IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 73

IELTS Listening Test 73

Part 1: Questions 1-10
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Registration form
Type of crime report: Robbery
Name: Anna (1)
Date of birth: (2)
Address: 4, (3)  street
Post code: (4)
Nationality: Grenadian
Number of previous burglaries: (5)
Time of apartment tenancy: (6)
Number of occupants: (7)
Entry point of burglar: (8)
Details of lost property:
Serial number of lost computer: (9)
Material of stolen purse: (10)

Part 2: Questions 11-14
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

11. What is the project that Mark and Gina want to start?
A Business school requirements.
B Directions to the business school.
C Explaining the business school experience.

12. Who is the target audience?
A Business students.
B Business school applicants.
C Summer school attendees.

13. How will they convey the information?
A Summer course lecture.
B Informational video.
C Pamphlet in the mail.

14. They want to do this project because
A students worry about their studies.
B they want to obtain a good grade.
C they want to attract future business school applicants.

Questions 15-20
Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

– Academics –
– (15)…………………..
7 minutes
– (16)…………………..
– Cafeteria
– (17)…………………
6 minutes
– Social activity
– (18)……………….
– (19)……………….
8 minutes
Conclusionnearly (20)……………..

(15)                  (16)
(17)                  (18)
(19)                 (20)

Part 3: Questions 21-26
Choose the correct letter, A, B or C.

21. The subjects in questionnaire are
A tourists in the hotel in this area.
B local residents.
C people who are living in this area.

22. The results of the questionnaire should be
A directly entered into the computer.
B scored by hand.
C submitted directly to Professor Curran.

23. Why should John give a copy of plans to the professor?
A To receive a good grade.
B To get advice.
C To earn high praise.

24. How will the instructions be presented?
A Given by a group representative.
B Given by all members of the group.
C Given by the professor.

25. What does Dani suggest to John when those subjects receive the questionnaire?
A Divide into 2 part to argue.
B Focus on the opinion of the interviewees.
C Take consideration of both sides.

26. Why is this project particularly important to John?
A To earn respect from professors in the department.
B To raise his grade.
C To impress his professor.

Questions 27-30

What is the source of each one below in this survey?

Choose FOUR answers from the box and write the letters A-F next to questions 27-30.

A radio
B council meeting
C the television
D newspaper
E journal
F the Internet

27. Map
28. Photo
29. Budget
30. Comment

Part 4: Questions 31-35
Choose the correct letter, A, B, or C.

31. Why did the lecturer choose to focus on the Pleasanton Town Market?
A It was the first ever Town Market.
B It has been covered extensively in local history classes.
C It is often mentioned in some literature of the library.

32. The Town Market originally made a large profit selling
A handcrafts.
B vegetables.
C animals.

33. The money that the marketers made contributes to local
A reconstruction.
B development.
C defense.

34. Market sales plummeted due to lack of viable
A agriculture.
B transport.
C city planning.

35. Major John C. Wiley decided the Clock tower would be used as a ____________ in the early stages of the uprising.
A clock
B grounds for battle
C jail

Questions 36-40
Complete the table below. Write ONLY ONE WORD for each answer.

Research methodObjectsProblems
Reference section(36)………………there is too much information
(37)………………….Rebellionbias makes it (38)…………………
(39)…………………….Jim Wileythe information is insufficient
Newspaper archives(40)………………more details is needed

(36)                   (37)
(38)                   (39)

1. Grieg
2. March 15
3. Ellendale
4. W5 2AT
5. 0
6. 8 months
7. 1
8. back door
9. G4168770
10. silver-colored cloth
11. C
12. B
13. B
14. A
15. teaching methods
16. accommodation
17. flats
18. disco
19. international evening
20. two minutes
21. C
22. A
23. B
24. A
25. C
26. A
27. E
28. D
29. A
30. B
31. C
32. C
33. B
34. B
35. C
36. market
37. interviews
38. useless
39. photographs
40. crime