IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 41

IELTS Listening Test 41

Part 1: Questions 1-7
Complete the table and the notes below using NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Name of cruiseHighlight cruiseNoon cruise(1)……………….cruise
Price per person$ 16(4)……………….$ 25
Departure times(2)………………….12.00(6)………………
Included in the price(3)……………………(5)………………Coffee and (7)………………..

(1)                        (2)
(3)                       (4)
(5)                       (6)

8. Jetty No.2 is situated
9. The commentary is in
10. The lady recommends that they

Part 2: Questions 11-14
Complete the table below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Preparing for the interview

What to doHow to do it
Step 1: Prepare things to take– Gather all documents e.g. copies of resume
– Choose (11)……………..e.g. design, drawings, written work
Step 2: Get more information– Check you have pen and paper
– Ask film for a (12)…………
– See profiles at Chamber of Commerce, library
Step 3: Focus on you and the job– Contact (13)………………..of this or related firms
– Compare yourself with what is required
– Imagine likely questions and your answers
– Decide how to make up for any (14)………….you lack

(11)                         (12)
(13)                        (14)

Questions 15-20
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

At the interview
Arrive no more than (15) before the time of the interview.

After you hear the question, you can (16) before you reply.

You can (17) if you don’t understand what they are asking you.

Wait for them to offer you the job before you say what (18) you want.

Learning from the experience will make you more (19) in future interviews.

Pay attention to your (20) – it shows you have a positive attitude.

Part 3: Questions 21-23
Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Effects of weather on mood
21. Phil and Stella’s goal is to the hypothesis that weather has an effect on a person’s mood.
22. They expect to find that ‘good’ weather (weather which is and ) has a positive effect on a person’s mood.
23. Stella defines ‘effect on mood’ as a in the way a person feels.

Questions 24-27
What information was given by each writer? Choose you answers from the list of options A-F next to questions 24-27.

A the benefits of moving to a warmer environment

B the type of weather with the worst affect on mood

C how past events affect attitudes to weather

D the important effect of stress on mood

E the importance of effect of hours of sunshine on modd

F psychological problems due to having to cope with bad weather

24. Vickers  
25. Whitebourne  
26. Haverton  
27. Stanfield  

Questions 28-30
Choose THREE letters A-H.

Which THREE things do Phil and Stella still have to decide on?

A how to analyse their results
B their methods of presentation
C the design of their questionnaire
D the location of their survey
E weather variables to be measured
F the dates of their survey
G the size of their survey
H the source of data on weather variables

Part 4: Questions 31-35
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

31. How long would terms be under the six-term system?
A six weeks
B seven weeks
C thirteen weeks

32. What would happen to the summer holiday?
A it would disappear
B it would be shortened
C it would be lengthened

33. How much was the average learning loss in the summer?
A two weeks
B three weeks
C seven weeks

34. In which subject was learning loss greatest among disadvantaged?
A maths
B reading
C writing

35. According to Marchmont’s research, in the six-term system pupils performed
A better than under the existing system
B worse than under the existing system
C the same as under the existing system

Questions 36-40
Complete the summary below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

The school terms that we use originated when many people worked in (36) Also because of the heat it was difficult to teach children in July and August before the invention (37) A different approach can be provided by the (38) An important factor in the success of these is the small (39) Also the element of (40) is usually present which contributes greatly.

1. coffee
2. 9.30
3. postcard
4. $42
5. lunch
6. 2.15
7. sandwihes
8. opposite shops
9. english (only)
10. wear a hat
11. work samples
12. job description
13. employees
14. experience or skills
15. ten minutes
16. take your time
17. ask for clarification
18. salary
19. confident
20. appearance
21. investigate
22. sunny and warm
23. change
24. F
25. D
26. C
27. B
28. B
29. F
30. H
31. B
32. B
33. B
34. B
35. A
36. agriculture
37. air-conditioning
38. summer school
39. class size
40. parental support