IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 57

IELTS Listening Test 57

Part 1: Questions 1-5
Circle the appropriate letters A-D.

1. How long did Hannah think it would take her to find a place to live?
A three weeks
B less than three weeks
C more than three weeks
D more than four weeks

2. There is not enough accommodation to rent because
A it is the end of the academic year
B Hannah is a new student
C the area has lots of new technology companies
D the town is small

3. £400 a month for rent is
A higher than Hannah has paid before
B lower than Hannah has paid before
C not cheap for the area
D cheap for the area

4. At the moment Hannah is living
A in a hostel
B in a suitcase
C in a hotel
D in a flat

5. Hannah’s new flat
A is a bit noisy
B is on the second floor
C has two bedrooms
D has a large roof terrace

Questions 6 and 7
Complete Dad’s note.

Hannah’s address:
(6) Whitehart Road
(7) 9RJ.

Questions 8-10
Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS to complete each space.

8. Hannah plans to travel to her parents’ house on Friday
9. Hannah’s Dad will return the van on
10. The journey time is about

Part 2: Questions 11-14
Circle FOUR letters A-H.

Which FOUR planned developments are mentioned?
A a village town hall
B a leisure centre
C a play area for children
D a hospital
E an industrial development
F extra houses
G a steel works
H a motorway

Questions 15-18

Tick Column A if the individual is in favour of the proposals. Tick Column B if the individual is against the proposals.

15. The Mayor
16. The conservation group spokesman
17. The local MP
18. The local shopkeeper

(15)                    (16)
(17)                    (18)

Questions 19 and 20
Circle the correct letter A-D.

19. Upton is
A close to Tartlesbury
B far from Tartlesbury
C connected by rail to Tartlesbury
D a town with a university

20. The College has
A never had a 100% success rate
B had a 100% success rate this year
C always been very successful
D never been successful

Part 3: Questions 21-25
Write NO MORE THAN FOUR WORDS or A NUMBER for each answer.

21. How many essays do the students have to write?
22. What percentage does the written exam account for?
23. How many marks did Carl get for his latest essay?
24. How many marks did Pamela get for her latest essay?
25. When was the marking system explained before?

Questions 26-30
Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Researchvery good, lots of (26)…………….examplesvery good
Sourcesvery goodvery good
Organizationvery good(29)……………….
Writing styles(27)……………………slightly too informal in some places
Previous essaydisappointing but rewrite (28)………………..(30)………………….

(26)                  (27)
(28)                  (29)

Part 4: Questions 31-35
Circle the correct letters A-D.

31. The total number of lectures mentioned by the lecturer is
A ten
B thirteen
C six
D eight

32. The lunch break of the average British worker is
A on the increase
B shorter than it used to be
C 36 minutes
D precisely 30 minutes

33. Which graph shows the change as regards sick leave?


34. There will be another lecture on stress in work and study
A given by Professor Butt
B on the calendar
C in about a fortnight
D in a week’s time

35. Which of the following is mentioned?
A Most workers say they do not take all their holidays.
B Under half of the workers say they do not take all their holidays.
C Employers do not believe workers.
D About a third of healthy workers take days off sick.

Questions 36-39
Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Employees now working (36) physically and mentally
Productivity up in many (37)
In 2002, local car plant vehicle per employee on rise to (38)
Car industry once though to be (39)

Question 40
Choose the correct letter A-D.

40. Dr Butt asks those students to see him who
A want to work at the plant
B have chosen to do the project
C want to write extra essays
D are new

1. B
2. C
3. C
4. C
5. B
6. 22B
7. EX15
8. evening after work
9. saturday evening
10. 3 hours
11. B
12. E
13. F
14. H
15. A
16. A
17. B
18. B
19. A
20. B
21. 5
22. 50%
23. 18
24. 14
25. in first tutorial
26. relevant
27. elegant
28. impossible
29. excellent
30. much better
31. B
32. B
33. A
34. C
35. B
36. beyond their limits
37. areas of industry
38. 100
39. collapsing
40. B