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IELTS Writing Test 37

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The two maps below show an island, before and after the construction of some tourist facilities.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Some people believe that universities should only offer places to students with high marks, while others believe that people of all ages should be allowed even if they don’t do well in school. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

6 responses to “IELTS Writing Test 37”

  1. RINAL KANSARA says:

    It is irrefutable that university education is a backbone for all students.Since it is like a building block for individuals,students often fantasize about taking a knowlegde from the university where they get a great opportunity to enhance a cognitive skill. Some think that university should admit only erudite students with good grades,however;others have reviews university should gives a chance to all pupils regardless of low academic score and age group.Whilst i personally support the notion that it should not offer education without excellent score in school.In the following section i will mention both views along with my arguments.
    Examining all the arguments,the primary one to prove my view is, some students come to university for enjoyment with peer and they spend quality time at canteen which impair on lraening ability of erudite student.Secondly,their school results show performance,how student is able to take further education.Thirdly, from their school days diligent students embark to work flat out to become a personnel such as doctor,teacher,lawyer,dentist.If university will initiate education system for all,to learn any course it would be piece of cake of human being at any age because it is absolutely arduous for people to take education at adulthood. Another point worth noting is,in the USA, all universities have requirement of 6.5 bands in IELTS exam therefore they have been giving education to only these pupils who are unable to crack this band score.
    On the contrary,education is not only just limited to making people job ready,it helps them to develop as a person capable to make accurate decision.Moreover,it is like a building block where individuals can start their first step of life as well as it paves the way for illiteracy and unemployment in all over the globe.Additionally,it is the only place where students learn plenty of skills and it cannot be said that a pupil who is not good in study during school days will not perform well at adult age because it vouchsafes major subject to learn.
    Another factor to consider is,in India,LIU university have given education to all workaholic people which is a second life line for less educated people.
    To recapitulate,university offer higher education to all.Although, university education is certainly prerequisite of myriad students,it should acquire holistically these students who know actual value of it and who certainly wants to make shiny future.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Should give not gives. Spelling of learning is wrong. Piece of cake for not of. Giving education to who are able to crack not unable to crack. To make not making always use first form of verb with to. Do not use myriad with students.

  2. Rinal Kansara says:

    The maps reveal an island before and after the development of some sort of tourist facilities.

    Overall,the infrastructure of an island is holistically changed after the construction.Some new facilities are added such as a swimming , accommodation, a restaurant,a pier and a reception.

    As per the map,in the past, there was no facility in the middle of the island for visitors but after few years, a circular footpath is constructed and now, there are many gust houses around it. Furthermore,on the left side of the accommodation facility,the new reception is built which is directly connected with the restaurant through a vehicle track in (in or on?)the Northern part.Also,all around the reception,the vehicle track is developed.In addition,the pier is added after the development in place of the sea in the eastern part.

    As per the map,there were only trees on the West side of the map in the past.But footpath and gust houses around trees are involved. Moreover,the footpath is paved the way for the beach. Additionally,the swimming pool is started along the beach.Also, the sea,the beach and three trees towards the Western part and many trees to the East side are remained unchanged.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘infrastructure of an island’ not an island but the island because here we are talking about a particular island. ‘facilities are added such’ were added because the changes had happened in the past. Same mistake in the whole task use past tense not present tense. in is fine. ‘West side of the map’ not the west side of the map but the west side of the island.

  3. Rinal Kansara says:

    It is a fact that education plays vital role in individuals’ life.Since competition is increasing drastically in all spheres of life,education of university is absolutely necessary to get a good job.While it is believed that only intelligent students deserve education of the university,others advocate that people who did not study well during schooling should be admitted.But,i support the former notion and in the following section both views will be discussed.

    To commence with,university should give education as per the merit list of the percentage which motivates them to compitate themselves with others. Owing to that,education is not only limited to make people job ready but it helps them to develop as a person capable to take accurate decision and students work falt-out to achieve good score in exam.Therefore,all pupils really understand the actual value of education in their life. Sencondly,some pupils have not learnt anything during schooling and they take admission for enjoyment. Consequently ,scholars are interrupted by them. Moreover, these pupils get fail in exam and spoil the result and reputation of university as well as other scholar students miss the opportunity to take further education.Hence,it is better to choose students from their percentile.To illustrate, all universities have requirement of 6.5 band(s or not) in ielts exam for all indian students in the USA because indian students do not have proficiency in English to learn in the university of the USA.

    However, a certain section of the society believes that people of all age groups should get chance to study in the university even if they have not performed well in school as it will certainly help people to find job and reduce illiteracy of the country. As a result,all people will earn good money and issues of unemployment and illiteracy will be mitigated permanently.

    To recapitulate,although after taking the knowledge of the university, people can improve their living standard,it is good for the university to make particular merit list for students otherwise pupils will not work hard and easily take education which will affect the development of erudite students.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘well during schooling’ during school not schooling. compitate ? there is not word as falt so do not use it. ‘these pupils get fail in exam’ fail should not come here. bands is fine. ‘exam for all indian students in the USA because indian students do not have proficiency in English to learn in the university of the USA’ wrong example never write negatively about your own country and if you write that Indian students are not good in English in the essay itself then how would examiner would give you good bands.

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