IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 59

IELTS Listening Test 59

Part 1: Questions 1-10
Complete the notes below.

Areas dealt with: (1) and north suburbs
Rent: from (2) £ to £ a month
Depends on: the area availability of (3) garage
Properties available: West Park Road
rent (4) £ a month
including (5)
Tithe Road rent £380 a month including (6) rental
Viewing arrangements: meet at office on (7) at 5.00 pm
Need: letter from bank
reference from (8)
Must: give (9) notice of moving in
give deposit of (10) pay for contract

Part 2: Questions 11 and 12
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

11. Who is Mrs Sutton worried about?
12. What is the name for a group of family doctors working in the same building together?

Questions 13-17
Complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Name of health centreNumber of doctorsOther informationInformation about doctors
Dean End(13)………………..appointment system (15)…………..than South HayDr. Jones is good with (16)…………patients

Dr. Shaw is good with small children
South Hay(14)………………..building less modern than Dean EndDr. Williams helps people with (17)………….

(13)                     (14)
(15)                     (16)

Question 18

18. Doctors start seeing patients at the Health Centre from o’clock.

Question 19
Choose TWO letters A-E.

19. Which TWO groups of patients receive free medication?
A people over 17 years old
B unemployed people
C non-UK residents
D people over 60 years old
E pregnant women

Question 20

20. The charge for one item of medication is about £

Part 3: Questions 21-30
Complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Name: Jonathan Briggs
Degree: Economic and (21)
Teaching experience: Volunteer teacher
Location: (22)
Dates: (23)
Volunteer organization: (24)
Type of school: (25)
Subject taught: (26) Forms 1, 2 and 3
English Form (27)
Agriculture science Form 6

Reasons for wanting to leave in first year: (28)
– Few teaching resources
Reasons for wanting to extend tour: – success of cattle breeding project
– Obtained funds for farm building
Reasons for wanting to train to teach Geography: it is his (29)
It has many (30)

Part 4: Questions 31-36

Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

31. Which column of the bar chart represents the figures quoted?


32. According to the speaker, the main cause of back pain in women is
A pregnancy
B osteoporosis
C lack of exercise

33. As treatment for back pain the Clinic mainly recommends
A pain killers
B relaxation therapy
C exercise routines

34. The back is different from other parts of the body because
A it is usually better at self-repair.
B a back injury is usually more painful.
C its response to injury often results in more damage.

35. Bed rest is advised
A for a maximum of two days.
B for extreme pain only.
C for pain lasting more than two days.

36. Being overweight
A is a major source of back pain.
B worsens existing back pain.
C reduces the effectiveness of exercise.

Questions 37-40
Choose the correct option.

A – Strongly recommendedB – Recommended in certain circumstancesC – Not recommended
Example: diet if overweightyes
37. buy special orthopedic chairs
38. buy shock-absorbing inserts
39. wear flat shoes
40. buy TENS machine


1. city centre
2. 250 to 500
3. garden
4. 325
5. water bills
6. phone
7. wednesday
8. employer
9. 2 weeks
10. one month’s rent
11. her daughter Anna
12. a practice
13. about 6
14. about 4
15. better/ more efficient
16. old
17. back problems
18. 9 am
19. B and E
20. 5
21. politics
22. africa
23. 1990 to 1992
24. teach south
25. rural cooperative
26. geography
27. (form) 5
28. homesick/ missed
29. favorite subject
30. applications
31. A
32. B
33. B
34. C
35. A
36. B
37. B
38. A
39. B
40. C