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IELTS Writing Test 52

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The graph below shows the differences in wheat exports over three different areas.

Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown below.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Nowadays people show more anti-social behaviour and a lack of respect to others. What are the causes of this? How could we improve the situation?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

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  1. Kumar sidu says:

    Hi Sir,
    Would appreciate your kind feedback on below writing ……………..


    The line graph illustrates the amount of wheat exported from Australia, Canada and European community from 1985 to 1990. Units are expressed in million tonnes. Overall Canada was at the top list in wheat exports until the mid of the year 1989, thereafter European community had surpassed Canada in the final year 1990. The last wheat was exported by the Australians between 1987 and 1990. All three areas witness ups and down over the given period.

    It can be seen from the given data that the Australia exported exactly 15 million tonnes of wheat in the year 1985 and experienced a slight increase before significantly falling down to approximately 11 million tonnes.

    The European community on the other hand showed the opposite trend. The figure initiated at roughly 17 million tonnes and dropped fractionally in 1986. Afterwards, the European community wheat export witnessed a gradual rise and outraced the Canadian export in the final year.

    The Canadian export’s figure fluctuated in all the given years. The wheat export initially started at about 19 million tonnes and after oscillations it touched the peak point (exactly at quarter) and then declined in the following two years.


    Veneration of a community is extremely important as it represents personality. It is commonly believed that in today’s era, a few people behave unethically. The main cause of this problem is money and inadequate personal growth; however, active measures can be taken to ameliorate this effect. This essay explains the two major causes and will try to suggest effective solutions to overcome this issue.
    Firstly, one of the important issues is that nowadays some people are wealthy, and as a consequence, they show superiority to other people. They often think that they can buy everything from the money and can humiliate people. For instance, certain managers in some companies show no mercy even on elder workers, which is certainly because of selfishness. Secondly, another reason is the lack of attention during adolescent age. In other words, some parents do not pay attention in educating social ethics to their offspring’s in early age, and as a result, a few teenagers devote no respect to their teachers and old generation.
    There are two productive solutions to overcome the issues pre-scribed above. Perhaps, one of the significant ways to tackle this is by teaching teens how to behave well in a society. They show learn how to respect others. Guardians should play their part in educating demeanors and characteristics to their infants. This would definitely alleviate this discrepancy from the society. Another alternative solution can be the punishment. Adolescents who disrespect their elders should be punished either verbally or by slapping. By doing this, teenagers will have fear of being punished, and as a result, they will curb themselves in showing rude behaviour.
    In conclusion, although there are plenty of issues associated with anti-social behaviour, in my view, proper guidance and punishment can help to iron out this problem.

  2. Moutaz says:

    Task 2, please and if you could rate my score.
    Although we know more about the social skills importance for a long time, in this modern era, people are getting extremely isolated and less respect than before. This essay will examine the main causes of anti-social behavior and possible solutions to this problem.
    Two main causes of anti-social behavior are common playing video games and industrial life. When people preferring to play video games rather than meeting others or playing -sport-sports games, by the time the more isolated they become. For instance, a 2018 U.S study shows that 91% of computer -games- game players are lacking social skills, and the more they are addicted to -play- playing, the less they are respectful to each other. Also, after industrial revolution people are getting busier than before, and this leads to less communication between them. For instance, in 1989 a survey was on people who are working in fossil fuel extraction companies, they survey shows that 98% of people who work 12 hours a day, has psychological issues such as autism.
    Some possible solutions to this problem are government support to social communities and Legislation on working hours, breaks, and days off. By providing enough government support to social communities, more people will participate in these events, which would cause huge -change-changes in communication skills among the population. Moreover, the next step is new legalization on working hours and off days. For instance, in US Human Rights declared that, working hours should not exceed 6 hours unless there is a break between them. This way people will be better in communication and this will guarantee the respect in their life.
    To conclude, the increasing popularity of video games and long working hours, that consumes peoples’ time have negative impact on peoples’ social behavior. However, we can significantly lessen this inti-social by provide support to social communities and legalize working hours.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘less respect than before’ less respectful not respect. ‘When people preferring to play’ prefer to play. ‘by the time the more isolated they become’ they become more socially isolate. ‘in 1989 a survey was on people who are ‘ a survey was conducted on people who were. ‘they survey shows that’ showed not shows the survey was conducted way back hence past tense not present similarly who worked and had psychological. ‘huge -change-changes’ why do you write like this with hyphens? Always use the with US. ‘inti-social’ anti-social. You will get maximum of 4 out of 6 for this task.

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