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IELTS Writing Test 40

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The graph below shows female unemployment rates in each country of the United Kingdom in 2013 and 2014.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Some people find it beneficial to send young children to nursery school before they go to primary school, while others think it is good to keep children at home with their family. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

8 responses to “IELTS Writing Test 40”

  1. Vivek Punjabi says:

    The bar graph illustrates the information about female unemployment rates in four different countries of United Kingdom of year 2013 and 2014.
    Overall, all the countries showed decrease in percent of female unemployment rates except Scotland which had shown the opposite view.
    To start with, in year 2013 England was with highest percentage rate of female unemployment which was 6.8% and Scotland with 6.1 percent. Additionally, Wales had least percent of unemployment rate and 0.2 percent higher of Northern Ireland compare to Wales which was 5.4% and 5.6% respectively.
    Moreover,in 2014 England was 0.2% lesser than Scotland which had 6.7% of female without job. To add further, Wales had 5% of women population who were jobless whereas Northern Ireland with only 4.6 percent.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You have written only 123 words which is way below 150 word limit. No matter how good your task is if you do not meet word limit you will never get good bands in writing. Always use ‘the’ with United Kingdom. Your sentence structure is not proper and has many grammatical mistakes. You first need to work on your basic grammar and learn to write correct sentences before going any further.

  2. Rinal Kansara says:

    The bar graph reveals the percentage of unemployment females in four countries of the UK in two years.

    Overall, a zig zag pattern can be seen in the rate of unemployment females ( the rate of unemployment females varied. Which is good to write? ) throughout the period of two years in all countries of the UK.

    According to the graph, 6.8% women were unemployed in England in 2013 but a decrease of 0.3% was noticed in the rate of unemployment in the year of 2014. While the ratio of unemployment women was 5.4 % in Wales in 2013, it had reduced (here i can not use it experienced a decrease? Bcz % is not living things?)by 0.4% in 2014.

    As per the graph, the percentage of women who did not go to job was 6.1% , whereas percentage of unemployment women reached to 6.7% in 2014 in Scotland.Moreover, difference of 1% was apparent in the percentage of 2013 and 2014,the former one was 5.6% points and latter was 4.6% points.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘percentage of unemployment females’ percentage of unemployed females. In overall write that for three countries the unemployment rated declined except for Scotland. Right you cannot write it experienced. ‘percentage of unemployment women reached to 6.7%’ percentage of unemployed women. ‘difference of 1%’ difference of 1 percentage point.

  3. Rinal Kansara says:

    It is a fact that,education is the backbone of individuals.Since education is useful in all spheres of life, parents try to give the best knowledge to their offspring .While it is believed that offspring should be joined nursery before they take admission in primary school,others advocate that they should be enjoyed childhood with their family.But, i support the former notion and in the following section both views will be discussed.

    To commence with, formal education is useful for children as they interact with their peers, learn some sort of skills such as communication skills,sharing , caring and dancing.Also, nursery is a base of foundation which broadens the horizon of offspring at early age.Secondly, nowadays, competition is increasing drastically everywhere therefore , children take basic knowledge of some subjects and they do not face difficulty in learning the same syllabus in school.To illustrate, as per the survey of the Kinder Garden nursery in India, children who learn music at early age in nursery can easily grasp knowledge of mathematics during school.

    However, a certain section of the society believes that, children should spend their quality time with their family because parents play vital role in children’s life and parents teach them etiquette, moral and social values.Furthermore, education at young age is burden for offspring and it is good time to play toys at home.Thus, parents do not desire to leave them alone in school.

    To recapitulate,although children spend less time with parents after joining nursery, it enhances their cognitive skills and basic education helps them to learn easily everything in school due to they already get aware of it in nursery.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      We have told you not to use offspring too much but you seem to ignore it always. ‘should be joined nursery’ should join nursery. ‘should be enjoyed childhood’ should be allowed to enjoy their childhood. ‘should spend their quality time’ their should not come here.

  4. Nuzhat says:

    The bar graph elucidate data about the proportion of females not indulge in professional ventures in four countries of UK in 2013 and 2014.
    Generally speaking, it is clearly evident from the graph, the percentage of jobless females in England, Wales, and North Ireland slightly triffeled expect Scotland where the proportion of housewives are frantically increase.
    According to the chart, the percentage of jobless women in England is dwindle down from 6.8% to 6.5%, same is the case with Wales where the unemployment rate of females whittled down from 5.6% to 5.0%.
    As per the graph, In North Ireland, the percentage of females not participates in earning activities showed more decline from 5.6% to 4.6%. the percentage of unemployed females in Scotland is slightly higher from 6.1%to 6.7%.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘The bar graph elucidate’ elucidates not elucidate. ‘not indulge’ indulged. Always write the with UK. ‘Generally speaking’ it is an informal phrase so avoid in your writing. ‘slightly triffeled’ wrong word and use in this phrase of trifle. ‘housewives are frantically increase’ are is present tense hence it is wrong because data is wrong and frantically means a sudden sharp increase which is clearly not the case here. Instead of repeating jobless use the word unemployed. ‘is dwindle down’ again ‘is’ is present tense hence wrong it should be dwindled down. ‘not participates in earning’ this phrase is grammatically wrong.

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