a highly efficient communication system and could understand all the basic instructions from a human.
22. They told me give it a try so I asked the robot to bring me a glass of water from the nearby water dispenser.
23. To my surprise it did not only brought me glass of water, it also asked me if I would like a refill after finishing the glass.

24. I was simply dumbfounded by the level of intelligence the robot possessed.
25. This was by far the most amazing piece of technology I had ever bought in my life and it made me realize that artificial intelligence in not arriving rather it has already arrived and the day is not far when it will become a regular part of our lives.
26. When I showed it to my mother her first reaction was that I had gone crazy to buy something so expensive but after explaining her everything and demonstrating the activities the robot could perform my mother got excited and her eyes were filled with tears.