IELTS MASTER | ielts general reading test 90

ielts general reading test 90

Section 1
Read the text below and answer questions 1-7.

This week’s attractions in Westley

A The Westley Theatre
This week only, come and see The Wild Witches of Wirral, a comedy for all the family. Performances every afternoon (14.00) this week and both afternoons (14.00) and evenings (18.30) this weekend.

B Cinema
Due to the refurbishment of all the theatres except one, the only film to be screened this week is The Avenger, the classic thriller from the 1950’s filmed in black and white; showing three times daily (14.30; 17.30: 20.30).

C Music Festival
This weekend, on Beachamp Farm, the annual music festival will be held. With bands from all over the world, the farm will be rocking and rolling all day from 09.00 on Saturday and Sunday. As usual, the festival has been highly popular and tickets have all been sold in advance, so don’t run up on spec as you will be disappointed.

D Art Museum
In addition to the regular exhibits, this week there is a special exhibition on ancient Greek pottery. The exhibited collection is all on kind loan from the National Arts Museum and is on tour around the country. The museum is open daily besides Sundays (10.00 – 17.30) and is free for normal exhibits; ancient Greek pottery exhibition, $5.

E Library
Because of the annual vacation period, the library will be shut this week and the next. Any books due to be returned will have a 2-week extension or borrowers can drop them off through the special book hole in the front door.

F Football
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and evening, the sport’s center summer youth 6-a-side football knockout takes place. Teams from around the area will compete in this popular event. Age groups from: under 10’s, under 12’s and under 14’s. There is a small charge for entry to cover pitch rental and admin.

G Swimming Pool
The swimming pool is back open for business this week now the damage from their small fire has all been repaired. The usual schedule will start up again with public swims, kids sessions and swimming club training sessions. On Saturday, there is a swimming gala from 09.30 with many top swimmers from the region coming to compete. It’s all without charge, so come and cheer on the swimmers.

Questions 1-7
Look at the information sheet for This Week’s Attractions in Westley. The information has 7 sections (A-G). Which section mentions the following information?

1. This attraction is closed this week.
2. People don’t have to pay for an event at this attraction.
3. People can no longer buy tickets for this attraction.
4. This attraction should make people laugh.
5. This attraction is being renovated.
6. Only young people will be taking part in this attraction.
7. This attraction is open every day except Sunday.

Read the text below and answer questions 8-13.

Your New Electron Washing Machine

These introductory notes will outline some basic information regarding your new Electron Washing Machine. Read the notes carefully, as you will avoid some possible problems.

1. Remember, always get your washing machine installed by a qualified installer. This will include all qualified electricians and plumbers. Your retailer will probably be able to recommend someone or provide the service. Don’t use friends or try it yourself and beware of cowboys! Non-qualified installation will lead to the nullification of the guarantee.

2. Your new Electron Washing Machine will work with any good quality washing detergent, but it has been designed to work with some better brands. See the main user’s guide for a list of recommended detergents.

3. It is very possible that the water where you live is hard. Prolonged use with hard water will lead to scale calcification in all washing machines, and no technology can stop this. To avoid this, it is recommended that you install a water softener to the washing machine water supply. Local plumbers will be able to advise you of your area’s water type and what water softener would be suitable if applicable.

4. All new Electron Washing Machines come with a standard 2 year manufacturer’s guarantee. While we are confident that your new Electron Washing Machine has been manufactured to the highest possible quality standards, if you would like to invest in a 5 year guarantee, this can be purchased online on our website, We believe it’s the best thing to do for peace of mind.

5. Before washing clothes for the first time in your new Electron Washing Machine, it is important that you run the machine one time with no clothes. You can use detergent if you wish, but this is not necessary. Use setting 8 at 40 degrees for best results.

6. Remember, before washing clothes, check all pockets etc. for any coins, tissues or other belongings. Coins and tissues can sometimes get into the machinery and cause your new Electron Washing Machine to break down.

7. Some minor faults with your new Electron Washing Machine can be fixed without having to call in expensive help. To help you with this, we have created a troubleshooting guide on our website, There are straightforward questions that cover most possible problems and, once diagnosed, the problems can usually be dealt with by yourself without having to call the plumber or electrician.

8. Why not take a little time to register your new Electron Washing Machine with us? It doesn’t take much time, and if we know who you are, we will be able to service you better. Just go to the appropriate icon on our website ( to register. You will be taken to a page where you will be asked for a few details.

9. Finally, we are extremely interested to know what your experience is like with your new Electron Washing Machine. On our website,, we have feedback pages, blogs and forums where you can have your say. Come and share with us!

Questions 8-13
Do the following statements agree with the views of the writer of the introductory notes on Your New Electron Washing Machine? Write

YES                   if the statement agrees with the writer
NO                     if the statement doesn’t agree with the writer
NOT GIVEN   if it is impossible to say what the writer thinks about this

8. Buying an extended warranty is a good idea.
9. When using the washing machine for the first time, run a cycle with some old clothes or towels.
10. Installers must provide the customer with a certificate of installation.
11. Reading the troubleshooting guide can save you money.
12. Registering the washing machine requires giving an email address.
13. The Electron washing machine includes technology that stops calcification

Section 2
Read the text below and answer questions 14-20.

Want to buy a business?

Buying an established business is a good option for some aspiring entrepreneurs, as much of the groundwork for success may have already been done by the existing owners. Before making an offer, there are some important things to investigate. Initially, it is likely that you may only have access to a company’s business sale memorandum. Sellers will usually ask you to sign a confidentiality undertaking or nondisclosure agreement before you can access sensitive or detailed information. They will usually also ask for details about you (via a CV) and evidence of your ability to fund a purchase. After an offer is made and agreed on, due diligence is carried out. This is where the buyer looks at the business in detail, including its finances, its employees, outstanding litigation, major contracts, IT and other technology. It may sound complex, but professionals such as accountants, solicitors, chartered surveyors, Business transfer agents, business brokers and corporate financiers can help. You can also do some of the research yourself.

Much of the information you’ll want to know about a business you are hoping to buy will be confidential, while some will be publicly available. If a vendor is keen to sell, then they should co-operate fully and give you all of the information you need to arrive at an offer. This may include looking at bank loan details, property rental contracts and intellectual property licences, for example. It is likely you will be asked to sign a confidentiality agreement (also known as a non-disclosure agreement). This protects the existing business owner and stops you from using any information you have learned about the way the business is run should negotiations breakdown. Get a solicitor or lawyer to read anything you are asked to sign or check carefully for any clauses that could have a negative impact on any other businesses you own or are considering starting. You may already be looking at developing a product similar to one offered by the business, for example, and the confidentiality agreement may prevent you doing this if the deal falls through. Once a business has been purchased, it is important to respect the Data Protection Act for any information transferred to you under the sale, such as employee records. It is wise to seek expert legal advice or speak to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

There are several stages to the official process of buying or selling a business. They start with valuing the business, followed by getting tax advice, market research and marketing, preliminary offers, negotiating terms, heads of agreement, legal sale and purchase agreement, completing due diligence, and finally, completing the sale. Ensure each stage of the negotiation is documented and include all agreements and conditions in the final contract. Do this even if the business is small and the sale straightforward. Take expert advice from an accountant and a solicitor throughout the process, as this will stop you making costly mistakes. You can also seek advice from a tax specialist to ensure that the deal you agree is tax efficient. Sellers should decide whether to use a business broker or not to handle the initial part of the process.

When you’re setting up your business, it’s essential to think about how you’ll ultimately end your involvement with it. An exit strategy can help you to maximise the value you get from your business, successfully market your business to potential buyers or investors and ensure you end your involvement with as little disruption to the business as possible.

Regardless of whether your exit occurs to a planned schedule or whether you are forced to make a move for unexpected reasons, the decisions you make when setting up can affect how easy it is for you to eventually exit your business.

Questions 14-18
Answer the questions below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the text, “Want to Buy a Business? for each answer.

14. What is the first document that a business buyer will most probably be able to see before signing a non-disclosure agreement?
15. What process is carried out after an offer to buy a business has been submitted and accepted?
16. What kind of information is given in the text as an example of information protected by the Data Protection Act?
17. According to the text, what is the first phase of the formal procedure of buying or selling a business?
18. What does the text say you can avoid by consulting an accountant and solicitor?

Questions 19 and 20
Read the Information Sheet “Want to Buy a Business? and then complete each of the following statements with words taken from the text. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer.

19. It is important to consult with someone specialising in taxation to ensure that your decision is………….
20. Because by eventually leaving the business you buy might adversely affect it, it’s important to plan an……….

Read the text below and answer questions 21-27.

Parcel Fox – Business Courier Service

UK Domestic Product
This includes a complete range of delivery options to ensure that you can send and receive your goods exactly when you want them. You will have peace of mind, knowing that we’ll deliver the next day at a time convenient to you, anywhere in the UK.

Next Day Services:
Pre 09:00 (delivery between 07:30 -09:00)
Pre 10:30 (delivery between 07:30 – 10:30)
Pre 12:00 (delivery between 07:30 – 12:00)
Next Day (delivery between 07:30 – 17:30)

Saturday Delivery – We offer a Saturday delivery service with three delivery options:
Pre 09:00 (delivery between 07:30 -09:00)
Pre 10:30 (delivery between 07:30 – 10:30)
Pre 12:00 (delivery between 07:30 – 12:00)

City Link Packaging: We offer all customers two free of charge secure packaging options
Linkletter – This has been designed to carry documents weighing up to 1kg
Citypack – This will take any item up to a maximum of 10kg

Our Additional Services Include (at extra cost):
Collect From Us – A service for people on the move, such as field sales or engineers. We’ll hold items at a specified depot for secure collection by your nominated person.

Exchange – Combines the delivery of one item with the exchange for another to be delivered the next day.

Third Party/Remote Collections – Collection from any address and delivery to any other address in the UK.

Drop into Us – Goods can be dropped into any City Link depot regardless of where your account is held.

Is tomorrow too late? If so, we have the solution. Sameday is our specialist, dedicated service for time-critical and time-definite deliveries. It’s perfect for deliveries of all sizes throughout the UK and Europe. By offering complete flexibility and dedication, we ensure that you get the exact service you need, and your customers want.

Just one call will connect you to your local same day controller 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. What’s more, once you confirm your booking we guarantee to be with you within the hour with an extensive range of vehicle options. Your local controller will tailor a complete solution for all your requirements.

Our International service is a versatile and reliable door-to-door delivery service for single or multi-item consignments and pallets. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a complete range of International export and import delivery services boasting total reliability, security and value for money. So whether you are a small or large volume shipper, we offer a flexible range of delivery solutions to support your business needs by sea, air and road.

Questions 21-27
Read the text “Parcel Fox – Business Courier Service” and look at the statements below (questions 21 – 27) and

TRUE                    if the statement agrees with the passage
FALSE                  if the statement contradicts the passage
NOT GIVEN       if the information is not given in the reading passage

21. You can send documents weighing one and a half kilograms by Linkletter.
22. Deliveries can be made at any time on Saturdays using the UK Domestic Product.
23. Pets can be sent within the UK on payment of a special fee.
24. For a fee, packages can be picked up by Parcel Fox from any address in the UK.
25. A bespoke service for your delivery requirements can be arranged at any time during the year.
26. Sameday deliveries cannot be guaranteed for deliveries to the US.
27. International deliveries can only be sent by plane or ship.

Section 3

The Early Days of Australian Gold

Although gold had been rumoured to have been found in Australia as early as 1814, the first gold fields did not appear until forty years later, Gold discoveries were not considered blessings in the pre-1850’s Australian convict society, as the authorities believed gold fever could potentially cause anarchy in the small fledgling British colonies. Most finds were kept very quiet, as most finders soon found themselves accused of theft and punished violently for their trouble. Because the society was predominantly criminals and convicts, this story was easier to believe than the idea that these people were just picking it up in the bush. However, many of these people were hushed up and punished for another reason. Farmers, wealthy landowners and the authorities were afraid that if word got around that gold had been found, then many of their lowly paid workers and labourers would leave their jobs. This all ended when the California gold rush began to really heat up. Workers from all over the world migrated to the United States to strike it rich. Australia was no exception and when this labour drain began to impact the local economy, Australia’s governors began to look at gold differently.

Gold in Australia was first ‘officially’ discovered in 1851 by one Edward Hargraves. Hargraves had just returned empty-handed from the already under way Californian Gold Rush and had a theory that the Australian and Californian terrains had various similarities. Hargraves travelled West of Sydney towards the Bathurst Plains and it was here that the first publicized gold was found. This area would become Australia’s earliest goldfield. The government officially declared the gold discovery on the 22nd of May 1851 and thousands flocked to the Bathurst plains.

The first gold rush was well and truly on in New South Wales, but far more was yet to come. The Victorian Authorities in Melbourne grew anxious, as many of their population made their way north towards Bathurst to try their luck. As labour started to become scarcer, Governor LaTrobe offered a £200 reward for any gold found within a 200 mile radius of Melbourne in an attempt to attract people to Melbourne. Soon after, gold was found at Warrandyte, now a suburb of Melbourne. This started an early mini gold rush. But these finds were not large enough to spark a state-wide gold frenzy. Rich gold fields were on the horizon, however. Ones that would change the new colony of Victoria forever.

These gigantic finds were at what is now recognised as part of the State of Victoria’s Golden Triangle. A blacksmith discovered gold a few kilometres north of Ballarat, a small farming village west of Melbourne. This was to be one of the richest gold fields the world has ever seen. 10,000 miners arrived in less than a year and turned this once sleepy region into Victoria’s largest settlement. Miners and prospectors who were originally heading to Bathurst now turned towards Ballarat instead.

The massive influx of immigrants was more than the fledgling colonies of New South Wales and Victoria could handle. Room soon became scarce, as lodging houses and hotels were quickly filled. Faced with the ongoing wave of immigrants arriving in ships almost daily, new measures had to be taken to provide some kind of accommodation for the new arrivals. Canvas towns began to spring up in the south of Melbourne. New arrivals to Victoria were given a rough canvas tent and these were set up in rows, forming ‘streets’. The occupants of the canvas towns named the streets that were formed, mostly after prestigious English streets such as Bond Street, Regent Street and so on. The existence of these small canvas settlements was legalized by Governor LaTrobe in 1852, when he imposed a weekly rent of five shillings per tent.

From a fledgling penal settlement, the gold rush and ensuing waves of immigration changed the face of the nation. Before 1851, Australia’s combined immigrant population was approximately 77,000. Most of those had been convicts sent by ship over the previous seventy years. The gold rush completely changed that. It suddenly seemed like a foolish idea, and indeed no longer a punishment, to give a free boat ride to Australia’s rich gold fields to anyone who had committed a crime. The arrival of skilled workers and tradesmen provided a boost to the economy as new facilities were made available. The colonies witnessed widespread progress in many areas of industry, particularly in manufacturing, as factories were gradually established and opened.

The presence of so many migrants from different countries created tensions between different groups. Policies were established to limit the number of non English-speaking migrants from entering Australia. These policies had their roots in the convict era, when the divisions between free men and newly emancipated convicts were sharply drawn. This social division developed into a cultural divide when migrants from non-English speaking backgrounds arrived in Australia. These cultural conflicts persisted for many years, and were the cause of longstanding tensions between different groups. The government’s immigration policies formed during the time of the gold rushes were rigorously enforced and persisted until not long ago.

Questions 28-37
Complete the notes below with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER from the passage for each answer.

Gold may be discovered in the year (28) ……….., major diggings started in 1844.

Gold discoveries not liked, because of establishment worries of (29) …………… developing in colonies worries over labour leaving work to search for gold.

Workers left anyway because of the (30)…………..

Gold officially found in 1851 by Edward Hargraves on the (31)……………. – became Australia’s first goldfield. The discovery attracted thousands of people.

Melbourne government offered a cash (32) ………. for finding gold near Melbourne to attract people there.

Gold soon found, and some of the world’s biggest deposits found north of Melbourne. Many miners came to the town of (33) ………….. to seek riches.

Australian residential capacity was overloaded, so immigrant miners were housed under (34) …………. for a small cost.

The Australian gold rush changed the country’s demographics from largely convict. Transportation as a punishment stopped.

The new and more (35)…………….population that arrived in Australia stimulated the (36) ………… and industry developed.

Old social division tensions from the convict era continued between English speakers and non-speakers. The official (37)…………………continued until relatively recently.

Questions 38-40
Choose the correct letter A, B, C or D.

38. Why did Australian convicts who first found gold often not tell anyone?
A They were scared it would be taken from them.
B They had other jobs they wanted to keep.
C They were scared they would be accused of stealing it.
D They did not want other people to come and take their potential riches.

39. Why did Hargraves feel that he could find gold on the Bathurst Plains?
A A miner in California told Hargraves that he had seen gold on the Bathurst Plains.
B Hargraves believed that California and the Bathurst Plains ground conditions were alike.
C Hargraves was convinced by the bonus offered for finding gold on the Bathurst Plains.
D News had been announced that gold could be found in the Bathurst Plains area.

40. When did the temporary shelters for Ballarat miners become officially acknowledged?
A When the miners began to pay taxes.
B When too many miners got arrested.
C After public demonstrations forced the political administration.
D When the miners officially paid for their accommodation.

1. E
2. G
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. F
7. D
8. Yes
9. No
10. NG
11. Yes
12. NG
13. No
14. (business) sale memorandum
15. Due diligence
16. Employee records
17. Valuing (the business)
18. (making) costly mistakes
19. Tax efficient
20. Exit strategy
21. False
22. False
23. NG
24. True
25. True
26. NG
27. False
28. 1814
29. Anarchy
30. California gold rush
31. Bathurst plains
32. Reward
33. Ballarat
34. Canvas/ canvas towns
35. Skilled
36. Economy
37. (immigration) policies
38. C
39. B
40. D