IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 135

IELTS Listening Test 135

Part 1: Questions 1-10
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS OR A NUMBER.

Midbury Drama Club

Club started in 1957

• Prize recently won by (1) section
• Usually problems (2) plays

• Next auditions will be on Tuesday, (3)
• Help is needed with (4) and
• Rehearsals take place in the (5) hall
• Nearest car park for rehearsals is in Ashburton Road opposite the (6)

• Annual membership fee is (7) £
• Extra payment for (8)

• Secretary’s name is Sarah (9)
• Secretary’s phone number is (10)

Part 2: Questions 11-15
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

11. What does the charity Forward thinking do?
A it funds art exhibitions in hospitals
B it produces affordable materials for art therapy
C it encourages the use of arts projects in healthcare

12. What benefit of Forward thinking’s work does Jasmine mention?
A people avoid going to hospital
B patients require fewer drugs
C medical students do better in tests

13. When did the organization become known as Forward thinking?
A 1986
B in the 1990s
C 2005

14. Where does Forward thinking operate?
A within Clifton city
B in all parts of London
C in several towns and villages near Clifton

15. Jasmine explains that the Colville Centre is
A a school for people with health problems
B a venue for a range of different activities
C a building which needs repairing

Questions 16-20
Who can take part in each of the classes?

Write the correct letter A, B or C next to questions 16-20.

Class participants
A children and teenagers
B adults
C all ages

16. Learn Salsa
17. Smooth Movers
18. Art of the Forest
19. The Money Maze
20. Make a Play

Part 3: Questions 21-26
Complete the flow chart below. Choose SIX answers from the list and write the correct letter A-I next to questions 21-26.

A air quality
B journey times
C land use
D leisure facilities
E means of transport
F parking facilities
G number of pedestrians
H place of employment
I traffic flow

(21)                  (22)
(23)                 (24)
(25)                 (26)

Questions 27-30
Who will be responsible for each task?

A Stefan
B Lauren
C both Stefan and Lauren

Write the correct letter next to questions 27-30.

27. draw graphs and maps
28. choose photographs
29. write report
30. do presentation

Part 4: Questions 31-35
Complete the sentences below. Write ONE WORD only for each answer.

Manufacturing in the English Midlands

31. In the eighteenth century, the still determined how most people made a living.

32. In the ground were minerals which supported the many of the region.

33. Since the late sixteenth century the French settlers had made

34. In Cheshire was mined and transported on the river Mersey.

35. Potters worked in a few situated on the small hills of North Staffordshire.

Questions 36-40
Complete the notes below. Write ONE WORD only for each answer.

Pottery Notes

• Potters used (36) day
• Saved money on (37)

• Needed two things in the kiln to be (38)
• Fragility led to high (39) during manufacturing

• More expensive but better
• Made from a (40) of clay and flint

1. youth
2. comedy
3. 12 March
4. publicity
5. community
6. sports centre
7. 180
8. costumes
9. Sawdicott
10. 07955240063
11. C
12. B
13. C
14. C
15. B
16. B
17. B
18. C
19. B
20. A
21. C
22. A
23. I
24. F
25. G
26. E
27. B
28. C
29. A
30. C
31. land
32. industries/ trades
33. glass
34. salt
35. villages
36. local
37. fuel
38. waterproof
39. wastage
40. mixture/ mix