IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 74

IELTS Listening Test 74

Part 1: Questions 1-10
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER.

Plan for sharing accommodation

The discussion topic: lease for next year

The total rent: Peter £110 & Jim £ (1)
Car parking: in the (2)
A place to buy things: (3) because Jim works there
The fees they should share: (4) fees
The appliances needed: the landlord will provide the microwave
The (5) is needed in the kitchen
Peter will bring some dining room and living room furniture
Jim will buy a (6) at the store
Location of the telephone: in the (7)
Move-in date: (8)
Watching the game together: (9)
What Jim need to do before move-in: take (10) in the morning

Part 2: Questions 11 and 12
Complete the sentences below. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

11. The program is made for travelers to make
12. The program operates in cooperation with

Questions 13-16

What is the internship stipulation of each country below?
Choose FOUR answers from the box and write the correct letter, A-F, next to questions 13-16.

Internship Stipulation
A. home stay
B. no summer program
C. minimum time requirement
D. formal report required
E. specific time period
F. agriculture

13. USA
14. Australia
15. South Africa
16. India

Questions 17-20
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

17. What should you do to get the Global Traveling Certificate?
A Record activity every day.
B Formal report.
C Talk the experience with the assessor.

18. You can apply for the certificate
A only after you come back.
B while on the trip.
C before you leave.

19. When should you pay the final installment?
A The day before you leave.
B One month before you return.
C Before you can get your plane ticket.

20. Before your application, you need
A to take a health check.
B to attend the workshop.
C to meet people with whom you will work.

Part 3: Questions 21-30
Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR NUMBER for each answer.

TopicInformation source
(21)…………………………..check at the (22)………………..
Views on (23)…………………interview the manager of (24)……………….
Practice of (25)………………..find relevant information from the (26)……………….
How to deliver the planas an (27)…………………
Date of giving presentationon (28)………………..
Schedule of items duefirst phase: (29)……………..
final phase: group (30)……………….

(21)                       (22)
(23)                      (24)
(25)                      (26)
(27)                      (28)
(29)                      (30)

Part 4: Questions 31-40
Complete the notes below. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

The Gherkin Building

Commissioned by: (31) firm called Foster and Partners.

The features of its appearance:
• Its shape is like a (32)
• It can reduce the carbon (33) of the city.
• It lets (34) pass through the building, both reducing heating costs and brightening up the workspace.
• One false story claimes that the exterior of the building is partly made of (35)

Architectural concept:
• links (36) with the workplace.
• relies less on (37) for temperature control than other similar buildings.

The features of its interior:
• The atria that let fresh air pass through the interior are know as (38)
• There is a place for entertainment called the (39) at the top of the building.

The future of urban planning and architecture:
• It is likely that the entire (40) will be designed with more similarly eco-friendly buildings in future.
• A new building will be constructed aiming to produce zero waste and remove carbon dioxide from us as much as possible.

1. 80
2. garage
3. supermarket
4. petrol
5. heater
6. toaster
7. kitchen
8. 1 June
9. friday evening
10. exam
11. money
12. school
13. E
14. C
15. F
16. A
17. A
18. A
19. B
20. A
21. student loans
22. finance officer
23. smoking
24. supermarket
25. natural medicine
26. careers office
27. email attachment
28. 5 November
29. data analysis
30. presentation
31. law
32. cigar
33. footprint
34. light
35. grass
36. nature
37. air-conditioning
38. lungs
39. clubroom
40. city