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IELTS Writing Test 50

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The chart shows students’ monthly expenditure in percentage over a three-year period in the United Kingdom.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Some people believe that robots are important for humans to develop their future, while others think that it is a dangerous invention that will impact society negatively. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

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  1. Garima Pakhrin says:

    The bar chart elucidates the proportion of expenses done by students per month between 1996 and 1999.
    Overall, as can be seen, the highest ratio of spendings done by students was on entertainment, accommodation and food, bills and house hold goods. However, students spent least amount in course expenditure, essential travel, non-essential travel and children over a three-year period (1996-1999). While, students did not have expenditure for children in 1999.
    The highest expenditure by students were on entertainment which accounted by more than 30% in 1999 and just above 25% in 1996. Whilst, the lowest expenditure by students between 1996 and 1999 were on children and non essential travel which was less than 5% where there were no spendings on children in 1999.
    Expenses by students on accommodation stood the second highest position by exactly 20% in 1999 and nearly 30%in 1996.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Instead of ‘expenses done’ write ‘expenses borne by’. Don’t use word done with expenses and spending. Misuse of word highest here because highest is just one but you have included several categories here. Another grammatical error ‘least amount in’ it should be ‘least amount on’. You really need to work on your grammar here I can seen many other small grammatical mistakes.

      • Garima Pakhrin says:

        Please, kindly give me feedback for other sentences in task 1…. and also please evaluate my task 2 writing

  2. Garima Pakhrin says:

    One of the most conspicuous trends of today’s world is colossal upsurge in whether robots are useful for mankind or it is a scary invention for the people’s future. However, I agree with the later one.

    In the world of massive competitions, people needs to stand in a better position and also they are so busy to maintain those positions. People think that if they had the robots, then the task which they could not complete on time or they find perplex to perform, those will be all done by robots. So, that help them to ease their life myriad of excellence in their performance and would bring their better future. For example, invention of robots by different scientists have ease them in their different research works. Having robots will be more convenient for our daily basis works.

    On the other hand, being the tasks performed by robots, people would always seek more advantages from it where, the people with criminal mind may get the better resource to commit crime in an innovative way. The innovations of robots can be an area which lead people to demand more and more thing that would make their life better, so, they may undergo into any extreme level to fill the gap for their satisfactions, and this may lead a negative impact in our society.

    To wind up the discussions, cons of invention of robots and its effect to the society outweighs the pros of it. However, always the new the new inventions which would provide human an extreme level of convenience, always provide a negative impact to our society

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Misuse of phrase ‘colossal upsurge’ here. Your introduction is very short. People needs is wrong write need here. Perplexing not perplex. You have used good words but these are misfit in the sentences. Please learn the right usage of words such as colossal, myriad etc. Your sentence formation is not correct. Never use this phrase ‘to wind up’. Effect to the society is wrong, effect on the society. Also learn proper usage of prepositions.

  3. saba kiyani says:



    The bar chart highlights the proportion of total outlay per month spent on various categories in the UK from 1996 to 1999. As an overall trend, the spending was dominant on entertainment activities in both years, whereas the student of the UK consumed less on teenagers in 1996. The people of the United Kingdom spent nothing on teens during 1999.

    The graph data shows that the people of the UK accounted for one-tenth and two-tenth of their total expenditures on courses and food, bills, and household goods in 1996. The figure experienced a slight drop in the following three years.

    Similarly, the spending’s of the UK pupils on accommodation in 1996 was roughly 24%, which was almost six times the expenditures on non-essential travel that year. The percentage of both housing and non-essential travel witnessed a fractional reduction in 1999, being reached exactly at two-tenth and roughly 2.5% respectively.

    On the other hand, the total outlay of the British scholars on entertainment was nearly above one-quarter (26%). The percentage showed an escalation of 5 percent points in three years. The spending on essential travel and other categories remained below 20% in the period given.


    Technology has provided several benefits to human kind in the past, Robots are one of these development. While some people believe that they are crucial, others argue that they have negative effects on our lives. There are obvious reasons on both sides of the argument, which I well delve in this essay before reaching to a reasonable conclusion.

    On the one side of the argument, few think that Robots are vital for the community. Firstly, people often have this belief because robots are artificial machines and can work efficiently for longer duration as compared to the humans, which require at least 06-07 hours’ rest/sleep after work. For example, welding Robots in automobile industries can operate for longer hours with little maintenance and can enhance production rate of the cars. Secondly, another reason is that they can assist news channels to capture the videos of places which are out of reach for them. To exemplify, drone cameras are used in cricket and football matches for capturing player’s photos from different angles, when players are playing.

    Turning to the other side of the argument, there are many other thinkers who opine that development of robots may rise to unemployment as manufacturing companies will reduce the labors and will utilize artificial humans for precise work. For instance, many Chinese companies had down sized their workforce after developing robots for their work. Furthermore, it is also said by few individuals that robots require high cost of investment in case of malfunction.

    In conclusion, although the development of man-made robots leads to reduction of jobs, they have diverse application in manufacturing and medical sectors. I believe this precious technology can do wonders in our lives provided that they are used with warnings.

  4. Aman says:

    Can u check my writing pls

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Attempt the tasks on our website and submit your answer in comment section and it will be checked.

      • Kaur Kaur says:

        The bar chart depict the information about proportion of total outlay, spent by students on smasgasbord categories on monthly basis in 1996 to 1999 in the United Kingdom.
        From a glance it is shown that the astronomical proportion was incurred on entertainment, while on children, neglible expenditure was incurred in three years.
        It is evident that on accommodation almost 23%expenses were borne in 1996 which was declined in 1999 by around 3%. Moreover, spending by U.K. Pupil on food, bill and household items were approximately one fifth during three years. On essential and non essential travels around 3%to 5% was spent between 1996 and 1999.
        Moving further, the UK adolescents incurred negligible amount of money on children in 1996, which dropped to 0 in 1999. The highest proportion of expenditure was incurred on entertainment with around one quarter and one third in 1996and 1999 respectively. About 6%and 10% expenditure were borne by course expenses. The UK students spent almost 12 to 16 % o. Other items in three years

        • IELTS MASTER says:

          ‘The bar chart depict’ depicts not depict. ‘total outlay’ outlay is not an appropriate word here. ‘smasgasbord’ spelling mistake. ‘basis in 1996 to 1999’ in 1996 and 1999 not to 1999 it is not a continuous graph the data is for two years only. ‘From a glance it is shown’ it can be seen not shown. ‘which was declined in 1999 by around 3%’ was should not come here. Always write the with UK and there should not be dots in U.K. ‘Pupil on food, bill and household items were approximately one fifth during three years’ not pupil but the expenditure on these items. ‘the UK adolescents incurred’ in the UK. You need to improve your sentence structure. The sentences have too many small grammatical mistakes and are repetitive. Please watch our tutorial on how to attempt task 1 and improve your sentence structure. The link to the tutorial is given below:

  5. Kaur kaur says:

    It is not shown

  6. Kaur kaur says:

    Technology has revolutionised the world dynamically over the past few decades. It has been hailed as a boon with the wide variety of benefits. Robots are one of the technology advancement. Some people are of the opinion that robots are paramount for humans in future,while other opine this view and believe that it has negative impact on society. In my opinion, instead of choosing one extreme via media would be a fair choice.
    There are myriad of accountable reasons that robots are pivotal for human being. First and foremost, robot is an artificial intelligence that perform human task effectively and efficiently. Moreover, these does not need rest, by which productivity will enhanced. As a result of which humans can concentrate on other prominent issues and work. To cite an example, Alexa, an artificial intelligence, nowadays, popular in India as it perform human daily work such as electronic work by which time and efforts of humans are saved. Secondly, in today’s time, the robots reach at the location where humans would found strenious such as galaxy, other planets and outer space. Further it can also be used in medical stream and surgery.
    Conversely, there are plethora of reasons that highlights that robots effect society negatively. Primary, if there would be robots then demand for work forces will be denigrated, which will escalate unemployment in society. As a consequence, the crime rate and poverty will also upsurge at high pace. For instance, in Japan, there would be less demand of labour due to robots introduction. Secondarily, robots manufacturing includes high cost and maintenance which will increment the burden on people. Additionally, humans will lost the skills due to dependence on robots.
    In conclusion, undoubtedly, robots made the life of people easy and comfortable as it perform more work without taking rest, however it will upsurges the unemployment and crime rate in a economy. As excess of anything is bad.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘instead of choosing one extreme via media would be a fair choice’ this sentence does not make any sense and does not clear your opinion. ‘intelligence that perform’ performs not perform. ‘productivity will enhanced’ will be enhanced. ‘as it perform human daily’ again performs not perform. ‘strenious’ spelling mistake. ‘reasons that highlights’ highlight not highlights. ‘will lost the skills’ will lose not lost. You need to work on some basic rules of grammar.

  7. Kaur kaur says:

    Sir what is band score

  8. Rekha Soni says:

    The bar graph reveals the ratio of monthly expenditure of pupils over a three years period in the United Kingdom.

    Overall, the ratio of accommodation, food, bills ,household goods, entertainment and other was high, whereas the ratio of essential travel, non- essential travel, children and course expenditure was less over the period of three years.

    According to the graph, the figure of accommodation stood approximately 24% in 1996 and a reduction of nearly 20% was noticed in 1999. Furthermore, a difference of almost 3% was apparent in food, bills and household goods in 1996 and in 1999. Also, the percentage of essential travel was almost twofold in 1999 as compared to 1996.

    As per the graph, the percentage of non-essential travel was approximately 4% in 1996 and it dived to 3% in 1999.Additionally, the expenditure of children was close to 2% in 1996 but money was not spent for children in 1999. Moreover, 10% course expenditure can be seen in 1996 and it declined to roughly 7% in 1999. In addition, the ratio of entertainment and other leaped by around 5% in 1999 that of 1996.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘Overall, the ratio of accommodation, food, bills ,household goods, entertainment and other was high, whereas the ratio of essential travel, non- essential travel, children and course expenditure was less over the period of three years.’ instead of comparing all the categories it is better to pick the highest and the lowest since there are so many categories so there is no need to mention all. ‘the figure of accommodation stood approximately 24%’ figure of accommodation what? it is the monthly expenditure on accommodation and stood approximately at 24%. You have repeated the same mistake in entire task it is not the percentage of item it is the percentage of monthly expenditure on a particular item.

  9. Rekha Soni says:

    There is no doubt that robots have taken the place of humans in many job sectors. While some individuals take this great invention as a blessing, some accept as a cure. But I advocate that it has positive influence on people’s life and both views will be discussed in the following section.

    To commence with, it saves the time and money of people. Since robots are utilized in factories in manufacturing process, more products can be manufactured in few time. Also, it works effectively and a huge amount of labour cost can be saved and people get more time for their family. Secondly, it improves the economy of the organization as factory can produce variety of products per day and sales (sale or sales?)in local market and export in some parts of the globe. To illustrate, in Japan , robots are used in the hotel to take the order of customers and serve food quickly as well as one robot can handle millions of customers in one day which has enhanced the revenue of the hotel by 70% as compared to the past.

    However, a certain section of the society thinks that it has detrimental effect because it has replaced labour work in factory and individuals have become unemployed. Moreover, it has adverse impact on the health of people because individuals are dependant on it and do not work hard.As a result, they are living sedentary life and suffer from ailments such as obesity.

    To recapitulate, although individuals have become jobless due to robot, it reduces the production time and labour charge and escalates the economy of the organization.Thus, this development is a boon for the businessmen to run businesses.(Sir let me know band score.i want to book tomorrow exam date. can I take now? )Plz don’t give me negative feedback.i want 6.5 band bcz i will get nervous before exam.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘as a blessing, some accept as a cure’ blessing and cure both are positive terms but you have to use one positive and one negative term here. ‘can be manufactured in few time’ in less time never use few with time. ‘produce variety of products per day and sales’ you do not produce sales you do sales. ‘as well as one robot can handle millions’ millions is a huge number instead write robots can cater a substantial number of customers effectively. Your conclusion is wrong because you are if favour of robots but in the conclusion you said that people become jobless and that is what is the negative impact on society because society consists of people and not businesses. You said not to give negative feedback but if we do not point out your mistakes here then you will make the same mistakes in the exam also we never give false hopes to our students because this will only harm them in the exam. If we give false feedback and wrong band score then our credibility will be lost and it will hurt students’ actual score in the exam. Never get nervous with negative feedback always try to learn from it.

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