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IELTS Writing Test 71

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The Table below shows the results of a survey that asked 6800 Scottish adults (aged 16 years and over) whether they had taken part in different cultural activities in the past 12 months.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2:Some people think that the teenagers should concentrate on all subjects at school. Other believe that teenagers should focus on the subject they are best at or they are most interested in. To what extent do you agree?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

4 responses to “IELTS Writing Test 71”

  1. Rekha Soni says:

    There is no doubt that pupils learn several subjects during their school. While it is believed that all subjects are useful for the holistic development of children, some people opine that fascinating subjects should be learnt by students. But , I partially agree with both views and both arguments will be discussed in the following section.

    To commence with, learning many subjects opens the doors for plenty of job opportunities.Since competition is increasing drastically in all spheres of life, students become all rounder.As a result, they do multitasking , they can work in any job sectors and do not bother about job opportunities.Also, some subjects which are learnt in schools , are related with our day to day life like science, history , geography and mathematics. Furthermore, some school subjects are utilized at work place even if students have completed education in particular subjects.To illustrate, music composer needs mathematical skills to set his compositions.

    On the other hand, learning limited subjects paves the way for good score in examination. Moreover, it is certainly arduous for pupils to focus on all subjects at one time and give exams of all subjects. If scant subjects are learnt, students will not get burden and they will get more percentage in examination which is vital for further studies. In addition, pupils take more interest and work hard when subjects are liked by students.

    To recapitulate, while students can easily concentrate on study and achieve high marks in examination after learning the subjects which they like,all subjects help them to work in any job sectors.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘they do multitasking’ they can do multitasking. ‘any job sectors’ sector not sectors since you have used any. ‘in schools , are’ comma should not come here. ‘will not get burden’ will not get burdened.

  2. sandeep says:

    The given table illustrates the result of a survey that asked 6800 Scottish adults participated in different cultural activities by 4 different age group( aged 16 years and above) in the past 12 months.

    Overall, it is clear that all aged 16 and over are made maximum contribution(22%) in any performance like singing, dancing, acting and playing musical instruments. In computer-based cultural activity people (all aged 16 and over) took less interest compared to other activities(6%). In writing, activity took part 1% more compared to computer-based activity. All aged 16 and over participated in activities like any visual art, cultural purchases and undertaking any crafts contributed 15%, 16% and 19% respectively.

    In most of the cultural activities like any performance(35%), any visual art(30%), any writing(17%) and computer-based(10%) are maximum contributed and cultural purchase(11%) and any craft (11%) are less participated by the 16-24 age group. 45- 74 age groups are more interested in undertaking any crafts and cultural purchases compared to any other age groups 22% and 18% respectively. These age groups (45-74 age) are contributed least in any performance visual art, writing and computer-based activities 17,11,5,5 (in percentages) respectively.

    45-74 age group people are more interested in any performance(22%) and least participated in any writing activity 6% only. They took equal interest (17%)in the cultural purchases and undertaking any crafts. Computer-based and any visual are activities they contributed 9% and 16% respectively.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘asked 6800 Scottish adults participated’ who participated in different activities. ‘all aged 16 and over are made maximum contribution(22%) in any performance’ this sentence is grammatically incorrect it should be all maximum number of adults aged 16 and over participated in any performance category which comprised of singing, dancing etc. Your overall is too big no need to discuss all categories just discuss the largest and smallest categories. Also your sentence formation is wrong. The major mistakes in your writing are – wrong sentence formation grammatically, sentence structure repetition, writing numbers in bracket and wrong use of tense for example you have used the word ‘are’ which is wrong because a survey data is always from the past hence past tense woudl be used.

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