IELTS MASTER | IELTS Listening Test 123

IELTS Listening Test 123

Part 1: Questions 1-5
Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Louise needs a bus pass for zones 1 to 3

1. Louise’s last bus pass began ago.
2. Louise now wants to be contacted by
3. Unlike her previous bus pass, Louise’s new one will have a on it.
4. The new bus pass has gone up in price by
5. Louise has to put her on her bus pass to make it valid.

Questions 6-8
Which bus stop matches each location?

Choose your answers from the box and write the correct letter A-H next to questions 6-8.

6. Bus Stop Q
7. Bus Stop G
8. Bus Stop A

A West Gate Shopping Centre
B West Howe
C The University
D The Town Centre Post Office
E The Town Hall
F The Hospital
G The Arrowdown Sports Centre
H The Cinema

Questions 9 and 10
Choose TWO letters A-E.

Which TWO of the following will Louise get discounts on prices with her bus pass?

A The cinema
B Local train services
C The local football club
D The local theatre
E The local museum

Part 2: Questions 11-15
Answer the questions below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER for each answer.

11. Which organization founded the adult education centre?
12. How often is the teaching of the adult education centre’s teachers assessed?
13. Where can all the lesson resources be found online?
14. How long is one of the teachers’ weekly online tutorial sessions?
15. At what time does the administration section in the Langdon Street close to the general public?

Questions 16-20
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

Languages– European languages and others
– for different abilities
– (16)………………..available on the website
Business– short 1-day courses or longer ones to gain a qualification
– computer software, (17)…………………search engine optimization and website development
Photography and (18)……………– how to get the most from your camera
– basic to advanced courses – build up knowledge and learn about your equipment
Cooking– specialty of the popular introduction to cooking
– basics and some more advanced topics covered
– learn all about store cupboard ingredients
– learn important techniques
– (19)………………..for fast and fun cooking
Creatinve writing– course run by studying practical exercises with discussion and examples
– given an insight to the creative process
– hopeful writers can learn the (20)………………..for creating fiction

(16)                (17)
(18)                (19)

Part 3: Questions 21-26
Complete the notes below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

Survey on community benefits from the digital environment

Topic numberTopicNotes
1Perceptions of internet speed(21)…………….not dial up
2Perceptions of affordabilityavoid questions related to travel to avoid creating (22)…………… the answers
3Changing subscriptions and providersfocus on locked in contracts and length of (23)………………………….
4Transparency regarding (24)…………………very topical; communication companies look for the best (25)……………from a deal rather than their customer’s financial well-being
5Mobile phones – users’ satisfaction with their (26)………………topical again; other countries better than this country

(21)                     (22)
(23)                    (24)
(25)                    (26)

Questions 27 and 28
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

27. When will the four students conduct their survey?
A Wednesday afternoon
B Friday afternoon
C Saturday afternoon

28. Where is the final decision to conduct the survey?
A The town centre
B The train station
C The central shopping mall

Questions 29 and 30
Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS for each answer.

29. Abbie suggests that the group meets the next day to collate the survey’s results and perform some on them.

30. Martin’s trip to the prevents him meeting the others on Sunday evening.

Part 4: Questions 31-37
Complete the sentences below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/ OR A NUMBER for each answer.

Geothermal energy and Iceland
• Geothermal energy is heat from the earth
• Found underground sometimes shallow, sometimes deep (to the magma layer)
• Most of the energy comes from the (31) of radioactive minerals
• Iceland at the forefront of geothermal energy for heating and electricity production (currently it supplies 25% of the country’s electricity production)
• 84% of energy use is from domestic renewable resources (66% is geothermal)
• In the 20th century Iceland changed from a poor country to one with a high (32)
• Iceland is on a geological fault line
• The North American and Eurasian tectonic plates move at (33) cm annually
• Creates a lot of volcanic activity and regular (34) (not usually dangerous)
• Lots of volcanoes (more than 200) and hot springs
• Approximately 30 volcanoes have erupted since Iceland was populated
• Iceland’s geothermal energy from 2 types of hot water systems:

High Temperature Fields
• Found in the (35) or nearby
• Usually at altitude
• The rock is young and permeable
• Groundwater is deep
• Shown at surface usually as (36)

Low Temperature Fields
• Found usually in southwest Iceland
• Shown at surface usually as hot or boiling springs
• Flow rates from almost zero to 180 litres a second
• These fields are thought to be (37) (existing a few thousands years)

Questions 38-40
Complete the diagram below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.


1. 6 months
2. email
3. photo(card)
4. 5%
5. signature
6. E
7. A
8. D
9. B
10. E
11. (town) council
12. every 6 months
13. interactive classroom
14. 3 hours
15. 2 pm
16. self-assessment test
17. bookkeeping
18. computers for photography
19. shortcuts
20. skills
21. broadband
22. bias
23. notice (periods)
24. tariffs
25. profit
26. signal reception
27. C
28. A
29. (statistical) analysis
30. cinema
31. (natural) decay
32. standard of living
33. 2
34. earthquakes
35. volcanic zones
36. steam (vents)
37. transient
38. steam
39. (local) substation
40. cooling tower