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IELTS Writing Test 21

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The diagrams below give information on transport and car use in Edmonton.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: A growing population is a big problem in many countries. Should the government provide new homes in the cities or countryside?

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

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  1. Zoya abrar says:

    The pie chart shows the proportion of four different modes of transports, namely: car, LRT, bus, and taxi, while the table illustrates the purposes of using cars in the city of Edmonton.

    As an overall trend, automobiles are the most popular transport as compared to the others, whereas the people of Edmonton used fewer buses and taxes for traveling. Mostly, Edmonton people use cars to commute to work.

    The chart presents that nearly below half of the people (45%) prefer vehicles and 35 percent traveled via LRT (Light Rail Transit). On the other hand, both buses and taxes are the least common mode of transportation among Edmonton residents.

    In terms of car usage, more than half of the people (55%) travel to work by cars, whilst 445% and 40% of the people used them for business and taking infants to the school respectively. Exactly 15% utilized cars for shopping and leisure activities.

  2. Julian says:

    Nowadays the he world is facing one of the biggest challenges ever known which is related with growing population. Furthermore, countries are concern about the lack of space for the increasing number of populations. In my view, the solution should be building new homes in the cities and in this essay, I will explain the problem and provide the arguments of my thesis.
    To begin with, countries like China and India have the largest populations in the world which most of the houses are been with shared rooms because the lack of space per family. Moreover, since countries population are been growing aggressively, the absence of numbers of homes has been considered a major problem. For instance, an article sponsored by BBC NEWS revealed that 60% of countries will face with overpopulation and homeless if a solition is not made in the next 2 years.
    In addition, government should bring new homes in the cities because it is undeniable that the facilities like schools, universities and hospitals are in there rather than in the countryside. Thus, one of many solutions from governments were created more buildings in the city and use the countryside as a territory for agriculture developments. To illustrate, a study published by Cambridge university demonstrate that 80% of countries which are overpopulating had achieved successfully by constructing more buildings in the city to supply the demand and using countryside as a new job opportunity.
    To sum up, increasing population is a real treat that many countries are facing because the deficiency of space, as is showed before, the solution for this problem will be building new homes in cities rather than countryside. Therefore, in my opinion they should measure this as a solution for the problem by creating new houses in the city.

  3. Julian says:

    The pie chart and table illustrate mechanism of transportation in Edmonton and compare the arguments for using car in city. Overall, car have the greatest proportion of transport and the most popular reason why using car in city is commuted to work.
    To begin with, car is the most popular choice for transporting citizens with 45% of the pie chart, which is almost 2 times the summarizing of bus and cap with 10% each one. Moreover, LRT (Light Rail Transit) is the second mechanism preferred from the individuals with 35% of the total pie chart which is less than 3 times of the percentage of bus.
    In addition, commute to work was the argument with more percentage for using car in the city, 55% of the participants. Furthermore, second and third place of most common reasons were business and taking children to school with 45% and 40% respectively, only 5% of difference between both. Plus, the least popular were shopping and leisure activities with 15% each one.

  4. Haruna says:

    The ever increasing number of people in many parts of the world is now a major challenge in which some want people in authority to build houses either in the urban or rural areas. I personally believe that the government should provide more homes in the country-sides to decongest the cities and in the same way help to develop the rural areas. This essay will discuss my view in details.

    First of all,one of the most significant concern facing humanity today, specifically in the cities is lack of accommodation regardless of the many housing projects ongoing across the universe and this is due to the widespread population growth. A case in point, is a survey which was conducted in the year 2017, by the Statistical Service of Ghana, concerning the number of houses and the number of people each house can accommodate per the population of Ghana, and it was revealed that the number of houses in the urban areas are far less with respect to it’s population, even though all the major buildings for residential purposes are done in the cities and this is as a result of rural -urban migration, leading to cities being congested.

    To address this problem, there should be more housing projects in the country-sides with other adequate social amenities like provision of roads, schools, recreational facilities,potable water and electricity supply which will help developed the rural areas, hence will encourage people to move the countrysides .

    To conclude, my view is that people in authority should build more houses in the rural areas with social amenities like the ones in the urban settlements which will convince people to relocate to the countrysides.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Countryside is one word. One of the most significant concerns not concern, always use plural form of noun in the phrase ‘one of the’. The right phrase is per capita and not per population. Buildings for residential purposes are constructed not done. This is a result of ‘as’ will not come here. Will help develop not developed always use first form of verb with will.

  5. Haruna says:

    Please could you help me find suitable materials to solve my mistakes

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Your English is ok. You just make few mistakes repeatedly which you can improve by yourself if you implement our feedback on previous tasks properly.

  6. Harun says:

    Thanks Sir for your feedback and I’m going back to check on my previous mistakes well

  7. annie says:

    In this era of urbanization, the population is increasing but the area to accommodate this population is insufficient. Land within a country is inversely proportional to the population growth. In order to provide a home, I believe that the government should build a new house in the countryside.

    Firstly, the cities are already overcrowded and with the growing infrastructure and various other facilities, the resources are on the verge of extinction. Development of four-lane roads, various entertainment facilities, extravagant malls is using up all the space in the city. People from rural areas are shifting to cities to pursue their career and are willing to settle in the city for better lifestyle thus increasing the population even more. The number of cars on the road is greater than the number of people this just increases traffic congestion thus hampering everyone’s precious time.

    Another reason to consider the countryside is that the rise in the industry brings along risks to the environment. The waste discharged from industries into water bodies is polluting the water, the smoke is adversely affecting the air quality. The lack of space leads to the cutting of trees to set up such industries thus affecting the overall climatic conditions. Not only the industry even household waste contaminate the water.

    In conclusion, to reduce the environmental risks the government should take initiative to built homes away from the city. This will help the people to breathe better air, drink cleaner water and lead a healthy life. In addition to this government needs to make laws and force people to adhere to such laws as giving them home along the countryside will not help if they continue to exploit resources and pollute the environment.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      You cannot write that land is inversely proportional to population because inverse proportion means negative relation between two things but land will remain the same whether population increases or decreases. Last line of your introduction is not proper you cannot say a home because the topic discusses people at large so government should focus on building houses or societies not a house. Point on traffic is irrelevant to the essay statement. Your second paragraph is completely out of context because the main topic is housing problem not industries or pollution. Again you have made the same in the beginning of your conclusion try to stick to the main topic in the statement. In this attempt your marks will be deducted on task completion parameter.

  8. anmol2310 says:

    The given pie chart illustrates the information about different types of vechiles use in Edmonton for transporation.

    The given data suggest that more than two fifth people of Edmonton are use car .mostly people are interested in the cars because they used it for work. Less than a fifth people used car for shopping and leisurevactivities. Two fifths people used cars to taking their childern to school while45% people use car for business purpose

    In addition, near about 35% pepple used LRT as a second option.20% population of Edmonton travel by bus and taxi.

    Overall, many people prefer cars for travelling. Veru less people choose bus and taxi.

  9. Rinal Kansara says:

    The pie chart reveals the uses of car and several modes of transport in Edmonton,while the table illustrates the purpose of using car in city.

    Overall,people utilise maximum car among all modes of transport and they use it more for job purpose.

    According to the pie chart,the ratio of utilization of taxi and bus is similar at one tenth.Furthermore,the percentage of light rain transit raises by a quarter than taxi and bus.In addition,the ratio of car is higher 45% as compared to light rail transit.

    As per the table,more people travel by car at their work place.Moreover, individuals use car in equal proportion 15% for shopping and leisure activity. Additionally,40% car is utilised for taking children to school and the percentage of business purpose is increase by 5% points.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘ light rain transit raises by a quarter than taxi’ do not write like this because earlier also you have written one-tenth and a quarter it might confuse the examiner so in one of the instances give the exact percentage. ‘40% car is utilised for’ not 40% car is utilized it is percentage of people who responded with the question of why they use cars.

  10. Rinal Kansara says:

    There is no doubt that population is increasing at startling pace across the globe.Since the mortality rate has decreased,the necessity of accommodation has been increasing rapidly.While some people advocate that new houses are constructed by the government in rural area,some believe that it should be built in cities.But i think that village area should be preserved for agriculture and in the following section both views will be discussed.

    To commence with, development in rural area has detrimental effect on agriculture.Furthermore,deforestation is harmful for ecological system and farmers certainly relay on farming.Thus, scarcity of food leads to starvation in the country because farmers export food from rural to urban area.Also, farming is livelihood for people of village area.If individuals live in countryside,they will use their own private vehicles.As a result, there will be more traffic and pollution will be increased which will engender several diseases.To illustrate,as per the survey of “Food Department” in India, 70% food exports from countryside every year.Hence, it will certainly affect on the economy of the globe.

    On the contrary,plenty of people in urban area will get their own dream house due to individuals often desire to have own property.Moreover,all rudimentary facilities are available in cities such as education,health care and transportation.Consequently, individuals will live luxurious life style and get job opportunities nearby their house.For instance,every year 50% people migrate to Banglore from rural area to take best education as it is known as ocean of the knowledge in India.

    To recapitulate,although village area will be developed by constructing houses,having houses in rural area has negative influence on farming and environment which are absolutely necessary for mankind to survive on the earth.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘While some people advocate that new houses are constructed by the government in rural area,some believe that it should be built in cities’ you us the same structure for different essay types which is wrong. The statement is simply a question nowhere it is written that people believe one thing or another. You need to frame introduction according to the essay statement, if you keep using one introduction structure for different essay types this will lower your score. Same mistake ‘both views will be discussed’ how many times have we pointed out this mistake of yours before. First improve your introduction because a wrong introduction means less bands because it clearly shows that have just crammed a structure and use it for all types.

  11. Rinal Kansara says:

    There is no doubt that population is increasing at startling pace across the globe.Since mortality rate has decreased,the necessity of accommodation has been increasing rapidly.However,shelter is basic need of human beings, government often try to provide rudimentary facilities to their citizens.Therefore i opine that government should emphasis on constructing houses in urban areas and in the following section this view or argument will be discussed.(i wrote again introduction it correct?and I have to discuss here both views or only about urban areas?let me know sir.bcz i always get plz tell where I have to speak about only 1 side?)

  12. RINAL KANSARA says:

    sir let me know plz here i my para 2 3are correct or not?u told me to discuss only about one.but i again here wrote for both.when i have to discuss about one.plz i request u to tell me the type of tasks?so i can note it.plz

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