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IELTS Writing Test 13

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

Task 1: The map below shows the changes that have taken place in Meadowside village and Fonton a neighbouring town since 1962.

Summarize the information given in the map in your words.

Write at least 150 words.

Task 2: Some people think that advertising on TV is useful for viewers, while others disagree. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Write at least 250 words.

Cambridge IELTS Tests 1 to 13

29 responses to “IELTS Writing Test 13”

  1. Durrah says:

    Well, I am trying to write an introduction, I looked at the ones on your blog, anyway, here is mine:

    No one deny the big reppercussions which are made by TV advertisment on watchers to encouage them to buy some products. While there are many people believe that is beneficial, others see the opposite.

    Should I mention my opinion in the introduction, as the essay ask for my opinion?
    Well, I learnt from some videos online that I should paraphrase the sentence and write one,
    Is ithis right?

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      Never paraphrase in writing task 2. Those videos by Liz and Jay are absolutely crap and misleading students. Make your own introduction and never mention your opinion in introduction in opinion essay. And please dont listen to those videos by Liz, Jay and Simon they are simply playing on the fact that they have fair skin and british accent they know nothing technically about IELTS essay structures.

  2. Durrah says:

    Well, thank you for your advice.
    I am still confused about what to do and what shoud I write?
    Well, I am looking at British Council website.
    What do you think about their model answer?
    It seems to me that they mentioned the opinion in their introduction, that’s why I became very confused….

  3. LINET says:

    Kindly am trying to answer task 1.Kindly rate my answer.
    The three maps below shows the developmental changes of the Meadowside village and Fonton town from the year 1962 up to the current year.
    In the year 1962 Meadowside village had an untarmarcked road that passed through the village and the road could not extend to Fonton town. Fonton town only had a railway the town .
    In the year 1985 we are starting to see some slight changes where Meadowside village has some improved developments .These developments are tarmacked road and an extension of the tarmacked road to Fonton town .Also there is an additional of
    an housing estate and a leisure complex.
    At the current year, meadowside village name changed to Meadowside suburb. Fonton town has developed with an extension of railway and a railway station was build .Due to the expansion of the railway, an hotel has been built and also a business park has been build due to the tarmacked road and the extension of the railway station.

    • IELTS-PTE says:

      A lot of grammatical errors. Task should have been written in past tense but you wrote in present big mistake. There is an ‘additional’ of wrong it should be addition. ‘At the current year’ wrong formation of sentence. Never use an with hotel. Always use built with has as you have done first time in second last line.

  4. david says:

    Please rate my answer.

    The three maps illustrate the refinements that have been made in Meadowside village and fonton from 1962 to the present. Generally speaking, it is clear that medowside and its neighboring town had no facilities for their residents in 1962; however, the village and fonton town witnessed a great number of developments after the changes have been made.

    In the year 1985, a housing estate, a leisure complex, and a superstore have been constructed for the villagers. Furthermore, a road has also been built between the village and the neighboring town, fonton. The footpath in the foton remained at the same location, even in 1985, but the village footpath was replaced with the road in 1985.

    The current layout of the village and town shows that a hotel, a station, and a park have been built. A footpath connecting fonton and the station has also been developed. The name of Meadowside village has been changed to Meadowside suburbs after refurbishment.

  5. Prasanna says:

    The given map presents the development of the areas surrounding the town of Fenton and close by village of Meadowside since 1962 until now. Considerable additions have taken place during the given time period.
    In 1962, Fenton and Meadowside were two separate localities. A train track ran through the town while a narrow road passed through the village with no apparent connection between the two.
    By 1985, the limits of both the town and the village had expanded. The existing road through Meadowside had been enlarged so that by then it had two lanes. Another wide connecting road had been built between the two areas. Furthermore, A housing state, leisure complex and a super store had been added to the village area.
    By now, the two areas has expanded further and merged in to one so that Meadowside has become a suburb of Fenton. A railway track connecting the two areas has been built while a hotel and a business park has been constructed on the left and right sides of the newly built railway station between Fenton and Meadowside.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Instead of writing added to village area, write housing state, leisure complex and a super store were constructed in the expanded area of village. Hotel and a business park have been not has been.

  6. Haruna Adamu says:

    The given three maps highlight the various modifications that have been done at Meadowside village and Fonton, a nearby town since 1962 to date.
    Overall, it can be noticed from the maps that both towns were not connected to each other at the earlier period but there have been a massive developments over the period and currently, the two towns are connected to each other by a two-way road.

    To begin, the Meadowside village was a small rounded town with a small road linking it from the north and another small road connected to the south – west and a separate close by town located at the north -east of Meadowside called Fonton which also has a railway line passing though it from the north to the east in 1962. However, in 1985, there was an expansion in both towns, getting more closed to each other with a linked two -way road. The Meadowside village had more facilities and its road was extended to a two -way passing through the center of the town from the north to south -west. A housing estate at the west opposite the super store which is also at the south -west with the road in between them and a leisure complex extending from the middle to north-east with the road behind.

    Recently, there have been a huge infrastructure with additional facilities and the two towns are now combined. There is a railway station in the center of both towns with a railway line from the Fonton village. Adjacent the station is a hotel and a business park opposite the station with the road connecting both towns in between them. The housing estate at Meadowside had been shifted closely towards the road and directly opposite the super store.

  7. Haruna Adamu says:

    There is an opinion that watching advert on television is beneficial to you but some persons have different opinion. I personally side with the latter and this essay will explore my opinion in detail with evidence based examples.

    First and foremost, I will look at the implications that the viewers can have when watching adverts on television and one of the major impacts is having a bad influences on the society. To further elaborate, adverts such as products from the alcoholic drink industries tend to have a serious complications on the people especially the youth leading to all kinds of diseases like kidney failure. For instance, a research which was conducted by the renal unit of the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Ghana, in the year 2015, concerning the over increasing cases of kidney diseases and the research revealed that 83% of renal failures in the young ones are mostly related to high consumption of alcoholic drinks which most of the youth got to know those alcoholic beverages through advertising on the television.

    In addition, many people buy wrong products from the market as a result of the advert they watched on the television. For example, when a person is not feeling well and instead for that person to report to an appropriate health facility, he/she will rather prefer to buy a drug from the market which the person became known to that medicine through the media such as the television and this sometimes result in life threatening repercussions.

    Turning to the other side of the argument, one main benefits of television advertising to the viewers is easy way to locate a particular item or product and how that product look like.

    To conclude, even though there are some positive effects for people who watched adverts on the television, however , in my view the negative effects on the viewers outweighs the positives. I recommend that the appropriate authorities should ensure strict regulations on the advertisers, media and the products owners.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Beneficial for people not to you. The ending of your introduction is not proper, task says discuss both views so you have to mention in introduction that you will discuss both views and give your opinion. Do not use advert write advertisement. How that product looks like not look like. Negative effects outweigh, you repeat this mistake, make sure that you do not use ‘s’ ‘es’ in verbs with plural.

  8. benish says:

    the three maps expound the development and subsequent transformation of two small settlements over a period of 57 years. the erstwhile isolated neighbors ended up as a single urban center with modern infrastructure and basic amenities of life.
    in 1962 Meadowside was a small and secluded village with minimal infrastructure comprising of a single road which did not connect it even to its nearest neighbor. Fonton, on the other hand did have a railway track but lacked road network and other urban facilities .
    in 1985, roads were constructed linking meadowside to the surrounding areas. one road connected it to fonton. the village also got some modern facilities like a super store and a leisure club. the two settlements had expanded and sprawled outwards which reduced the distance between the two.
    at present the two localities have merged and become one with meadowside attaining the status of suburbs of fonton which has been reasonably urbanized with a business park and a hotel. it also has a station now which is connected to the old railway track. overall the two settlements have undergone massive transformation since 1962.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Brilliant attempt. Very few students can write the task with such perfection. Keep it up. Glad to see that students with your caliber are also availing the services of our website it surely adds to the credibility of our site and services.

  9. benish says:

    awww thank you. this means a lot.

  10. Rinal kansara says:

    It is fact that advertisements are a backbone of economy.Since there are tremendous number of advertisements, people often fantasize about purchasing new products.While some people advocate that advertising is fruitful for individuals,some believe that it has detrimental effect on people.But I support the former notion and in the following section both views will be discussed.

    To commence with,advertisements have profound influence on people because it( sir here I wrote 1st advertisements and again wrote can I write these provide?) provides information of latest products,its features,working rule and price of products. Consequently, people like to buy commodities according to their necessity.Also, now a days it is certainly arduous for people to search information of goods from their hectic schedule.Secondly, advertising aquires job opportunities to plenty of people.Furthermore, company hires intelligent and beautiful employees as models to promote their products and boost economy.To illustrate,in the advertise of parle G buiscuit, we watch that company has started the scheme of eat parle G buiscuit ,collect runs from its wrapper and get great opportunity to go to London to enjoy live world cup cricket match and after watching it many lucky people have got opportunity to visit London to see Indian cricketers in live. Hence, advertisements aware individuals from discounts and several offers.

    On the contrary,advertising attracts individuals to purchase unnecessary products which often paves the way for crime.Moreover,when teenagers watch advertisements,inspite of having scant money,they desire to buy it and eventually, due to scarce money they opt wrong path.Additionally, children give lot of pressure to parents to purchase several products,they become stubborn and sometimes it is difficult for parents to fulfill all wishes of offspring.For instance,as per the news of The Times of India newspaper, every year 50% college students do stunt on bike after watching the advertisement of pulsar bike and get die.

    To recapitulate,although advertising is one type of strategy of company for marketing,it gives all information regarding up to the minute goods, aquire jobs as well as people can save their money after watching some offers.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      Good now this is the question type where you can use ‘But I support the former notion and in the following section both views will be discussed.’ not in the earlier essay types where you used the same line. It is a fact, not it is fact. You cannot say advertisements are backbone of economy, rather you should write advertisements are paramount for a business. Yes you can write these and with these provide would come not provides. ‘advertising aquires job opportunities’ provides not acquires. ‘in the advertise of parle G buiscuit’ write commercial of Parle G. ‘give lot of pressure to parents’ put a lot of pressure on their parents.

  11. Preetham says:

    In this 21st century every household owns a television.It has become a basic needed device for everyone to know the things happening all over the world.Advertisement is a part of watching TV.There are no programs that do not come with the commercials in between.Also advertisement is mainly used for publicity that each company offers their product to buy in the market.However advertisements can have both positive and negative effects on the viewers.
    Talking about the positive effects on the people watching the commercials in between their favourite programs it can have a major impact if they convey a useful message through their advertisements.In order to create social awareness among the people in the society government plans to make an advertisement that could have a positive effect on the society.For example we see a lot of commercials regarding smoking and alcohol which is dangerous to the public health.Furthermore we usually come across the advertisements which talks about rules and regulations to be followed while driving a vehicle to minimize accidents.
    The negative effects on the viewers through commercials are more in number when compared to the positive effects.Usually in order to boost their sales companies hire famous personalities of the world to promote their products.Seeing our most liked celebrity endorsing a product people usually tend to attract and buy those products.The complications with this type of advertisements are that not considering the fact whether the product is beneficial? or even good to use? depending upon the type.For instance consider a product let it be ‘Maggi’ which has been on the news and got banned for using lead in it which causes serious health issues.People and the ones promoting it had no idea that it could lead to such adverse effects and must think twice before buying and accepting a deal before promoting it.
    Having good and bad effects on the viewers it is now up to the big organisations and the famous people promoting it to choose the products that causes no harm and also to select the advertisements that conveys a valuable message to the society for the greater good.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      The end of your introduction is not proper as you did not mention your opinion and what will be discussed in the essay later. ‘advertisements which talks about’ talk not talks. ‘usually tend to attract’ people are usually attracted and buy those products. ‘product is beneficial? or even good to use?’ wrong way to write. Instead write ‘are not considering the benefits or utility of these products’. Your conclusion is also a bit vague.

  12. Preetham says:

    The chart depicts about the changes that Meadowside village and Fonton a neighbouring town has undergone since 1962.
    Overall, Meadowside village has undergone many changes from 1962 to the present year.However the neighbouring town Fonton has not changed much but the means of way connecting these two has been developed.
    In the year 1985 we can see that Leisure Complex,Housing Estate were constructed in the expanded area of village.Two roads were developed,one connecting the village and the neighbouring town and the other that passes through the village.On the other side of the road a Super Store was built in the year 1985.Fonton town has a railway line passing through it.Furthermore the town had has undergone a little expansion in 1985.
    At present the area between the village and the town has undergone many developments.On one side of the road connecting the town and the village a Hotel and a Station are constructed.On the other side we can see a Business park that has been built. Fonton town has got one more railway line that connects the Station.
    Can you evaluate my answer.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘town had has undergone a’ rather than repeating undergone try to use other words like town witnessed an expansion in 1985. Overall it is a good attempt but undergone over used that is the only negative feedback on this task.

  13. Bonnie says:

    The 3 maps illustrate how the surroundings of the Meadowside village and the Fonton has been developed from 1962 to now.

    Overall, some structures have been built over the periods, the Meadowside village merges with the Fonton and becomes to the Meadowside suburbs now.

    Firstly, there was the Meadoeside village which was smaller than the Fonton, th the left of the Fonton and the railway ran through the Fonton in 1962.
    In 1985, the road was wider than in 1962 and extended to the Fonton. In addition, there were several facilities were established, leisure complex was located almost on center of the village just to the left of the road which crossed the village and housing estate was situated to the left edge of the village. Also, there was a super store on the opposite the housing estate across the road.

    Currently, the village merges with the Fonton and becomes to the Meadowside suburbs. Moreover, housing estate has been enlarged and a hotel has been constructed between the suburbs and the Fonton, also there is a station which is connected to a new railway that is expanded from the rail line which goes through the Fonton. Business park has been made across the straight road and is attached to the road.

    • IELTS MASTER says:

      ‘the Meadowside village merges with the Fonton and becomes to the Meadowside suburbs now’ use past tense here like merged and became because the changes had already happened. ‘th the left of’? ‘located almost on center’ was built at the centre. ‘store on the opposite the housing’ store to opposite housing estate. ‘village merges with the Fonton’ the village has been merged with Fonton. Do not use the with Fonton because it is a proper noun.

  14. Aisha says:

    Without a doubt, there are contrasting viewpoints on the presence of advertisement on television. Some people claim that it is quite helpful and useful, whereas others say the opposite. In this essay I will consider the validity of both statements and provide my own opinion on that topic.
    First of all, it is important to identify reasons why advertising on TV is considered useful for viewers. Despite the wide variety of advertisement’s types and the development of Internet ads, TV commercials are still the most popular and effective. It is the TV ads that are most memorable and trusted by the majority of viewers. Furthermore, these ads are designed for the large group of potential consumers, thus promoting various products that can interest any viewer, while the other types of advertising are aimed at a single group of people.
    On the contrary, other people consider this method of marketing inefficient, whereas personalized advertising, in other words, interest-based advertising on the Internet copes with the task much better. And last but not least, is the fact that many viewers find TV commercials annoying and irritating. Often viewers tend to react negatively and even aggressively when advertising constantly interrupts their favourite TV show. That negative image can later discourage person from buying this item.
    In conclusion, I would like to reiterate the above points and express my opinion. Due to music and visual accompaniment, TV advertising is considered the most memorable among all ads, but the frequent interruptions make it intrusive for the average viewer. In my opinion, TV advertising is more useful for sellers and manufacturers than viewers.

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