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IELTS Writing Test 43

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The table below shows the cinema viewing figures for films by country, in millions.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Social media has replaced the traditional methods of communicating, and people use more and more social media to communicate, and to follow news and events. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

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  1. Julian says:

    Nowadays, classic mechanisms of comunication are been replaced by the modern channels of media which create citizens interact and watch content more often. In my view the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and in this essay I will explain why.
    To begin with, the north of evolution and social media is becoming the main source of interaction in an innovative and faster way. In addition, citizens are now having more variety of information which is increasing the knowledge of individuals. For instance, an article sponsored by the BBC NEWS revealed that 65% of worldwide population are now more informed with social media than 10 years ago and communication by text is now 80% faster than 20 year ago. In my opinion globalization is a consequence of those innovation and the future of the world will be on that direction.
    On the other hand, the outdraw is that people are now more depended of technology which was related with psychological issues by a list of academics in Harvard university. Moreover, individuals can hurt others with comments, videos or memes which are send faster than before. To illustrate, a case study published by Cambridge university showed that consumers of modern channels of media are 30% affected more often by aggressive comments than the time without those channels. However, the study also show that the culpability of the tools is none, and the solution will be developing new terms for the platforms to avoid offensive content.
    To sum up, although the negative effect of social media is focused on psychological issues and the agility to get offended by others. The benefits are much important because as part of evolution, innovations like social media are made for the good of individuals. Therefore, is clear that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

  2. Rinal kansara says:

    The data reveals the information about four different countries watch movies such as action,romance, comedy,horror in millions. With regards to watching action movie one tenth millions in India whereas for other movies pass through downward trend.Furthermore,in Ireland millions of people watch action movie then it fluctuate in another three movies and stand at 6.4 millions in horror movie. New Zealand records 7.2 millions for action movie whilst,for the comedy movie it decline approximately more than half millions.Moreover,horror movie comprise 0.2 millions more than romance movie.Again,millions of people are more in Japan for action movie while,millions of people decrease in other movies. As per the table, in India total 24.5 millions for all four types of movies and it pass from descending order in other three countries.Also,the total millions of action movie about three tenth and 9.6millions less in romance movie.It again gradually down in comedy and horror movie. Overall,Indian watch maximum all types movies although,Japanese see less all movies.In four counties action movie is dominant and the total millions of all movies are heigh in India and less in Japan.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Information is about number of people going to cinema not countries. Write Overall after introduction as we have mentioned in our video. 8 million is not one tenth. Use such words for percentage and fractions only not for proper numbers. With number always write million not millions for example 7.2 million not 7.2 millions. Your sentence structure is very repetitive in this task. Try to bring variety in your sentences.

  3. RINAL KANSARA says:

    It is irrefutable that technology is proliferating in all over the globe.Since many electronic gadgets are easily available,to interact with loved once it is a piece of cake for individuals.People have become a workaholic and technology have taken place of face to face interaction in modern era.It is fruitful for people and it has also detrimental effects,however; I personally opine that pros outweigh its cons.
    To commence with,individuals holistically rely on social media in their day to die and technology has become a backbone of people.Firstly,personnel perform meetings on skype,whatsapp,twitter and many more as well as send instant messages through email and twitter.Secondly,they apprises from several languages and cultures because they make plenty of friends on social media whilst,in past decades ancestors had limited friends and resources of news.Also, it saves money and quality time of individuals and paves the way for dearth of air pollution.Next,social media is a huge platform for people where they read daily happenings and myriad events.Furthermore,when a person spread the news on social media people can read during their favorable time and receive instantly as well as pass to other immediately.Another factor to consider is,90% people in all over the globe utilise facebook which assists them to keep in touch with their friends regardless of distance,share their feelings with each others and it vouchsafes all news of all over the world.
    On the contrary,it has negative impacts on individuals and also on government.People have been using social media consequently,they travel scant and use scarce public transport for interaction and it has adverse effect on economy of the globe.Moreover,it absolutely safe for women because some upload online current location and it is not arduous to find them,there is no privacy in it.Additionally,tremendous people spread erroneous information which leads to misunderstanding and confusion.Another point worth noting is,in road accident people desire to click snaps of the accident location and impair person rather than helping them.
    To recapitulate,although people have certainly changed the way to meet their relatives,they spent more leisure time with their family and some do not suffer from homesickness.Merits far outweigh demerits.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your introduction is not correct, there is no mention of social media which is the main topic in the task. Day to die is wrong. Wrong use of word apprises, apprise means to make someone aware of something. How does it have negative effect on global economy? Your arguments are not strong. Do not use tremendous with people instead write unscrupulous elements spread false information.

  4. RINAL KANSARA says:

    can i use here tremendous number of people?and let me know any point of negative effect

  5. Moutaz says:

    task 2
    In modern era, while technology enhancement is more improvement than before, people tend to choose social media communication rather than other traditional methods. Although these technologies could lead to lack social skills in face to face communication, it is also made our relationships easier to meet new friends. In my opinion, people now are far better off using social media, despite the negative effect they will sometimes face.
    The greatest benefit of the existence of social media in our life is the easy connection between people around the world that will enhance our relationships and give us the opportunity to meet new people with similar interest, all with online applications with no effort, that would have been otherwise impossible without internet. Being in a social media could give us the opportunity to meet our potential and make a family. For example, according to research published by Harvard university in 2017, 89% of men and women know their potential with online application. Thus, making new relationships with huge percent of matching interests and habits was not easy in the old days.
    The main challenges that people will face while they are spending a lot of their time in social media applications is lack of social skills in the real world. In other words, while they are chatting or exploring following news and event, they only interactive with their screen which could leads to problems in face to face communication. For instance, in a recent study conducted by Moroccan researchers on general population in the internet that concluded that 15 percent of teenagers who spent 8-12 hours interactive applications had psychological problems such as anxiety and lack of confidence in their real world. While there is a probability of occurrence these social issues it is still low percent and only for those who spent 8 hours and above.
    In conclusion, social media communication as becomes an essential part of our day. While there is a potential drawback, it is for a long time spending that makes digital communication could be threatened. In fact, it has more advantageous than disadvantageous.
    Sir, kindly tell me my score for this task.
    thanks in advance.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘while technology enhancement is more improvement than before’ this is grammatically wrong. ‘could lead to lack social skills’ lack of social skills. ‘meet our potential’ potential what? ‘lot of their time in social media applications’ time on not time in social media applications. Due to small grammatical mistakes you will not get more than 6 bands in this task.

  6. Rinal Kansara says:

    There is no doubt that technology has become the cornerstone of this modern world and people have changed the way of communication. While individuals used face to face communication method in the past, nowdays people use electronic gadgets to interact with their kith and kin and get information of day happening.But, i advocate that social media is more beneficial for people.

    To commence with,social media has great influence on people’s lives(life or lives?) as they can immediately communicate with any person across the globe.Also, people do chatting on video call, voice call for long hours with the help of several applications such as facebook,whatsapp which certainly consume time and these are cheaper than traditional method. Secondly, individuals receive all information of the world within few seconds and they enjoy live telecast of some events at home during their convenient time.For instance, the famous application Hotstar which people install in cellphone to watch live events and news at any time.Also, it has one carore subscribers.Hence, social media has made convenient life of individuals.

    However, it has negative effects due to people make fake profile and upload wrong information to make fun with their friends.As a result, some people believe it correct and follow it.To illustrate, in the month of May, individuals had received the information that, the Prime Minister Narendra Modiji will provide air conditioner in 10,000 rupees in gujrat from Gujrat Vij Limited and after getting it people went to buy it which was holistically wrong information.

    To recapitulate,although some information hurt the sentiment of people and people tend to wrong way , social media aids them to get in touch with their love ones’ in few minutes and it is useful for sharing information of the globe.Thus, the pros outweigh the cons.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      lives not life. ‘carore’ crore, but write subscribers in million not crores because million and billion are universally accepted terms. Good attempt with relevant examples.

  7. Rinal Kansara says:

    The table reveals the information of cinema viewing figures for some sort of films by country in millions.

    Overall, people of all countries were more interested in watching action and romantic movies ,whereas less individuals went to cinemahall to watch horror and comedy movies.

    According to the table, 8 million Indian people watched action movie and 0.4 million people declined in Ireland. Moreover, a difference of 0.1 million had been observed in the people of New Zealand and Japan. When it comes to romantic movie, 7.5 million indian enjoyed and 3.8 million Ireland people had watched romantic movie.Furthermore, the contribution of people of Newzealand and Japan remained unchanged regarding romantic movie, that was 4.5 million.

    As per the table, 1 million more indian people were noticed for comedy movie as opposed to individuals of Ireland.Furthermore, a slight difference was apparent in the people of Newzealand and Japanese, the former was 3.9 million and the latter was 4 million.In addition, 6.4 million people of Ireland and 4.7 million of new Zealand people found horror movies interesting.But, 2.2 million Japanese and 2.5 Inidian can be seen for horror movies.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘for some sort of films’ for different genres of films. ‘Newzealand’ New Zealand are two separate words. ‘was apparent in the people of ‘ in the number of people. ‘found horror movies interesting’ horror movies more interesting. ‘2.5 Inidian can be seen for horror movies’ 2.5 Indians were interested in horror movies.

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