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  1. Kirti says:

    Hi Team,
    Your website is really amazing, I am preparing my IELTS with help of study materials in this website which are easy to access as compared to others, However I want to know if you do provide any General Writing tests as I can see only academic modules…?


    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Thank you for your appreciation. We have noted your request and will soon upload Writing task 1 which is letter. For task 2 you can attempt the same which are already uploaded on the writing page because task 2 is same for GT and Academic. Thank you.

  2. saloni says:

    I am also looking forward to see the general writing task 1 tests.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Rinal kansara says:

    There are split opinions regarding relationship between various countries are burgeoning than past. However,better relationship is absolutely necessary to increase the growth of country.Therefore,let us discuss both the views because there are several reasons for such a situation and few visible influences too.Additionally,i personally disgree with this notion. To commence with,plenty number of countries have emphasized to enhance to maintain good relationship with other territory.Futhermore,they export and import multifarious commodities consequently,sometimes they have faced dangerous problems such as supplying drugs and bombs in place of things.Also,in their own motherland mass have been struggling from unemployment because people from other coutries have established myriad business and earn handsome salary package. On the contrary,the later view suggest that,it is holistically essential and fruitful for them.Moreover,it is hostically arduous for one country to mitigate difficulties.In addition,earth is facing global worning due to increasing green house effect and if one country will fight then the day will not be far when earth will become boiling pot.Next,several kingdoms have assist to neighborhood where individual live under penury and suffering from starvation to invest huge monetary value.Also,impetus to adults to organize sports facilities which is certainly entail for physical development.Another point worth noting is,in 2019,when Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had fired on terrorists in Pakistan they had already informed to USA. Thus,weighing up both the sides of the argument,it can eventually say that without assist of eachother it is intricate to ameliorate problems.Although,there are drawbacks in it, positives far outweigh it’s negatives.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      This is our feedback:
      1. You have not prepared a good introduction, you have straightaway started with the statement never do that. Never paraphrase statement in task 2 write your own introduction.
      2. ‘Increase the growth of country’, better right to ‘push or propel the growth of a country’.
      3. ‘I personally disagree with this notion’, you are contradicting yourself here never do that.
      4. ‘Plenty number’ is grammatically wrong.
      5. ‘Faced dangerous’ it should be face.
      6. ‘global worning’ its warming
      7. Wrong use of word entail
      8. Always use the with USA and UK.
      9. It can eventually say is grammatically wrong.
      10. Overall it is an OK attempt, many small grammatical mistakes and some wrong use of vocabulary. You have used good words but make sure these are fitting in the sentence so before using these please understand their meaning carefully.

      Next time please attempt the tasks from our website given above. These are the latest tasks so will help you a lot.

  4. Rinal kansara says:

    Question-As we are facing more and more problems which affect the whole planet,good relationship between different countries are becoming more important than ever before.To what extent do u agree or disagree?

    • Rinal kansara says:

      Plz would u tell me in place of this type of vocabs which I can use it?where I can use entail?and eventually it can be said that is it okay?and plenty number of is wrong so plz tell me how to write it?I can’t use plenty number with countries?in 3rd topic u r telling me never do exam I have to always stay positive with them?and plz tell me. How many bands I can get in this essay?plz I request u.

      • IELTS-PTE says:

        Please ensure that you understand the meaning of word completely before using it in essay. Entail means include so you can use it in place of include. In the conclusion do not use eventually start with ‘To reiterate’. Never use plenty and number together. Plenty is generally used with things or objects or common nouns. For countries you can use several countries. It is not about being positive you have to first decide whether you want to favor only one side of statement or you want to write a balanced essay by discussing both sides. In first paragraph you contradicted ‘Additionally,i personally disagree with this notion’ but before that you have written ‘better relationship is absolutely necessary’ hence presenting two opposite views which you should not do. With this kind of writing you can get maximum of 6-6.5 bands.

  5. Rinal kansara says:

    There is no gainsaying that in modern era,technology has been burgeoning everywhere which also paves the way to advance agriculture.which assist to mass to grow more crop every year.Howevere,food is absolutely necessary to survive healthy lifestyle.So,let us discuss the causes why still people in various territory suffer from starvation and how to deal with this issue. To commence with,farming is certainly rely on precipitation and climate but in some territory scarcity of this both factors people are unable to utilize technology despite of having plentyful agriculture facilities.Furthermore,during
    the drought and flood soil loss it’s fertility more times and in countryside it is absolutely arduous to operate tools for individual where government do not provide electricity. Since transportation facilities are cost them arm and leg ,it is not affordable for all people,particulary indigenous people. Another point worth noting is,evrey year in India, in Rajasthan people suffer from brought and starvation because of warm atmosphere which is not favorable for farming inspite of that they have given all facilities from government. The mentioned views can be mitigated through various foot steps.Firstly, government should emphasis and invest a huge monetary value to provide better transportation system so they can get edibles from neighborhood cities.Secondly,in rural area illiterate people do not know about new technologies features and uses therefore government should aware them by organizing seminar.Next,goverment should also provide some rudimentary facilities to initiate farming such as subsidies to people who live under penury. Thus,i t can be eventually said that, farmingis holistically essential for individual,it plays integral roll in life of human being,government should pay attention to ameliorate this issue in each and every kingdom by giving water facilities and many more.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Please we told you earlier as well attempt the tasks on our website so that we know what the statement is. There are 100 writing tests so enough material. You can open any writing test and submit your response in comment section there.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Paves the way for not to. Not necessary to survive healthy lifestyle but necessary for healthy lifestyle. Farming is certainly rely on here is should not be used. This both factors is wrong because both is plural so these both factors. Never use of with despite, of is used with in spite. ‘Soil loss it’s’ here correction soil loses its. It’s means it is not its (a belonging). Do not use are with cost simply write it cost them. ‘Suffer from brought’ I think it should be drought. Inspite is not one word it is in spite. You do not invest monetary value because value cannot be invested you can invest money. Do not write uses with people because people is plural hence use should be written here. Do not use word kingdom for regions or states, kingdom is a territory where a king rules. We can see an improvement here but still a lot can be improved. This writing is maximum of 6.5 bands with more chances of 6 bands.

  6. Rinal kansara says:

    Plz give me bands in all tasks.task1 and 2.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your bands for current writing are 2 for task 1 and 4 for task 2. Keep practicing and you will definitely get good bands.

  7. Ali says:

    I will be so grateful if you evaluate my essay.
    Advertising has become an unavoidable part of everyone’s lives. Some people say that advertising is a positive part of our lives while others say it is a negative one. Discuss both views and include your opinion.
    These days, most corporations spend a lot of money on advertisements. Some people support this direction to have multiple choices of items, however, others argue that it is a waste of time and increases the value of prices. In fact, these advertisements dramatically confused people and shopping has become much more daunting.
    Those who tend to the positive part think that it makes a diversity of the global market. The fierce contest between corporations and their products can lower the prices, which, in turn, benefits the customers and makes the buying easier. In addition, marketing and publicity have already played a vital role in existing more opportunities for fresh graduates, therefore, the government encourages all companies and provides several privileges for them. Thus, to these advocators, advertisements have a great impact on individuals and the whole society.
    Although others, myself included, believe that it distracts people and wastes much time on choosing the item. If every corporation concentrated on the quality instead of numerous advertising, clients would trust in producers and double the profits for companies more than advertisements. Looking at emerging companies, which do not have enough money for advertising, the international markets will have become a great opportunity for greed sellers. Thus, the state should strictly regulate some legislation to ensure the integrity of corporations and justice for customers.
    In conclusion, the market need for advertising is essential to promote goods. However, there should be accurate regulations to organize the buying and selling process and give a great chance for initial companies.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Please open one of the tests and attempt task from there and submit your answer in comment section. Please do not submit answers on this page.

  8. Sergei says:

    Hello Sir you website is wonderful. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. Could you please to assess my essay?
    More and more people are opting for ready-made food instead of freshly cooked food. Does this development have more advantages over disadvantages?

    Food industry offers a wide variety of pre-prepared meals these days. Increasingly, people are giving their preference to it over the one made on the day of consuming. In my opinion, this situation has more upsides because it saves plenty of time and does not require special skills to microwave food but there are drawbacks as well.
    One evident benefit to buying ready meals is saved time. Clearly, the process of preparing food is time-consuming and involves not only cooking itself but also shopping and planning. In most cases, people need to visit more than one store as not every shop offers a wide range of ingredients. For example, Russian soup, borsch, contains over 7 different types of vegetables as well as pickles and meat; therefore, it will take time to find them to cook. Another obvious benefit is the unnecessity to possess abilities to prepare food. Many young people do not feel confident in the kitchen or do not know how to do that. For instance, a recent survey has revealed that 1 in 3 people admitted to being unable to prepare substantial dinner themselves. Thus, purchasing convenience food is advantageous to most people.
    However, there is one negative aspect to this issue. Ready-made meal is not healthy. To prolong shelve life, manufacturers use chemicals which are designed to preserve it. Moreover, they use cheap substitutes, such as trans fats, to increase margin. A particularly good illustration of this is the fact that products now can be stored for weeks instead of days. If it had not been for these drawbacks, convenience food could be an alternative for everyone.
    To conclude, although there is an unfavourable side to eating junk food, it has more good points to some all over the world since it eliminates the need to attend cooking classes and saves a lot of time.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Please do not submit your answer on this page. Open the writing tests above and attempt those and submit your answer in the comment section there.

  9. Zoya abrar says:

    Sir, first of all, I would like to thank you for uploading material on this website and for your helping videos on youtube. Yesterday, I took my IELTS exam with IDP. My writing task 1 was related to the diagram. I wrote it efficiently. My writing task 2 was “In some countries today, people can buy a wide range of household goods (TV, microwave oven, and rice cooker) than in the past. Is it a positive or negative development?”
    I somehow remember what I have written in the exam I am worried and would like to request you to please check below essay can I be able to get 6 bands or 6.5 with this writing

    Technology has made our lives easier and reliable. There is a common belief among many people that nowadays people have plenty of options available to purchase household items. Although traditional shopping was convenient as people can physically check the quality of products, I agree that people these days have many choices as compared to the old shopping because companies these days many brands sell their products online with the proper advertisement. This essay will spotlight how people have too many choices.

    Firstly, one of the main reasons for believing is online shopping. These days Internet shopping is considered to be the most convenient way of buying things as compared to the old shopping. People now have a plethora of choices available to select their product as per their requirement. For example, the Alibaba website sells a wide range of products. People just have to visit the website and can purchase the required item from a myriad of options. Furthermore, they can select their product according to size, color, and brand. In the past, there were no such amenities available for the community to select a different range of products.

    Secondly, another reason is that companies in the past do not pay attention in the advertisement of their products due to which consumers do not have the knowledge of different products, and as a result, they were unable to buy a range of items. Nowadays, many OEM’s promote their products efficiently on TV which tempt the consumers to select range of products.

    To recapitulate, though the old shopping techniques were essay as people can visually check the product, in my view, people these days can buy a myriad of household items easily because of E-shopping.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Thanks for your appreciation. We do our best to help students to achieve their desired score. Your attempt here is good. Apart from few grammatical and spelling mistakes overall attempt is well structured. Judging by your level of English here should be able to get 6.5 bands in writing, provided you have not made many mistakes in task 1. And if find our website and youtube channel helpful, then do your fellow students favour by spreading the word about the website and youtube channel.

  10. Jeetendra Kalwani says:

    Topic – Many high school students take part time jobs. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

    Everyone need job for living either in form of part time or full time. Many people believes that most under graduate students go for part time jobs. Some thinks it is good, while other thinks it is not beneficial for them. This essay will discuss the pros and cons of part time jobs.

    Is theoretical knowledge essential for the learner? Many students are taking theoretical knowledge, which restrict them how to implement them in the real world. When they are on field they encounter with the real problem and understand how we can solve it through our study based knowledge. In recent polls, 65% students voted, they have applied theory knowledge while working on field. Thus, part time job not only allows students to understand the problem while work but also how to solve it by our book based knowledge.

    Its majority universities believes that many students go for party, movies, and picnic after college hours. So they made compulsory for the student to do part time job while taking admission, this will make them busy and get them aware about hardship for earning money. In Canada, it’s compulsory for all students to do 20 hours per week part time job. Hence, such strict steps taken by university will result very useful for students in future.

    Most students are under graduates in the market, because they think earning money is easy. Majority of the students believes that what we will gain from studies, we all have to work after it. If they had not finished the studies, they would never get white collar job in the future. One survey mentioned 75% students give up their studies while doing part time job and go for blue collar job as full time. As a result, we see many under graduates in the market who are doing job at very less salary.

    Brilliant students’ scoreless in their academic year? Compulsory part time job after college hours allows an intelligent student secure less percentage in exams, they work hard to get scholarship for further master degree. Harvard University did survey and found that 20% students are unhappy, due to fraction of percentage they lose the scholarship from the government for their higher studies. Thus, part time job should not be made compulsory for students who are good in their academic studies.

    To sum up, this essay discussed how part time job is beneficial for students to utilize theory knowledge when they face problem while working as well as they get to know the value of money and also mentioned while doing part time job, students give up their studies and go low level jobs, also brilliant student lose scholarship.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      First of all your essay is too long no IELTS examiner will check the entire essay, your essay should not be more than 320 words. And secondly please do not submit your answer on this page. Our website has 104 tests, you can open any test attempt that and submit your answer in the comment section of that tests. Our trainers will check it with feedback.

  11. sujata says:

    HEy,, I’ve one through your website and it proves amazing and useful..
    I am posting essay kindly evaluate it..Thanks in advance. People sleep less than before in many countries why do people sleep less what effect does it have on an individual and on society

    Over the passage of time, the world has undergone tremendous changes. In this modern era, numerous people sleep for less hours in various countries. As sleep is essential for well being of human and helps to concentrate more on work. Having less rest and sleep cause numerous problems. This notion has innumerable reasons and serious impacts which I will discuss in my subsequent paragraphs.
    To begin with, myriad of plebeians dream to reach at the zenith of success. In this contemporary era, hard work is essential to acquire success and sense of contentment. Consequently, folks work for longer period at their offices and workplaces without sparing enough time for their relaxation and rejuvenation. Ultimately, people sacrifice their rest for the sake of attaining name and fame in the society.
    Besides this, various youngsters are using numerous social networking websites on their mobile phones and computers. Though, these websites are available for getting connected with friends and relative residing at far distance, however, juvenile become prey of social networking applications and commence awaking late night for browsing the internet and playing online games. As a result, various young generations suffer from sleep deprivation.
    This problem has drastic effects on individuals and society. By getting less hours for sleep, people lose their ability to relax and recharge their batteries , leading to immense issues such as anxiety and stress. Ultimately. People disrupt their relationships with their family and friends.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Dear Sujata please do not post your answer on this page. There are 104 writing tests you can open any test and attempt that test and submit your answer in the comment section and it will be evaluated with feedback. Please attempt tasks given on our website only so that other students can also benefit from our feedback. Thank you.

  12. Jazzzz says:

    I cannot see any comment section in any essay page where I can post my essay.
    I have posted ans on 69 and 77 can you please check it.

  13. deep says:

    The bar chart depicts information about the proportion of households which is owned and rented accommodation in England and Wales from 1918 to 2011.
    In 1918, the highest percentage of household in rented accommodation (about 78%),while the lowest in owned accommodation (to nearly 22%). In following two years, proportion of household in both owned (60%) and rented(31%) accommodation was remained at same rate. In 1961, the proportion of owned accommodation had increased slightly (40%) but the rented had decreased (59%). Furthermore, in 1971, both owned and rented accommodation was remained the same (50%). In following three years, there were seen an abruptly change in owned accommodation, it increased dramatically and reached at a peak during all given periods (69%),while rented accommodation decreased rapidly to nearly 30%.
    Overall, the graph indicates that in first four years, the rented accommodation was the highest as compared to own accommodation. In contrast, in remaining four years, the rented accommodation was the lowest relative to own accommodation.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘which is owned and rented accommodation’ ‘is’ is present tense and the data is of past which is a huge mistake. ‘In 1918, the highest percentage of household in rented accommodation (about 78%),while the lowest in owned accommodation (to nearly 22%).’ this sentence formation is wrong because there is no helping verb used in the sentence for example it should be the percentage of household in rented accommodation was about 78%. Another mistake instead of highest use higher because there are only two categories to compare so higher should be used, highest is used when comparing more than two categories. Never write numbers in bracket. ‘both owned and rented accommodation was remained’ was should not come here. ‘compared to own accommodation’ owned not own. You need to work on your sentence formation there are a lot of grammatical mistakes. Also there is no variation in your sentence structure with repetition of sentence formation.

  14. Shashi modi says:

    Sir please reply my comment and give me rectification of my essay which is different from your topic. please sir. .

  15. Nkechi Uduma Uzoegwu says:

    Hello, I started practising my speaking test using all the questions you posted on the speaking test section just three days ago, today I had my interview and one of the questions was the one i was asked to speak on for two minutes, I never expected it, thank you so much, I still have my LRW on Saturday, wish me luck guys!

  16. Neha says:

    In few countries buying a house is very important than taking a home for lease. This is because it saves a lot of money for the buyer and I believe it is a negative development because people need to pay high land tax and interest.

    Purchasing a house saves humongous amount of money for the investors. People spend lots and lots of money on renting a house for a long time whereas if people own a house instead of leasing it, they can save that money that is spent on renting it. As a result investors can use this money as an investment and earn money instead of using it. For example, a recent article in the Times newspaper mentioned that house ownership saves 75% of the money that is used to spend on renting a house.

    In my opinion owning a house is a negative development. This is because people have to spend their whole life savings on a house and beside that they need to pay whole amount of money as a tax to the government while purchasing it. Moreover, people most of the times take home loans to buy a house and thus they have to pay probably double the amount as an interest to the bank. For instance, a recent survey in Bangalore, India stated that 50% of the people are opting for home loan while buying a house and are paying 2 times their actual amount as an interest amount to the banks.

    To conclude, although owning a house is crucial in few countries due to amount of money they are able to save while doing it, I opine that it is a negative development owing to the high percentage of the tax and interest they are paying to the government.

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