IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 51

IELTS Listening Test 51

Part 1: Questions 1-7
Complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS OR A NUMBER.

Client Details

Name: Andrew Peterson

Educational qualification: Degree in (1)
Previous job: (2)
Hobbies: (3)
Main skills: (4)
Expected salary ($): (5)
Can start? (6)
Other? (7)

Questions 8-10
Choose THREE letters from A-G.

Which THREE qualities do employers most value in their staff?

A Problem solving skills
B Diligence
C Experience
D Flexible hours
E Independent thinking
F Good personality
G Qualifications

Part 2: Questions 11-15
Answer the questions. Write ONE WORD ONLY for each answer.

11. What does the centre provide first?
12. What is important to control?
13. What does the centre assess?
14. How often is the exercise schedule reviewed?
15. How many exercise programs are available?

Questions 16-20
Write the correct letter A-G next to questions 16-20.

Which place is best for
16. developing confidence
17. reducing stress
18. building fitness
19. meeting others
20. finding information

A Jogging machines
B Yoga studio
C Weight units
D Front-desk area
E Squash courts
F Shower blocks
G Swimming pool

Part 3: Questions 21-25
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

21. The position needs someone good at
A computers
B dealing with people
C arts

22. The directors will select someone from the faculty of
A arts
B computing
C business

23. The position will require the person to
A work long hours
B train others
C do weekend work

24. The position will come with a
A car
B parking space
C much better salary

25. The best aspect of the job is it
A gives more responsibility
B comes with a private office
C is a step to higher positions

Questions 26-30
Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER for each answer.


Years of experience(26)………………….7812
Possible concerns(28)……………………..Limited English(29)………………(30)………………..

(26)                       (27)
(28)                       (29)

Part 4: Questions 31-33
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

31. Caves are
A often ignored
B mostly in remote areas
C often difficult to explore

32. People who explore caves
A mostly need to know about cartography
B enjoy overcoming the difficulties
C usually know about cave sciences

33. China has
A probably the most undiscovered caves
B a growing number of cave explorers
C some of the best documented caves

Questions 34-40
Complete the table and notes below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Three main reasons for cave formation

DissolutionVolcanic lava tubesAction of waves
Usually involves (34)……………..Good example in (35)………………Generally quite (36)…………………

(34)                      (35)
(36)                      (37)
(38)                      (39)

1. engineering
2. car salesman
3. chess
4. electronics
5. 1200
6. immediately
7. Spanish
8. A
9. E
10. F
11. consultations
12. diet
13. fitness
14. monthly
15. three
16. C
17. A
18. E
19. F
20. B
21. B
22. C
23. A
24. B
25. C
26. 7
27. MBP
28. not stable
29. bad attitude
30. health problems
31. C
32. C
33. A
34. limestone
35. Iceland
36. short
37. calcium
38. flowstone
39. 1986
40. bottom up

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